RAILWAY POLICE Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF


RAILWAY POLICE Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

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1. In which of the followmg nations Special Equity Courts exlst? 

(A)   America
(C) Pakistan
(B)  England
(D) India

2. Identify the longest glac.ier of Pakistan is:
(A) Hispar (B)  Baltoro
(C) Batura (D) Slachen
3. The Soan and the Haro are the two rivers of:
(A) Balachlstan Plateau
(B) Potohar Plateau
(C) Northern Areas

(D) Azad Kashmir4. “Thomas Cup” s given for the game: 

(A) Lawn Tennis (B) Golf
(C)  Table Tennis (D) Badminton

5. Identify the world’s biggest “Landmass”: 

(A)  Alaska
(B) Scandinavia
(C) Arabia
(D) Labrador

6. What is thelength of “Incredible Wall of China”? 

(A) 2400 km (B) 2600 km
(C) 3200 km (D) 3400 km

7. Which is biggest organ in the human body? 

(A)Pancreas (B) Lachrymal
(C) Liver         (D) Sweat Glands

8. Who is the originator of “Scout Movemenr? 

(A) Robert Baden Powell
(B) E. 0. Lawrence
(C) Maccollins
(D) Nicoba Testa

9. Which gathering of the accompanying nations are not individuals from UN? 

(A) Laos,Madagascar, Dominica
(B) Monaco, San Marino, Dominica
(C) Burundi, Cape Verde , Switzerland
(D) All are individuals

10. lntemationai “Date Line· is situated on: 

(A) 180 atitude (B) 180° Longitude
(C) 90°Latitude (D) 90°Longitude

11. The first Pakistani who turned into the judge of “Worldwide Court of Justice” was : 

(A) Durab Patel
(B) M.R. Klani
(C) Sir Zafarullah Khan
(D) None of above

12. The UN Security Council comprises of: 

(A) 5 members (B) 11 individuals
(C) 15 members (D) 20 individuals

13. The Suez Canal Connects: 

(A) Indian Ocean and Pacific
(B) Atlantic and South China Sea
(C) Black Sea and the Mediterranean
(D) Medlterrane•n and the Red Sea

14. The central command of the “Asian Development Bank” is at: 

(A) Jakarta          (B) Tokyo
(C) Kuala Lumpur  (D) Manila

15. Which Strait isolates India from Sri Lanka? 

·(A) the Palk Strait         (B) Malacca Strait
(C) Strait of Hormuz       (D) None of these

16. The DigitalComputer works on: 

(A) Binary framework
(B) Octal framework
(C) Hexadecimalsystem
(D) Decimal framework

17. The Constitution of Pakistan 1973 can be changed: 

(A) With the basic lion’s share vote in the two places of parliament.
(B) With two-third lion’s share In the National Assembly and a basic larger part of the Senate
(C) With two-third lion’s share of both the places of parliament.
(D) W1th the approvalof Provincial Legislatures

18. Identify “Programming” in Computer innovation : 

(A) Physical hardware
(B) Collection of Programs
(C) Graphical portrayal
(D)  None of these

19. “Disarmament” passes on the importance: 

(A) Reduction of armaments the following :
(B) Abandonment of combat hardware
(C) Reduction of military
(D) All of these

20. The number of chromosomes present in a man, including the two (X&Y), which decide the sex of a living being are: 

(A) 23 (B) 26
(C) 46 (0) 56

21. An mandate proclaimed by the President of Pakistan stands canceled at the lapse of: 

(A) Three months (B) Four months
(C) Six months (0) Nine months

22. No individual will be selected as a judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan except if he has been a judge of a high Court for a time of: 

(A) Five years (B) Seven yea_rs
(C) Nine years (0) Fifteen years

23. What Is the capacity of Internet? 

(A) To get email
(B) To publicize business items
(C) To interface one PC to another
(D) All of these

24. What do you comprehend by the expression “Kerb” in remote money dealings? 

(A) The swapping scale of monetary forms In the open market
(B) The conversion standard of monetary forms controlled by the State Bank of Pakistan.
(C) All kind of fiscal dealings in remote monetary standards inside the stock trade.
(D) None of these

25. In Pakistan, Ushr started to be gathered from the: 

(A) R1bl harvest of 1982-83
(B) Kharifcrop of 1981-82
(C) Rabl yield of 1983-84
(D)   None of these

26. Identify Pakistan’s point of view on FissUe Material Cut off Treaty (FMCT): 
(A) Existing stores of fissile material ought to be Included in the domain of the bargain. 
(B) FMCT should boycott the creation of flssilema terial for atomic weapons after the settlement’s cut-off date 
(C) The Issue of decrease of the current stores ought to be managed at regionalor two-sided level. 
(D) None of these 
27. After the disintegration of Soviet Union, three of Its atomic weapons states have marked Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Recognize them from the accompanying : 
(A) Belarus,Ku.akhstan, Ukraine 
(B) Kazakhstan, Estonia,Georgia 
(C) Belarus, Latvia,Turkmenistan 
(D) Georgia,Ukraine,Azerbaijan 
28. Which of the accompanying prestigious Greek political rationalist has written in his well known book “The Republic” that Justice is the enthusiasm of the more grounded gathering”? 
(A) Plato (B) Aristotle 
(C) Socrates (D) Epicurus 
29. A gathering or chain of islands is called: 
(A) Areopagus (B) Archaeopteryx 
(C) Archipenko (D) Archipelago 
30. The well known book on Ushr entitled ‘Kitab ai­ Kharaj’ was composed by: 
(A) AI-Mawardl 
(B) Abu Yousaf canister Ibrahim 
(C) Yusuf – al-Qaradawi 
(D) Imam Abu Hanifa 
31. Under the National Accountability Bureau Ordinance, 1999, an individual who submits the offense of debasement will be culpable with detainment for a term which may stretch out to: 
(A) 12 years (B) 14 years 
(C) 16 years (D) 20 years 
32. Christopher Columbus was? 
(A) French pilot            (B) German guide 
(C) Italian N1vigator      (D) British pilot 
33. ‘!tar-Tass’ a news office of: 
(A) Israel           (B) Iran 
(C) United States (D) Russi1 
34. Which of the accompanying group needs to hold British standard in the Northern Ireland? 
(A) Sinn Fein 
(B) Irish Republican Army 
(C) Ulster Unionists 
(D) None of these 
35. The book entitled ‘The Punjab Chiefs’ was composed by: 
(A) Percy Brown         (B) Sir John Marshall 
(C) Gavin Hambley (D) Sir Lepel H.Griffin 
36. Cr P.C represents. 
(A) Cnminal Police Case 
(B) Criminal Police Code 
(C) Criminal Procedure Code 
(D) CrimesIn Police Custody 
37. The ‘Bofors Scandal’ happened In: 
(An) Italy  (B) Sweden 
(C) Japan          (D) India 
38. What Is “Cathy Pacific”? 
(A) Island          (B) Newspaper 
(C) News Agency (D) An irline 
39. There are four numbers.Average of the initial three is 15 and that of the last three is 1. In the event that the last number is 19, locate the principal number. 
(A) 16 (B) 18 
(C) 20 (D) 21 
40. The primary driver of seismic tremors is: 
(A) abrupt cooling and compression of theearth’s surface. 
(B) Coming Into movement of some lethargic volcanoes . 
(C) Due to inside warmth, now and then water changes into steam and extends. 
(D) All of these 
41. Which of the accompanying explanation isn’t valid? 
(A) Chechens are battling against Russian oppression . 
(B) Dagestanls are Christians living close to Chechnya’s neighborhood 
(C) Grozny is the capital of Chechnya 
(D) Bashkortostan Is a Muslim commanded territory In Russian organization. 
42. After USA which nation is the second greatest arms vender on the planet? 
(A) Britain (B) Russia 
(C) France (D) Germany 
43. During the time of military law (1977-85) the Constitution of 1973 was: 
(A) Abrogated 
(B) HeldIn cessation 
(C) Partially repealed 
(D) None of the abovementioned 
44. “Digital Computer” was developed by 
(A) Vannevor Bush   (B) John Harrison 
(C) M. R.Sissel     (D) Howard Aiken 
45. “Pedagogy” is a study of: 
(A) Bodily maladies    (B) Stamp gathering 
(C) Languages       (D) Teaching 
46. A man Is 5 years more seasoned than his significant other who is multiple times as old as her little girl. In the event that the girl accomplishes the age of 8 of every 3 years’ time, what is the age of the man? 
(A) 45 years (B) 55 
(C) 60 years (D) 56 years 
47. If 40% of ladies are voters and 52% of the populace are ladies, what percent of the populace are ladies vote. 
(A) 18.1% (B) 20.8% 
(C) 26.6% (D) 38.2% 
48. Which of the accompanying proclamation isn’t valid? 
(A) Internet and World Wide Web are various things 
(B) The World Wide Web is a product that makes sharing Information over a system simpler 
(C) TheInternet is a system of systems 
(D) The wb can’t be utilized on a neighborhood. 
49. Chechnya Is essential to Russia in light of the fact that: 
(A) Russian oil pipelines go through it 
(B) Russian port Norvossisk on the Black. Ocean is close to 1t 
(C) It PQJSesses gigantic iron and copper saves. 
(D) It Is neighboring oil rich Caspian Sea 
50. Punjab’s size in the complete land mass of Pakistan is: 
(A) 20.7% (B) 25.8% 
(C) 29.7% (D) 22.3% 

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