What are the various steps of Sales Letter? Also explain the functions of a Sales Letter?

What are the various steps of Sales Letter

What are the various steps of Sales Letter? Also explain the functions of a Sales Letter?
What is the structure or “AIDA PLAN” of a Sales Letter? Discuss in detail.


Sales letters are very different from other business letters. Businessmen have to be very careful while giving incentives and qualities of their products. A small mistake on their part can annoy the reader.

Various Steps in writing a Sales Letter

A good sales letter must perform the following four functions:

1. Attracting Attention
2. Creating Interest
3. Stimulating Desire
4. Stimulating Action

1) Attracting the Reader’s Attention

The first important function of a sales letter iš to attract the attention of the reader. A sales letter must be written in such a manner that should attract the attention of the reader. Good appearance of a letter plays a very vital role in the success of sales. An impressive opening of a sales letter creates good impression upon the
reader. A writer of a sales letter must keep the following points in view:

✓ Be careful about the appearance of the letter.
✓ Use a good looking envelope and quality paper.
✓ Use short meaningful sentences.
✓ Give importance to the reader’s self-interest.

2) Creating Interest

The second important function of a sales letter is to create interest among the customers about goods and services. Motivate the customer so that he may take interest in purchasing the gends. The writer of a sales letter can give incentives to create interest among the customers. 

✓ The writer of a sales letter should show the qualities of a product in term of comfort, economy and good appearance.
✓ The writer should explain in detail the physical quality of a product.

3) Stimulating Desire

To create interest for the product is not enough. Interest must be converted into a strong conviction which means a strong decision for selecting the product. The reader or buyer must be convinced perfectly through arguments to choose the goods of his choice. To stimulate desire among the readers one should keep in view the following points.

✓  While introducing one’s product one should not make false claims.

✓ To stimulate desire one should give factual details about the product.


a)  “You will like our rates, your will like our facilities.”
b)  “Don’t waste your time, visit us at the earliest.”

4) Stimulating Action

The last paragraph of a sales letter is to stimulate action. Stimulating action means to encourage the customer to buy product. Offer a specific suggestion regarding the action of a reader. Also point out how he will take benefit by taking this action. The stimulation may be possible by doing the following:

✓ Give instructions about the benefits of the products.
✓ Enclose an envelope or a business reply card.
✓ Offer beautiful gifts like golden ring or toys, etc.


“As our special customer you will get a special twenty percent discount.”
“The enclosed postcard needs no stamp to sign. Mail it at the earliest.”
“Decision delayed is decision denied. Do not delay, just do it today.”
“Just fill in the coupon and you will get your prize.”

Sales Letter of Air Coolers

Salim Electric Co.,                    
ALi. Point Streel,                       
January 05, 2002                    

The Purchase Manager,
Ali Electronics,
425-Jinnah Road,

Dear Sirs,

                            Do you know you can make a straight commission of Rs. 800 on the sales of our new air coolers of model A.B.C.?
This air cooler is extremely economical in use and botter in quality and durability. Your customer will be having no problem in understanding the benefits of this air Cooler. It is being advertised on different channels of television these days.

We are also offering a special introductory bonus of Rs. 300 to our dealers on this cooler for a limited period.

We invite you to take advantage of this offer and order for our cooler, model A.B.C., before March 31, 2007.
Thanking you.                                                       

Sales Letter about Air-Conditioners

Ali A.C. Corporation,                   
40-Circular Road,                          
Gujran. City.                                      
January 25, 2008                           

The Purchase Manager,
Ahmad Electronics,
30-Hall Road,

Dear Sir,

                              It is summer these days. It is the need of the hour to enjoy coolness to protect us from hcat. We offer one of the most reliable and durable room air conditioner for your customers. Enjoy the world of comfort with Climax roof air conditioners. Its main features are given below:

1) One ton capacity compact unit.
2) Whisper-quiet.
3) Projects only a few inches into the room.
4) Attractive design shades and Colours.
5) Easy to install.

To ensure its durability, we provide up-to five years guarantee. See enclosed booklet an! decide quickly to avoid any disappointment. For demonstration visit our showrooms on any day at any time convenient to you.

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What are the various steps of Sales Letter                                     

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