Junior Investigation NAB MCQ 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

Junior Investigation NAB

Junior Investigation NAB MCQ 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF


1. A round worm that enters man’s body through the soles of the feet is:

(a) leech      (b)  Hookworm
(c)  Tapeworm      (d)  Trichina

2. In which  of  the  follow1ng  diseases  do  the germs enter through open wounds?

(a) Malaria (b) Tuberculosis
(c)  Typhoid (d)  Tetanus

3. Which is the highest peak with a height of 8616 m above sea level?

(a) Nanga Parbat     (b)   K-2
(c)  Tirich Mir                 (d)  None of the above

4. Which Pass is the highest Pass of Pakistan?

(a) Khunjrab Pass      (b) Malakand Pass
(c)  Muzt.agh Pass      (d)  Khan Kun Pass

5. lord Wellesley greatly  extended the British Dom1nion through

(a) Doctnne of lapse
(b) Subsidiary alliance
(c) Partitioning of India
(d) Annex1ng pnncely states

6. Amna  has  deposited  five  thousand the Bank of Alflah.
(a) in (b)  with
(c)  for (d) agatnst
7. A thing which cannot be seen:
(a) Invisible (b) vtsible
(c)  Invincible (d)  fatalist

8. What do you understand by ad finem?

(a) From the beginning
(b) To the end
(c) Among other things
(d) None of these

9. Total membership of NATO has risen to:

(a) 27 members (b)  30 members
(c)   28 members (d) 23 members

10. What is the other name of World Bank?

(a) International Monetary Fund
(b) InternationalBank for Development
(c) None of them

11. One inch IS equal to ,millimeters 

(a)  22.70                 (b)  25.40
(c)  26.50          (d)  28.30

12. The largest province of Pakistan according to area is

(a) Punjab
(c) Sindh
(b) NWFP
(d) Baluchistan

13. Name the b1ggest library found 10 Pakistan

(a) Quiaid-e-Azam library
(b) Punjab library
(c) Karach1 library
(d) None of the above

14. Name the first Motorway of Pakistan?

(a) Peshawar-Islamabad motorway
(b) Plndi Bhatlan-Falsalabad motorway
(c) Karachi-Hyderabad motorway
(d) Islamabad-Lahore motorway

15. Who was the first Governor of State Bank of Pakistan?

(a) lshrat Kamal
(b) Saeed Hamid
(c) Zahid Hussain
(d) None of the above

16. Bahawalpur is mostly consists of

(a) Flood (b)  Doaaba

(c)  Desert (d) Plateau areas
17. Peshawar district and maJOr part of Mardan district, are consisted of:
(a) Hilly areas (b)  Plain areas
(c)  Plateau areas (d)   None of these
18  ‘land of the Flymg Fish’ is ntck name of:
(a) Barbados        (b) Trinidad
(c)  Myanmar        (d) Gibraltar
19. What IS the totallength of Pak-lndia boundary line?
(a) 1610 kilometer      (b)  1670 kilometer
 (c)   120 kilometer        (d)   Non of this
20. Name the Person who discovered Zambia and Victoria Falls from 1852-73?
(a) David Ltvtng Stone
(b)   Jacquies lartier
(c) Adam Kus
(d) Dante!Arap
21. Amenca launched tis first space station In
 (a)  1963         (b)  1969
(c)  1973         (d)  1978
22. Which country  got  more  Nobel  Prizes  after USA?
(a)  France      (b) Germany
(c)  UK           (d) Russia
23. What is the total length of  coastline of  Pakistan?
(a) 1020 km
(b)   1046 km
(c) 1095 km
(d) 1126 km
24. Which is  the  largest  continent  (population wise) of the world?
(a) America
(c) Europe
(b)  Asia
(d) Australia
25. When  Red Cross  was  established  by Jean Henri Durant?
(a)  1860      (b)  1861
(c)  1864         (d) 1867
26. Flag of Red Cross is the reverse of the flag of
(a) Germany       (b)   Switzerland
(c)  England       (d)  Sweden
27. Name the author of ‘Not the Whole Truth’
(a) M.R.Kiani (b) Munir Ahmad
(c)  SA Rahman (d) A.R. Cornelius
28. The first artificial satellite was launched in
(a) October 4,1951         (b)  October 4,1961
(c)  October 4, 1957          (d)  October 4, 1967
29.  Macmohan lineis the border between
(a) India and China
(b) lndta and Nepal
(c) lndta and Pakistan
(d) India and Burma
30. The part of the cell which Is essential for protein synthesis is.
(a) Chloroplast (b)  Ribosome
(c)  Golgi bodies (d)  Chromosomes
31. Whtch is the urgent source of energy available for athletes?
(a) Carbohydrates         (b)  Fats
 (c)  Proteins            (d) Vitamins
32. Who is the youngest medal woman in Olympic history?
(a) Roald Amundsen
(b) AlexeiLeonov
(c) Nell Alden
(d) Neol Vandernott e (rowing)
33. Who  presented  Lahore  Resolution  on  23rd March,1940?
(a) Allama Iqbal
(b) liaquat AliKhan
(c) A .K.Fazl-ui-Haq
(d) Quaid-e-Azam
34   Pretonais the name of Airport
(a) China (b)  Japan
(c)  Russ1a (d)  South Africa
35. FSB is the Intelligence agency of.
(a) USA (b)  Russia
(c)  Chtna (d)  None of these
36. Wimbledon known for lawn tennis courts is in:
(a) London          (b)  New York
(c)  Washington  (d) Geneva
37. Golan Heights belonging to countries:
(a) Syria and Israel        (b)  Israel and Iraq
(c)  Iran and Iraq          (d) Kuwait and Iraq
38. The police drew ——-   the truth from the thief.
 (a)  on (b)  with
(c)  over (d)  out
39. Dublin is situated on bank of river
(a) Nile River (b)  Rhine River
(c)  Uffey River (d)  None of these
40. Which river crosses the Equator twtce?
(a) Amazon River          (b)  Congo River
(c)  Nile River                  (d) Indus River

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