NTS PAPER 2019 For the Post Assistant Director NAB With Full Book Download in PDF

NTS PAPER 2019 For the Post Assistant Director NAB With Full Book Download in PDF


1. Ricardo Lagos Escobar was the President of:

(a) Venezuela (b)  Argentina

(c)  Chile                 (d)  Colombia

2. What do you understand by ‘laissez’ faire?

(a) Active intervention
(b)  Sound commercial affairs

(C) Interference by the state in law and order.
(D) None of t.hese
3.    What is “Great Bear”?
(a) Waterfall (b)  Lake
(c)  Sea         (d)  Animal
4.   “Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)” is formed by:
(a) Sharif Mlyahud
(b) Tufail Ahmed
(c) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
(d) Allama Iqbal
5.    Who discovered South Pole?
(a)  Cabot          (b)  Robert Peary
(c)  Amundsen (d) None of these
6.     “Intifada” means
(a)  Truce (b) Peace
(c)  Uprising (d)  None of these
7. Who was the first Canadian woman in space?
(a)Dirk F-remont
(b)Marc Gameau
(c)Roberta Bondar
(d)   Amaldo Tamayo Mendez
8. What do you understand by In camera?
(a)  In a judge’s private room
(b)  Face t9 face
(c)  In the-same place
(d)  None of these
9. Who was the first Canadian in space?
(a)Dirk Fremont
(b)Roberta Bondar
(c)Toyohiro Akiyama
(d) Marc Garneau
10. State of Kashmir was  purchased by Ghulab Singh for:
(a)   Rs.8.5 million
(b)  Rs.7.5 million
(c)   Rs.9.5 million
(d)  Rs.5.5 million
11. Who  among  the  following  received  Nobel Prize twice for the two different subjects?
(a)Frederic Jolit
(b)Frederic Sanger
(c)Stanley Cohen
(d) Marie Curie
12. Who was the painter of Mona lisa?
(a)  Leonardo da VInci
(b)  FA Barthold!
(c)  Henry Smith
(d) None of these
13. The shortest river of the world is located in
(a)USA(b)  UK
(c)  Congo {d)  Russia
14. What is thelength of the Motorway-8?
(a)  467 km (b)  895 km
(c)  491 km (d) 437 km
15. The deepest lake is in Siberia
(a)Baikal Lake(b)  Superior Lake
(c)  Huron Lake{d)  Aral Sea
16. Who was Zhelyu Zhelev?
(a)  President of Moldova
(b)  President of Belarus
(c) P.resident of Ukraine
(d) President of Bulgaria
17.   Which IS the largest lake of the world?
(a)  Caspian Sea(b)  Superior Lake
(c)   Huron Lake (d)  Aral Sea
18. On  which  date  this  prize  (Nobel  Prize)  Is awarded?
(a) There is no fixed date
(b) December 31, every year
(c) December 10, every year
(d) January 1,every year
19. Who was the first Asian to have received the Nobel Prize?
(a) C.V.Raman (b)  R.N.Tagore
(c)  Mother Teresa (d)  I.A. Bunin
20. What do you understand by Ultima ratio?
(a) Final argument
(b) Final result
(c) An affatr of the heart
(d) None of them
21. The slogan of the French Revolution was:
(a) One nation,one leader, and one flag
(b)   Government of the individuals, by the individuals, and for the individuals
(c) Liberty, equality and fraternity
(d) Workers of the world unite
22. 10 decameters are equal to:
(a) 2 hectometers (b)  3 hectometers
(c)  1 hectometers (d) 4 hectometers
23. Headquarter  of  European  Services  Forum (ESF) is located in
 (a)  Canada    (b) France
(c) Belgium    (d)  None of these
24. Who  is  also  known  as  the  “Lady  with the Lamp”?
(a) Florence Nightingale
(b) Sarojini Naidu
{c)  Rani Laxmibai
{d)  Bachendri Pall
25. The nutrient which is for the most part discharged by people in unne is.
(a) Vitamin A
(c)  Vitamin C
(b)  Vitamin D
(d)  None of these
26. Pisa Tower Is located in
(a}  Germany (b)  Italy
(c)  France (d)  Paris
27. Hezbollah,  Islamic  party   of   Lebanon  was established in whtch year?
(a)  1973 (b)  1981
(C)   1982 (d)  1984
28. The battle of Hunain was fought just after the conquest of Makah. Which of the  following was the year?
 (a}  626 AD
(c)  625AD
(b)  628AD
(d)  630 AD 
29. A man can survive without food for at least
(a) One  month (b)  Two months
(c)  Three months (d)  Four months
30. Which  of  the  following  is  an  example  of seasonal winds?
(a) Thunderstorms (b)  Monsoon
(c)  Cyclones (d) Anticyclones
31. A light year:
 (a) 8.46 trillion kilometers
(b) 9.46 trillion kilometers
(c) 10 46 trillion kilometers
(d)   None of these
32. As Cortes  is related to  ‘Spain’ in the  same way ‘Diet’ is related to what?
(a) France (b)   Italy
(c)  Japan (d)  Denmark
33. She ts hopeful her success 10 the CSS examlnabon.
(a)  In      (b)  by
(c)  Of      (d)  on
 34. Name the first Civil War among the Muslims is:
(a) Battle of Siffin
(b) Battle of Nahrawan
(c) The Battle of Jamal
(d) None of these
35. First women to wm the Nobel Prize was?
(a) Mother Teresa
(b) Mrs Aung San Suu Kyi
(c) Madame Marie Curie
(d) None of these
36. Christopher Columbus was·
(a) An Italian explore
(b) First  modern  European  to  discover  the Americas
(c) Dtscover of Puerto Rtco and Jamatca
(d) All are correct
37. He is jealous my promotion.
(a) In (b)  with
(c)  For (d)  of
38. He introduced me his boss.
(a) From (b) to
(c)  For         (d)  in
39.   Substances used to bnng relief in pain are called?
(a) Ant pain         (b) Ant1pyret1cs
(c)  Anbb1otics (d)  Analges ics
40. What is the meaning of Key?
(a) Solution (b)  akin
(c)  Unrelated (d)  style
41.   What is the meaning of Laudable?
(a) Regrettable (b)  hurt
(c)  Praiseworthy (d)  unfair
42. What is the meaning of Munificent?
(a) Generous (b)  obscure
(c)  Imitate (d)  jeer
43. What Is the meaning of Nuptials?
(a) Wedding (b) separation
(c)  Divorce (d)  happy
44. A cat differs a dog.
(a) With (b)  from
(c)  For     (d)  in
45. As “Freedom Air” belongs to New Zealand in the same way Qantas Airlines belongs to what?
(a) MeXJco (b)   Australia
(c)  Malays1a (d)  Ireland
46. What should be the max1mum value of B in the following equabon? 5A9-7B2+9C6=823
(a) 5 (b)  6
(c)  7 (d)  9
47. If three numbers in the ration 3 :2 :5 be such that the sum of their squares is equal to 1368. What is the middle one?
(a) 12 (b)  16
(c)  19 (d)  24
48.  If a ·b = 3 ·4 and b  c = 2  3 what is a ·b ·c?
(a)  3 :4: 6 (b) 9 :2 :3
(c)  6 .8 :6 (d) 9 :12 :6
49. The least number exactly divisible by 12,15,20.54 is:
(a)  532 (b)  220
(c)  540 {d)  500
50. Which term is used for disobedience or willful disregard to the judic1al process?
(a) Contempt of law
(b) Contempt of court
(c) Contempt of judiciary
(d) Court default

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