What is Sales Letter? What are the qualities and advantages of Sales Letter? Discuss

What is Sales Letter

What is Sales Letter? What are the qualities and advantages of Sales Letter? Discuss
“The main purpose of a sales letter is to convert reader into a customer”. How is this purpose achieved?

Sales Letter

A sales letter is a letter which is written to sell goods, services and ideas. It urges the customer to buy the goods.


This is a letter through which the seller presents the advantages of his goods or services in a manner that convinces buyer to accept the offer. Selling means to persuade or to convince a person to act as you want him to act.

Uses of a Sales Letter

Following are the uses of a sales letter:

1. Selling by Mail
2. Getting Sales inquiries
3. Follow-up Sales Inquiries
4. Inviting People to visit the Stores, Shops or Showrooms
5. To Promote Goodwill

1) Selling by Mail

To introduce a new product or to sell old ones, sometimes letters are mailed or sent to the customers. These messages are sent to the customers to sell books, magazines, medicines, watches, electrical appliances and other gods. This is an impressive and effective way to sell products.

2) Getting Sales inquiries

Another important use of sales letter is to get inquiries from the customers. For this purpose, the sales messages are sent to the readers to confirm their opinion about the product. Now a days, websites on computers are being used by the sellers to collect inquires about their new products. This is the best way to discover the problems or shortcomings of products.

3) Following-up Sales Inquiries

The companies send letters to know about the quality of their product. After getting inquiries it is very essential to follow up these inquiries. The main aim of follow up inquiries is to make the customer satisfied in proper way. Big businessmen advertise their product through television and newspapers. Following-up Inquiries help the businessmen in improving the quality of their products.

4) Inviting People to visit the Showrooms

Another important use of a sales letter is to invite the customer to visit this showrooms, stores or shops. In this way the interest of the buyer increases to buy certain goods. The customer may examine the goods and collect inquiries. A good demonstration of products by a seller satisfies the customer, removes doubts and cstablishes good relations between the buyer and the seller.

5) To Promote Goodwill

The organizations have to be very careful regarding their goodwill. Courtesy is one of the most important factors in promoting goodwill. Courteous sales messages on the eve of Eid or Christmas not only promote goodwill but also win the hearts of the readers. Sometimes business organizations send bouquets to the customers on
festive occasions for getting favour and appreciation from buyers.


Selling has become a difficult job in today’s competitive business world. The old methods of selling have been replaced by the new ones. A few businessmen prefer televisions and newspapers as one of the best sources of advertisement for selling their products. Some of them send their messages through traditional sales methods to
achieve their desired aims and objectives.

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What is Sales Letter

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