1. The Anjuman-i-Himyat-lslam was founded in 1884, with the objective:

(A) It was for social gathering among Muslims of Punjab
(B) To help them to secure government jobs
(C) To encourage non communal approach to provincial problems
(D) To guard Islam against the invasions of the ministers and to give western training along withreligious directions

2. Why Syed Amir Ali resigned from the Muslim League 10 1913?

(A) The Muslim League didn’t do adequate work for Its individuals
(B) It cnticized the government
C)  It supported the Hindu cause
(D) The party had no clear-cut policy

3 What is the most important provision of the Si’llon Commission Report published in 1930?
(A) Recommendation for theIntroduction of Federal system of government In India
(B) Dyarchy should continue
(C) No reforms in the provinces
(D) The significance of the lion’s share network ought to be acknowledged

4. The second part of the Act of 1935 could not be putinto practice because:

(A) All India Congress did not w1sh to join the Federal government
(B) There was highly sensitive situation on the eve of World War II
(C) There was lawfulness issue in India
(D) The Indian sovereigns would not join the Federation

5. The provincial election under the Act of 1935 held in 1937 had the following results:

(A) The Muslim League won majority of seats reserved for the community
(B) By and large the Muslim League failed miserably in the contest
(C) The Congress had achievement just in a couple of territories
(D) A number of politicalpart1es boycotted the elections

6. Identify the correct statement In view of 1937 provincial elections In Punlab:

(A) The Muslim League won a majority of seats reserved for Muslims
(B) It captured only two provlncli:il seats

(C) It made an alliance with the Uniomst party
(D) It  won a number of seats In rural constituencies
7. Quald-1-Azam In his presidential address on 25111 session of the Muslim League at Lukhnow on October 15, 1937 gave direction about:
(A) Power & self-reliance for political success
(8) Cooperation with the  majority community
(C) To remain loyalto the government
(D) Muslims to keep away from politics
8.     Sindh Muslim League passed one of the following resolutions in 1938:
(A) Federalism to continue
(B)   Muslims to join other communities for political progress
(C) Concentration on education
(D) Resolved to have division of India on the basis of Two Nation Theory
9. Quaid-1-Azam in an article in “Time and Tide” in 1937 mentioned that
(A) Islam and Hinduism are incompatible
(B)  Muslims to share power as equal partners
(C) Muslims should concentrate on political organizations
(D) None of these
10. The Muslim League Resolution of divide and quit in 1943 was against the movement of quit India proposed in 1942 by:
(A) Gandhi
(B) Pandtt Nehru
(C) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
(D) Pant
11. Gandhi-Jlnnah talks of 1944 failed due to:
(A) Opposition by the Khaksars
(B) Red Shirts
(C) The Ahrar
(D) Two Nation Theory
12. The Simla Conference of 1945 failed due to:
(A) Arrogance of the Congress leaders
(B) Callousness by F.M.Lord Wavell the Viceroy of India
(C) The derogatory approach about Muslims by the Hindu press
(D) Demand by the Quaid to have allMuslims seats to be allocated to the Muslim League
13. The results of the election 1945-46 showed:
(A) That the Unionst party won majority of Muslim seats
(B) The Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind captured a few seats
(C) The National Muslims ot a few seats
(D) The Muslim League captured all the reserved seats for the Muslims at the entre
14.   The  Muslim  League  rejected  the  Cabinet Missioh Plan on July 27, 1946. About others :
(A) Congress rejected the plan in to
(B) Congress accepted only the-long term plan
(C) The British government was not clear about It
(D) Hindu extremists were lukewarm about It
15. The Interim Government was formed in 1946. Who was the prime minister?
(A) Pandit Nehru        (B)  F. M.Lord Wavell
(C) Liaquat Ali Khan     (D) None of these
16. Sir Cyril Radcliffe announced the  Boundary Commission Award on August 17, 1947, which was biased due to whom?
(A) Lord Mountbatten
(B) Pandlt Nehru
(C) S.V.Patel
(D) Maharaja Sadu Singh of Bikaner
17. Why  Quaid-i-Azam  launched  Direct  Action Day on AURUSt 16,1946?
(A) To protest against breach of pledge by VIceroy F.M. Lord Wavell
(B) To oppose the Congress policies
(C) To get support from the majority for party enrollment
(D) To crush the upsurge of National Muslims
18. On January 17,1923,an official reception was given to celebrate the honour of Knighthood bestowed on Dr. Mohammad Iqbal. The venue was:
(A) Delhi (8) AliRarh
(C) Lahore (D) London
19. Gandhi renounced his formal  membership form the congress in:
(A)  1934 (B)  1940
(C)  1943         (D)  1947
20. Quaid-i-Azam resigned from membership of Congress in:
(A)  1913 (B)  1916
(C)  1920         (D)  1922
21. Ayub  Khan was member of the All  Talents Cabinet in 1954.Name the prime minister.
(A) Mohammad All Bogra
(B) Ch.Muhammad Ali
(C) lskander Mirza
(D) Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy
22. One of the important incidents of the 20111 century was moon-landing.
(A) Mchael Collins (B)  Nell Armstrong
(C)  Edwin Adrln (D)  Jean Arp
23. Parity for representation was created by formation of one unit in West Pakistan, in the year:
(A)  1952
(C)  1955
(B) 1954
{D)  1956
24. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan under the 1956 Constitution was to be headed by a President.
(A) The President may not be a Muslim
(B) The President had to be a Muslim
(C) The Constitution was silent about it
(D) He had to be fifty- five years of age
25. About relationship between Federal Government and provinces under the 1956 Constitution, mention the correct relationship from the following:
(A) There were three lists of items, Federal, Provincial and Concurrent
(B) There were two lists of items,Federal and Provincial
(C) There was only one Federal list of items and residuary powers belonged to the provinces
(D) There were two lists ofitems with Federal having two parts and a Concurrent list
26. Under  the   1956  Constitution  of  Pakistan, prime minister.
(A) Had to be a Muslim
(B) No condition of being a Muslim
(C) No need to be an elected member of the NationalAssembly .
(D) Had to be Fourty Five years of age
27. The concept of Controlled Democracy was propaRated by president lskander Mirza.
(A) He forced Prime Minister Suhrawardy to resign due to his personal whims, even though he had political right to address the National Assembly
(B) He controlled the political process
(C) He made bureaucracy powerful In decision making
(D) He considered elections as a farce
28. Why President lskander Mirza imposed emergency and dissolved the Assemblies on October 7.1958?
(A)  He had the apprehension that the newly elected Assemblies under the 1956 Constitution may not vote to elect him as permanent president
(B) Problem of law and order
(C) Criminal Implications of the opposition by the ruling party.opposed by l)im
(D) Food crisis
29. Name the first elected president of Pakistan:
(A) lskander Mirza (B)  F.M.Avub Khan
(C) Ch.Fazal Elahl          (D)  Farooq Laghari
30. According to the 1962 Constitution in case the president resigns who had to succeed him?
(A) The Speaker of the National Assembly
(B) The Commander-in-Chief of the Army
(C) The C.F of the Supreme Court
 (D)  Election by the Basic Democrats
31. The Federal Shariat Court was established in the year :
(A)  1978
(C) 1980
(B)  1979 
(D) 1985
32. President F.M. Ayub Khan announced on March 13, 1969, his acceptance of the two demands, Parliamentary Government and direct elections with the result:
(A) The concept of controlled democracy was Introduced
(B) Indirect system of voting was rejected
(C) vested groups increased their influence on decision making
(D) The powers of bureaucracy were Increased
33. The   Awami League contested the 1970 elections on the basis of six-point programme for regional autonomy issued on February 12,1966:
(A) The manifesto of the party was against the spirit of Legal Framework Order Issued on March 20, 1970
(B) The President Agha Yaha Khan called It and approach of a demagogue
(C) It was narrow thinking
(D) It supported nationalcohesion
34. When was the Qisas and Dlyat Ordinance put into force?
(A) December 2, 1988
(B) March 1, 1989
(C) September, 5, 1990
(D) December 20,1992
35. When was the post of Chairman Join Chiefs of Staff Committee created?
(A) March 2,1976 (B) March 1, 19n
(C) Dec 10,1949 (D) Jan 2, 1978
36. When was the first Azad Kashmir government established?
(A) Aug 14, 1947
(C) Oct 24, 1949
(B) Oct 24, 1947
(D) Dec 1, 1949
37. The control of Federal Government came to an end on December” 16, 1971  in East Pakistan with the result.:
(A) The Two Nation Theory as basis of independence came to an end
(B) .The Two Nation Theory is still intact because the term “States” was usedin the Lahore Resolution of 1940
(C) It resulted due to cultural pluralism
(D) It happened due to One Nat on Theory
38. Another important development in the 20111 century in the field of medicine was the Introduction  of  ‘antibiotics’.  Penicillin  was introduced by:
(A) Alexander Fleming
(B) Marcus Antonius
(C) Georges Bizet
(D) Charles Cornwallis
39. Civilian Martial Law with President Z. A. Bhutto at the helm of affairs came to an end on:
 (A) April 2,1972
(C) Aug 14, 1973
(B) April21,1972
(D) Aug 15, 1973
40. The President under the 1973 ConstitutionIs elected:
(A) By direct election
(B) By National Assembly
(C) By joint session of the NationalAssembly and Senate
(D) By two Houses of the Parliament and the four provincial assemblies
41. The provision to have 20 reserved women seats In the National Assembly  under the 1973 Constitution expired on holding General Elections in the year:
(A)  Feb. 1985 (B)  Nov. 1988
(C) Oct. 1990          (D) Oct. 1993
42. In November 1996, President Farooq laghari dismissed the Benazir government under Section 58(2)(B) of 1973 Constitution. Reason for the action:
(A) Politicalcrisis
(B) Vote of no-confidence in the National Assembly
(C) Allegation of corruption
(D) Difference between the president and prime minister about party matters
43. The  only  Citizen of  Pakistan  who  won  the Nobel Prize:
(A) AbdulOadeer Khan
(B) Dr.Usmani
(C) Or.Abdul Salam
(D) Faiz Ahmad Faiz
44. SassiPunnu Is a known l end of:
 (A)  Punjabi (B)  Sindhl
(C) Pushto (D)  Balochi
45. President  Ziaul  HaQ  nominated  Majalis-i­ Shoora (Federal Council) in 1981
(A)  The Majlis-i-Shoora had no powers
(B) It could makelegislation
(C) It could criticize the ovemment
(D) The executive was accountable to the Majalls
46. Which  is  the  highest  peak  of  Himalayan Rans: e in Pakistan?
(A)Nanga Parbat     (B)  K-2
(C) Mount Everest     (D)  Kirthar
47.When were the citizens of FATA given the right to vote?
 (A)  1977       (B) 1985
(C)  1988        (D) 1997
48. Harapa was a centre of:
(A) Persian Civilization
(B) Hindu Civilization
(C) Greek Civilization
(D) Indus Valley Civilization
49. When  Pak1stan became member of  Untied Nations?
(A) Sep. 30,1947 (B) Aug.30, 1948
(C) Dec 4 , 1984 (D) Feb 10, 1949
50. On August 23, 1950, Owen Dixon announced the failure of his miss1on to resolve the Kashmir deadlock on d1rect1on of the Security Council. The reason behind the announcement was.
(A) Pakistan was convinced that the people of Kashmir would actively participate in the plebiscite
(B) Kashmir freedom fighters wanted peace
(C) Hindu information media dubbed Pakistan
(D) Pandlt Nehru, the Prime Minister of India was ambivalent about all
51. Takht-i-Bahi ,an  ancient  historical  site.  is located in:
(A) Punlab
(B)  Slndh
(D) Balochistan
52. Indicate the coldest citv of Pakistan
(A) Ziarat (B) Murree
(C) Swat          (D) Ayubia
53. Which  country is situated in North of Pakistan?
(A) India
(C)   Iran
(B) Afghanistan
(D)   China
54. Nanga Parbat” is located in:
(A) Chitral             (B)  Gils: it
(C) Azad Kashmir     (D)  None of these
55. After  agriculture,  It  employs  the  largest  number of labourers:
(A) Finance and Social Services
(B) Industry
(C) Mlntng
(D) Fishing
56. Which is Solidarity Day with reference to the people of Kashmir?
(A) January 30111 (B)    February 5111
(C) March             (D) None of these
57. PTV started 1ts transmiss1on from:
(A) Sep 24, 1962      (B)  Oct 24. 1963
(C)  Nov 26, 1964      (D)  Dec 26, 1965
58  Bulk of Tobacco is produced m:
(A) Puntab (B) S1ndh
(C)  KPK         (D)  Balochistan
59. The !arRest qas field was discovered in: 
(A)  1951 (B) 1952
(C)  1953   (D)  1955
60. The Council of Common interests under the 1973 Constitution has to:
(A) Make the Federation work successfully with’emphasis on National Integration
(B) Create dispanty among the provinces
(C) Work for the good of non-Muslims
(D) Work for the protection of Balachistan’s natural resources

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