PPSC Test For Motorways Police 2019 MCQs With Fill book Download in PDF

Motorways Police 2019

PPSC Test For Motorways Police 2019 MCQs With Fill book Download in PDF


1. Ten miles a tong approach to walk 

(A) are (B) are being
(C) is (D) None of these

2. Security courses of action have been taken care of 1n all areas. 

(A) sensational (B) touchy
(C) sensible        (D) None of these

3. John force h1mself to ….,ork on till late in the n1Q’ilf 

(A) could
(C) would
(B) would be
(D) None of these

4. The bugs are an extraordinary nuisance _ us 

(A) at (B) to
(C) for (D) None of these

5. Of the three siblings, Sam is the _ 

(A) taller         (B) tallest
(C) most tallest (D) None of these

6. The clerk .,…- – the cash and marked a receipt for it. 

(A) collects
(C) checked
(B) acknowledges
(D) None of these

7. I need a spot where I can work without 

(A) delay         (B) fatigue
(C) lnterrllptlon (D) None of these

8. My finger 1s still where Icaught it in the entryway yesterday . 

(A) bruised (B) sore
(C) wounded (D) None of these

9. It Is a marble divider,- ..,.,.,,.- – .no bills. 

(A) stick (B) fasten
(C) paste         (D) None of these

10. The new proprietors of the paper changed the ..,………__,_completely . 

(A) ouUook (B) expense
(C) layout (D) None of these

11 The competitor, I nexperienced and apprehensive, was harassed. 

(A) A djective (B) Adverb
(C) Conjunct1on (D) None of these

12. The visitor asked the guide the way . 

(A) Direct object
(B) Indirect object
(C) Helpmg action word
(D) None of these

13. This week we are expectJng v1s1tors (A) Noun expression 

(A) Adjective expression
(B) Waleed canister Talal receptacle Abdul Aziz
(C) Noun state
(D)  Adverb express

14. Seerng is accepting. 

(A) Participle      (B) Complement
(C) Gerund      (D) None of these

15. The worker appears to be entirely fit. 

(A) Complement (B) Direct article
(C) Indirect object (D) None of these

16. What would you say you are doing there? 
(A) Subject         (B) lnte ection
(C) Preposition (D) None of these

17. Make feed whne the sun sparkles. 

(A) Preposition (B) Noun
(C) Conjunction (D) None of these

18. Thrs rs good· 

(A) Noun (B) Adjective
(C) Adverb (D) None of these

19. She snickered healthily. 

(A) Intransitive action word        (B) Transitive action word
(C) Adverb                               (D) None of these

20. Ilike the new book. 

(A) Artie (B) Adjective
(C) Adverb (D) None of these


Select the right answer and Fill In the fitting Box on the Answer Sheet

21. Who was the Gue t of Honor rn Pakistan Day’s motorcade on 23 March 2018? 

(A) Turkish President
(B) President of Sri-Lanka
(C) Army Chief Gen. Bajwah
(D) None of these

22. Which Country sentJts Army Band in Pakistan Day’s motorcade on 23 March 2018? 

(A) Saudi Arabia
(B) Turkey
(C) Jordan
(D) None of these

23. Who rs the Chairman Senate in Pak1stan?
(A) Salfiq Sanjranl
(B) Raja Zafar-ui-Haq
(C) Saleem Mandviwalla
(D) None of these
24. Who is the Commander of the Military Alliance of 39 Muslims countries?
(A) General Raheel Sharif
(B) Gen. Pnnce Fahd AI Saud
(C) General Fayyad Hamid Rwaili
(D) None of these
25. US President is elected for:
(A) 6 years (B)  5 years
(C) 4 years (D) None of these
26. Who is the Crowq Prince of Saudi Arabia?
(A) Muhammad bin Salman
(B) Salman bin Abdul Aziz
(C) Atzaz Ahmad Choudhry
(D) Mallha Lodhi
27. Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s Ibrahim was bom from:
(A) Hazrat Khadija (RA)
(B) Hazrat Maria Qibtlyya (RA)
(C) Hazrat Safiyya (RA)
(D) None of these
28. Who    has   been   re-elected   as    Russian President recently for the second term?
(A) Pavel Grudinin
(B) Vladimir Putin
(C) Zhrrinovsky
(D) None of these
29. Which Is the third largest political party in UK at present?
(A) labour Party
(B) Conservative
(C) Liberal Democrat
(D) None of these
30. One Belt One Road (OBOR) project of China:
(A) Is part of CPEC
(B) Includes CPEC In it
(C) Is not linked with CPEC
(D) None of these
31. When did Pakistan become member of WTO?
(A)  2009 (B)  2002
(C)  1995 (D)  None of these
32. Current Chief MinrS1er of Balochistan belongs to:
(A) Pakistan Muslim League (N)
(B) PakiS1an Muslim league (Q)
(C) Baluchistan Awami Party
(D) None of these
33. Final match of PSL3 (2018) was played in:
(A) Karachi (B)  lahore
(C) Dubai (D) None of these
34. Currently the Political Party in power in Britain is:
(A) labour
(B) Conservative
(C) liberal Democrat
(D) None of these
35. FIFA world Cup 2018 Is to be hosted by:
(A) Portugal (B)  Spain
(C) Russia (D) None of these
36  Which  of  the  following  countries Is  not  a Republic?
(A) Jordan         (B) Turkey
(C) Afghanistan (D)  None of these
37. Who won the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy?
(A) lndra (B)  Pakistan
(C) Sri-lanka (D) None of these
38. Total number of members of SAARC Is:
(A) 8 (B) 7
(C)  6 (D)  None of these
39. Paras1llc roots gets food from:
(A)  Water         (B) SoU
(C)  Other plants (D) None of these
40. Which gas Is used to extinguish fire?
(A) Oxygen             (B) Hydrogen
(C)  Carbon dioxide (D)  None of these
41. The tenure of the office of Prime Minister in Pakistan is:
(A) 4 years
(C) Not fiXed
(B) 5 years
(D) None of these
42. The tenure of National Assembly of Pakistan is:
(A) 5 years
(C)  Not fixed
(B) 6 years
(D)  None of these
43. Which  Pious  Caliph had to  face  and fight against false cla1mers of Nabuwat?
(A)  Hazrat Umar (RA)
(B) Hazrat Abubaker (RA)
(C) Hazrat Usman (RA)
(D) None of these
44. The  first  direct  elections  on  the  basis  of universal adult franchise basis were held In:
(A)  1956 (B) 1962
(C)  1970   (D)  None of these
45. Pakistan’s last Census was held In:
(A)  2015 (B) 2016
(C)  2017         (D)  None of these
46. According  to  the  constitution  of  Pakistan, census should be held after every:
(A) 5 years (B)  8 years
(C) 10 years (D) None of these
47. When   Pakistan   became   full   member   of ASEAN?
(A)  1985
(C) Never
(B) 1988
(D)  None of these
48. Treaty  of  Hudayblyyah was  signed  between Muslims of Medina and:
(A) Jews (B)  Iran
(C) Quresh (D) None of these
49. What is Sihah Sltta?
(A)  Tafseer of the Quran
(B) History of ear1y Islam {6 volumes)
(C) CollectJve title used for the six books of Hadith
(D)  None of these
50. Battle of Khayber (628 AD, 6 Hi]ra) was fought by Muslims under the command of:
(A) Hazrat Amir Hamzah {RA)
 (B) Hazrat Umar (RA)
(C) Hazrat Muhammad {PBUH)
(D) None of these
51. Who   was   the   last  Governor   General  of Paklstan?
(A) Slkandar Mirza
(B) Ghlam Muhammad
(C) Khwaja Nazim-od-Din
(D) None of these
52. Famous Muslim King of India Qutab-ud-Din Aibak’s tomb is in:
 (A) Multan
(C)  Chakwal
(B) Lahore
(D)  None of these
53. What IS Jaz1a in Islamic State?
(A) A tax charged from non-Muslims
(B) War booty
(C) A tax charged from all in war time
(D)  None of these
54. Procedure of wazoo (ablution) Is mentioned In Surah:
 (A) AI-Baqra         (B) Al-lnaam
(C) AI-Maldah (D) None of these
55. Muhammad  Bin  Qasim  invaded  Sindh  and Multan in:
(A) 712 AD
(C)  1706AD
(B)  715 AD
(D)  None of these
56. In daytime the plants and trees absorb:
(A)  Carbon dioxide  {B)  Oxygen
 (C)  Nitrogen (D)  None of these
57. When Sindh was separated from Bombay?
(A) 1935 AD (B)  1936 AD
(C)  1940 AD {D)  None of these
58. Which Surah of Quran prohibits Muslims from backbiting?
(A)  Nlsa
(C) Al-Hujrat
(B) Al-Maldah
(D)  None of these

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