FIA Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

FIA Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

Director Investigation FIA Questions

1. UNHCR Headquarter Is   in:  Geneva,Switzerland
2. International  Peace  Day  celebrated  on which date? 21 September .
3. Rohingya  Muslims  are  killed  in  which country:Myanmar/Burma
4. When Muslim migrated to Afghanistan? During the Khilafat Movement in 1920
5.   Muslim met at Simla with Lord Minto on? 1st October 1906
6. Lord Minto was: (viceroy of India)
7. Partition   of   Bengal   occurred   on:  16 October 1905
8. Salaat ai-Kusoof (prayer when there is an eclipse)
9. Prophet (SAW) died ln. (11AH)
10. Prophet SAW offered hall in. 632 AD
11. Name of surah without Bismillah:Tawbah
12. How  many  suras  are  on  the  name  of prophets:6
13. Administrator of office will vest in …. National Government
14. Long sighted corrected by which lenses: convex
15. Physiology is study of: normal function within living creatures
16. Deficiency  of Vitamin  A  caused:  Night Blindness
17. Deficiency of Vitamin 0 caused:rickets
18. Most   abundant   element   in  universe: Hydrogen

19. Most  abundant  element  in earth  crust: Oxygen
20. Human body have blood:5 litter
21. Human breathe how much air In a day: 11,000 liters of air (388 cubic feet)
22. UN  report  regarding  Kashmir  issue  on: June 14, 2018
23. G20 2018 summit hosted by:Argentina
24. UK will exit from EU on:29 March 2019
25. One road one belt project of China is for: regional connectivity
26. The   2018   SAARC   Business   Leaders’ Conclave 2018 hosted by:Nepal
27. Theme   of  earth  day   2018:  ‘Universal Health Coverage:everyone, everywhere’
28. US fined 600 billion dollar on which country due to unfair trade practices with the U.S.: China
29. Sum of first 50 positive even integer
30. Sum of first 50 positive odd integer
31. Sum of infinite series 1+1/3+1/9+1/27 …..
32. Product of complex number and its conjugate is: A. Always real B. Always complex
33. No.of diagonals of 8 sided figures
34. Triangle  having  sides  a=96,  b=70  and c=SO. Largest angel formed by which side
35. A. a. B. b. C.c
36. Work   done   by   Force   F(2i+2j+k)  and distance of P(O,O,O) and 0(1,2,2).
37. Momentum  of  Force  F(2i+2j+2k )  And Point 0(1,2,2)
38. One question about find projection of one vector upon 2nd vector (Note: vectors were given)
39. A man buy  6 coats,  4  trousers  and 3 shirts. In how many way he can wear them?
40. Code of criminal procedures are according to which act
41. A box contains 9 red balls and 2 white balls. Probability of choosing any ball
42. A LMN triangle having points L(O,O,O), M{1,1,1) and N{2,2,2).what is centroid
43. A.0,0,0.  B.1,1,1. C.2,2,2
44. . Real part of inverse multiplication of 4+7j
46. FIA act enforceable on
47. According to act FIA name Is.   (Federal Investigation agency)
48. FIA act enforceable 
49. FIA act applicable on
50. A Citizens and civil servant

Batch 3, 12 Jan 2019

1. They live about from here.
(A) an hour of drive    (B)  a drive of an hour
(C) an hou(s drive  (D) None of these
2. She couldn’t a moustache to the photo of h1s headmaster 10 the
(A) resist to add
(B) resist adding
(C) resist from adding
(D) None of these
3. Either my husband or my brother will volunteer times for the project..
(A) Its (B)  their
{C)  his (D)  None of these
4. The old lady almost encountered but to everyone’s surpnse she pulled
 (A}  death (B)  dead
(C) being dead (D) None of these
5. going  to  be   chilly  weather tomorrow as confirmed in the —-·
(A) Its • Wet (B) It’s • Met
(C)  Its Is • Wet (D)  None of these
6.    “I cannot further Information about the case”, the investigations reporters, “or it Will Jeopardize the Investigation”.
(A) divulge (B) discuss
(C) determine (D) None of these
7. The factory was in a condition and needed restoration work b be initiated.
(A) dilapidated (B) Inundate
(C) depreciated (D) None of these
8. He had heard the story  many times and as many times ——
(A) has felt such melancholy that he thought h1s eyes will water .
(B) had felt such melancholy that he thinks his eyes would water.
(C) had   felt   such   melancholy   that   he thought his eyes would water.
(D) None of these
9. They  spent  the evening through forty years of accumulated
(A) sifting (B) sulking
(C) ‘Screening (D)  None of these
10. His were rejected on the of the evidence and witnesses . —-
(A) hypothesis -basis
(B) hypothesis -bases
(C) hypotheses-bases
(D) None of these
11. On  receiving the president constituted an record the statements of both complainant and accused and
(A) complain • inquiry
(B) complaint • inquiry
(C) complaint- enquiry
(D) None of these
12. The position  of an element  tn the  Periodic Table is determined by its number?
(A) Electron (B)   Proton
(C)  Neutron (D)  None of these
13. The principle constituent of the atmosphere of the Earth is:
(A) Oxygen    (B) Carbon
(C)  Nitrogen    (D) None of these
14. The  planet  which Is easily  visible  from  the Earth is:
(A) Mercury (B)  Venus
(C)  Mars (D)  None of these
15. The Great Spot is on the planet:
(A) Saturn (B)  Jupiter
(C) Mars (D)  None of these
16. The Great Spot is a:
(A) Mountain
(B) Storm
(C) Frozen Carbon dioxide
(D) None of these
17.   In wh1ch of the following countries Special Equity Courts exist?
(A) Amenca (B)  England
(C)  Pakistan (D) lnd1a
18. The  Politics 1s considered as the first book on the art of government , Identify the author.-
(A) Socrates (B)  Platu
(C) Anstotle (D)  Adam Smith
19. The Nobel Prize for Peace is g1ven in the city of:-
(A) Stockholm (B) Oslo
(C)  Brussels (D)  Copenhagen
20. Identify the world’s largest Peninsula  .-
(A) Alaska (B) Scandinavia
(C) Arabia {D) Labrador
21. What 1s the length of Great Wall of China?
(A) 2400 km (B) 2600 km
(C) 3200 km (D) 3400 km
22. Whichis the largest gland in the human body?
(A) Pancreas     (B) Lachrymal
(C)  liver            (D) Sweat glands
23. Why do you object to, he will be a resource for the organization? 
(A) he be taken on 
(B) him being taken on 
(C) he being taken on 
(D) None of these 
24. Benefited an extraordinary deal taking that web based instructional class. 
(A) for (B) from 
(C) with (D) None of these 
25. Which word is opposite to “Offend”?
(A) Confront (B)  Inflict
(C) Acclaim (D) None of these
26. The jury individuals – for close to 60 minutes prior 
(A) deliberated 
(C) deferred 
(B) deferred 
(D) None of these 
26. Which of coming up next isn’t an equivalent word of “Research ? 
(A) Examine (B) Scrutinize 
(C) Elucidate (D) None of these 
28. The saltiness of ocean water Is controlled by the measure of normal salt (Sod1um chlonde) in of ocean water. 
(A) 1gram (B) 10 gram 
(C) 1kg         (D) None of these 
29. Thomas Cup is given for the round of:- 
(A) Lawn Tenms (B) Golf 
(C) Table Tennis (D) Badmmton
30. On receiving the president constituted an  record the statements of both complainant and accused and
(A) complain • inquiry
(B) complaint • inquiry
(C) complaint- enquiry
(D) None of these

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