ASF TEST BASIC ARITHMETIC Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

ASF TEST BASIC ARITHMETIC Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF



1. A kid was approached to duplicate a number by 25.He rather increased the number by 52 and found the solution 324 more than the right answer.The number to be duplicated was: 

(a) 8 (b) 10 (c) 12 (d) 15

2. The all out month to month compensation of 4 men and 2 ladies is Rs.46000. On the off chance that a lady acquires Rs.500 in excess of a man. what Is the month to month compensation of a lady? 

(a) Rs.5000 (b) Rs.6000 (c) Rs.8000 (d) Rs.9000

3. lmran got over two fold the number of imprints in English as in History If his all out marksIn the two subjects are 140,the mark.s gotten by him in English are: ·

(a) 45 (b) 55 (c) 85 (d) 100

4. A pineapple costs Rs.7 each. A watermelon costs Rs.5 each. X burns through Rs.38 on those fruits.The number of pineapples bought is: 

(a) 4 (b) 6 (c) 9  (d) 15

5. The number of young ladies in a classis multiple times the quantity of young men. Which of the accompanying can’t be the complete number of kids in the class? 

(a) 25 (b) 30 (c) 35 (d) 45

6. A whole of Rs.750 is appropriated among A,8, C and d in such a way, that A gets as much as 8 and C together, 8 gets Rs.125 more than C and D gets as much as C.Whatis An’s offer? 

(a) Rs.220 (b) Rs.325 (c) Rs.360 {d) Rs.460

7. A reward of Rs.1000is to be isolated among three individuals so that Rashid gets twice as much as Sohail,who gets one fifth as much as Ghani. What amount of cash ought to Ghanireceive? 

(a) Rs.100 {b)Rs.125 (c)Rs.225 (d)Rs.625

8. The all out number of digits utilized in numbering the pages of a book having 366 pages, Is: 

(a) 732 (b) 990 (c) 970 (d) 1000

9. A printer numbers the pages of a book beginning with 1 and utilizations 3189 digitsin all. What number of pages does the book have? 

(a) 900 (b) 990 (c) 1074 (d) 1125

10 number is as a lot more prominent than 36 as is under 86. Locate the number? 

(a) 61 (b) 59 (c) 67 (d) 57

11 Find a number with the end goal that when 15 is subtracted from multiple times the number, the outcome is 10 more than double the number. 

(a)3 (b)5 (c)7 (d)11

12 The aggregate of two numbers is 184.If 33% of the one surpasses one-seventh of the other by 8,find the more modest number. 

(a) 60 (b) 66 {c) 72 {d) 77

13 If the aggregate of two numbers is 42 and their item is 437. at that point locate the supreme contrast between the number: 

{a) 4 {b) 6 (c) 8 (d) 1?

14 The normal of four back to back even numbers is 27. Locate the biggest of these numbers: 

(a) 25 (b) 30 (c) 33 (d) 37

15 The ratio.between a two-digit number and the whole of the digits of that number Is 4:1. In the event that the digit is in the unit’s place Is 3 more than the digit in the ten’s place,what is the number?

{a) 27 {b) 30 {c) 36 (d) 39

16 A number comprises of two digits. The whole of the digits is 9. In the event that 63 is subtracted from the number, itsdigits are traded. Locate the number: 

(a) 81 (b) 79 (c) 77 (d) 67

17 50is separated into two sections to such an extent that the total of their reciprocals Is – .Find the two sections: 

(a) 20 and 30 {b) 25 and 29 (c) 26 and 32 (d) 18 and 27

18 The contrast between a number and its three-fifth is 50.What Is the number? 

(a) 100 {b) 125 (c) 129 (d) 131

19. If a numberis diminished by 4 and isolated by 6,the outcome is 8.What would be the resultif 2 is subtracted from the number and afterward it is separated by 5? 

(a) 7 {b) 10 (c) 11 (d) 17

20. If 33% of one-fourth of that number is 15, at that point three tenth of that number is: 

(a) 48 (b) 51 (c) 54 (d) 58

21. A number is multiplied and 9 Is included. In the event that the outcome is trebled, it becomes 75.What Is that number? 

(a)7 (b)8 (c)9 (d)11

22. Three-fourth of a number is 60 more than its one-third.The number is: 

(a) 110 (b) 122 (c) 144 (d) 157

23. When 24 is subtracted from a number,It decreases to Its four-seventh.What Is the whole of the digits of that number? 

(a) 7 (b) 2 (c) 11 (d) 13

15. Find the number which when duplicated by 15 is Increased by 196. 

(a) 14 (b) 20 (c) 22 (d) 25

16. In the event that a number,when increased by 4, is decreased by 21, the number Is: 

(a) 20 (b) 22 (c) 28 (d) 32

17. A number whose fifth part expanded by 4 is equivalent to its fourth part lessened by 10, Is: 

(a) 280 (b) 270 (c) 265 (d) 260

18. The distinction of two numbers is 20% of the bigger number. On the off chance that the more modest number is 12, the bigger one is: 

(a) 15 (b)20 (c) 22 (d) 25

19. If one-seventh of a number surpasses its eleventh part by 100,then the number is: 

(a) 1916 (b) 1925 (c) 1930 (d) 1935

20. If multiplying a number and adding 20 to the outcome offers a similar response as increasing the number by 8 and removing 4 from the item, the number is: 

(a)2  (b)4 (c)6 (d)7

21. If the entirety of a number and its square is 182,what is the number? 

(a) 13 (b) 15 (c) 17 (d) 19

22. Twenty occasions a positive integerIs not as much as its square by 96,what is the number? 

(a) 20 (b) 24 (c) 27 {d) 29

23. Thrice the square of a characteristic number diminished by multiple times, the numberIs equivalent to 50 more than the number.The number is: 

(a)S (b)7 (c)9 (d)11

24. The entirety of a number andIts complementary would one say one is eighth of 34.What is the result of the number and its square root? 

(a) 2 (b) 5 (c) 8 {d) 27

25. The aggregate of three numbers Is 264.If the primary number be double the second and third number be 33% of the principal, at that point the subsequent number is: 

(a) 60 (b) 65 (c) 72 (d) 78

26. The aggregate of two numbers is 22. Multiple times one number is equivalent to multiple times the other. The greater of the two numbers is: 

(a) 12 (b) 15 (c) 17 (d) 18

27. The aggregate of two numbers Is 25 and their distinction is 13. Discover their item. 

(a}100 (b)114 (c) 119 (d)138

28. If the aggregate of two numbers is 33 and their distinction is 15, the more modest number is: 

(a) 3 (b) 5 (c) 9 (d) 13

29. The distinction between twoIntegers is 5.Their pToduct is 500.Find the numbers: 

(a) 15, 20 {b)20,25 (c)30, 35 {d}35, 40

30. Two numbers contrasts by 5. In the event that their item is 336, at that point the total of the two numbers is: 

(a) 25 (b) 30 (c) 37 (d) 81 •

31. lf the distinction of two numbers Is 3 and the distinction of their squares is 39, at that point the bigger numberis: 

(a) 8 (b) 11 (c) 13 (d) 17

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