NAB Important MCQs 2019 With full Book Download in PDF

NAB Important MCQs

NAB Important MCQs 2019 With full Book Download in PDF


1. Who Is known as the dad of English verse? 

(a) Geoffrey Chaucer (b) John Milton
(c) John Keats           (d) None of these

2. Where the holy place of Khawaja Ghulam Fareed is found? 

(a) Pakpattan (b) Mullan
(c) Mithankot         (d) None of these

3. What is “Incredible Bear”? 

(a) Waterfall         (b) Lake
(c) Sea                 (d) Animal

4 Wh1ch of the accompanying nations is the world’s biggest maker of coal? 

(a) Russia (b) China
(c) Pakistan (d) U S.A

5. Who was Boris Yelts1n? 

(a) President of Russia
(b) President of Ukraine
(c) President of Belarus
(d) President of Estonia

6. The capital of Chechnya is: 

(a) Colombo (b) Islamabad
(c) Washington (d) Grozny

7 Chandra Gupta was additionally called 

(a) Gupta Empire (b) Mauryan Empire
(c) Chandra Empire (d) Ashoka Empire

8. ‘Naxalite’ development is a master socialism development began in· 

(a) India (b) Nepal
(c) Bhutan (d) Sri Lanka

9. First Ghazawa (Battle) occurred among Muslims and Kuffar IS 

(a) Abawa (b) Badr
(c) Khundaq (d) Tabook

10. How numerous mosques are referenced in the Our’an? 

(a) 3    (b) 4
(c) 10 (d) 15

11. Whatis implied by “Underskirt Govemmenr? 

(a) A government is oust
(b) A government runs by a lady
(c) A government without real power
(d) A government runs by some medieval master

12. Schwab Klaus was the organizer of: 

(a) Red Cross
(b) Amnesty International
(c) World Economic Forum
(d) Human nghts Watch

13. “IBM” is a PC organization of 

(a) France (b) Japan
(c)    USA        (d) Ch1na

14. Doctrine of Lapse is related with 

(a) Lord Dalhousie (b) Lord Cornwallis
(c) Lord Rippon (d) None of these

15. Toot oil and flammable gas field is found m: 

(a) Punjab (b) Sindh
(c) NWFP (d) Balochistan

16. Fear of outsiders is known as: 

(a) Xenophobia (b) Monophobia
(c) Photophobia    (d) None of the abovementioned

17. When was the main Woman Bank set up in Pakistan? 

(a) Dec 1, 1988 (b) Dec 1, 1989
(c) Dec 1. 1973     (d) August 14. 1948

18. The Lodhi line was built up by 

(a) Sikandar Lodhl (b) Bahlol Lodhl
(c)   Ibrahim Lodhi         (d) None of these

19 What is the estimated length of the Great Wall of Chma? 

(a) 2000 km (b) 2500 km
(c) 3000 km (d) 3460 km

20. Total quality of individuals In the National Secunty Council of Pakistan is 

(a) Ten         (b) Eleven
(c) Th1rteen (d) Fourteen

21.  Why Aberdeen city of England IS a significant city? 

(a) Industrial city
(b) Seaport
(c) Famous as Granite City
(d) All of them

22. Dome of Rock Is situated In 

(a) Jerus alem (b) lebanon
(c) Jordan         (d) Iraq

23. Bhutan is topographically called as: 

(a) land of rivers
(b) place where there is pagoda
(c) land of the flying fish
(d) land of jolt

24. Which of coming up next Is the most spoken language on the planet? 

(a) Chinese (b) English
(c) French (d) Spanish

25. Who painted Mona liza? 

(a) eonardo da Vinci
(b) Michelangelo
(c) Pablo Picasso
(d) Vincent Van Gogh

26. A spot where government records are kept Is called 

(a) Headquarter
(c) Archives
(b) Aquarium
(d) Chalet

27.  A dread of statures 1s known as. 

(a) Agoraphobia (b) Acrophobia
(c) Xenophobt a (d) Height phobta

28. Who was Tran Due Luong? 

(a) President of laos
(b) President of Vietnam
(c) President of Cambodia
(d) President of Thailand

29. Which nver crosses the Equator twice? 

(a) Amazon R1ver         (b) Congo River
(c) Nile River           (d) Indus River

30. Vitamins were found by 

(a) Moseley         (b) Chadwick
(c) Frank Whittle (d) Funk

31  Winiam Shakespeare IS the best Playwright in European writing. In which class his plays fall? 

(a) Comedies (b) Tragedies
(c) History         (d) All of these

32. Which of pursue ing waterway joins the red ocean and Persian Gulf? 

(a) Bering Strait
(b) Bab-ui-Mandab Strait
(c) Bosphorous Strait
(d) Davis Stra1t

33. Who was Walter Ulbricht? 

(a) President of Switzerland
(b) President of West Germany
(c) President of East Germany
(d) President of Austria

34. Symbol of which of coming up next is ‘White Flag’? 

(a) Friendship (b) Peace
(c)   Truce               (d) War

35. Tugela water fall is available in: 

(a) Venezuela (b) South Africa
(c) Canada         (d) USA

36. Wh1ch nation endured the maximumin World War II? 

(a) France
(b) Germany
(c) Japan
(d) Russia

37. Which of the accompanying nations is known as the place that is known for Midnight Sun? 

(a) Belgium     (b) Holland
(c) Norway         (d) Sweden

38. He is totally included issues his family Affairs.

(a)    In          (b)     on
(c) with       (d) over

39. Name the individual who displayed ‘Chenab Formula’to resolve the Kashmir question 

(a) Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan
(b) Ali Shah Gllani
(c)    Barrister Sultan Mahmood
(d)    None of the abovementioned

40. When Pakistan won the Cricket World Cup? 

(a) 1992      (b) 1996
(c) 1999      (d) 2003

41. Name the lord who tumbled from the pony while play1ng Polo and kicked the bucket. 

(a) Akbar
(b) Muhammad Ghorl
(c) Zaheer-ud-Din Babar
(d) Qutbuddln Aibak

42. Iam indebted you for this benevolent support 

(a) with        (b) for
(c)    to        (d) in

43. You ought not enjoy __ inactive talks. 

(a) on         (b) over
(c)   about     (d) In

44 .  Substances wh1ch cut down the internal heat level are known as? 

(a) Antipyretics (b) Analgesics
(c) AntibiotiCS (d) Formalin

45. Whtch of coming up next is known as the investigation of nourishment? 

(a) bryology
(c)   bromatology
(b) brontology
(d)   none of these

46. What is the importance of Imperceptible: 

(a) subtle (b) self-evident
(c)    mean     (d) humble

47. What is the importance of Infringe: 

(a) conserve (b) damage
(c) instill (d) occupy

48. What is the importance of Jeer. 

(a) scoff (b) unselfishness
(c) applaud (d) maintain a strategic distance from

49. Two progressive limits of 20% and 20% are proportional to a solitary rebate of 

(a) 42% (b). 36%
(c) 40% (d) 34%

50. The percentage of 210 in 420 is?

(a)  27 (b)  28
(c)  29 (d)  50

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