PPSC FPSC Test General Knowledge 2019 MCQs With Full Book Download in PDF

PPSC FPSC Test General Knowledge

PPSC FPSC Test General Knowledge 2019 MCQs With Full Book Download in PDF

1.  The Great  Spot – a cloud of methane as big as the Earth itself can be found on planet?

(a)   Saturn     (b)   Jupiter
(c)   Neptune  (d)   Mercury

2.  The four planets closer to the Sun ate called

(a)  Gaseous planets (b)   Asteroid planets
(c)   Blue planets (d)   Rocky planets

3.  Venus, Earth and Mars are called

(a)   Gaseous planets        (b)   Asteroid planets
(c)   Terrestrial planets    (d)   Blue planets

4.  Jupiter,   Saturn,   Uranus   and   Neptune   are called the

(a)   Asteroid planets (b)   Blue planets
(c)   Rocky planets      (d)   Gaseous planets

5.  carbon dioxide with 95%?

(a)   Earth (b)   Jupiter
(c)   Venus (d)   Mercury

6.  The heaviest mass revolving round the Sun IS

(a)   Moon (b)  Jupiter
(c)   Neptune (d)   Pluto

7.  Which  country   field  a  lawsuit  against  US sanctions inter court?

(A) Afghanistan (B)  Iran
(C)  India (D) China

8.  What  temperature  can  the center  of  Earth’ score reach up to?

(a)   Altair (b)  Denim
(c)   Sirius (d)   Sun

9.  The rising of the evening star indicates the

(a)    South Pole (b)   North Pole
(c) East (d)    West

Harvard USA

10.  Which one  from  the  following will freeze  in last?

(A)  Sea Water          (B)  Cannal Water
(C)  River Water (D)  None of these

11.  Which   Is   the   continuously   world’s   oldest demooacy?

(a)   UK (b)   San Marino
(c)   Iceland (d)  Greece

12.  The oldest written cons Htution of government In effect lain what counl

(a)   USA               (b)  Sweden
(c)   UK (d)  Greece

13. Which country was the first to make seat belts composion)’ for journey?

(a)   Czechoslovakia (b)  China
(c)   Greece (d)  France

14.  In which  country were modem banknotes first used?

(a)   Italy (b)   Sweden
(c)   Germany (d)  France

15.   What company pioneered noppy discs?

(a)   IBM (b)   Dell
(c)   Compaq (d)   Apple

16.  Which from the following is not a conductor?

(A) Aluminium (B)   Silicon
(C)  Both a & b (D)  None of these

17.  What country declared Itself first atheist state In 19677

(a)   Albania (b)  France
(c)   Turkey (d)  Russia

18.  What county first used

(a)   China (b) India
(c)   Greece (d)    Syria

19.  Zakat Ration on wealth is·

(A) 3.5 (B) 2.5
(C) 4.5 (D) 1.5

20.  ‘Milch coun has longest coastal line?

(a)   China (b)   Auab’alla
(c)   canada (d)     USA

21.  Name ‘”e Country shares 16 bordera with other states·

(a)   China (b)   Russia
(c)    India (d)   Pakistan

22.  In which country was the first oil-welt drilled In 1859

(a)   Saudi Arabia (b)    USA
(c)   Russia (d)  Venezuela

23.  Which type of atom Is the most severe storm?

(a)   Hurricane (b)  Tornado
(c)   Typhoon (d)  None of these

24.  The Elffel Tower is located in

(a)   Germany (b)   France
(c)   Italy (d)  Australia

25.  The   ‘Stonehenge’   is  among   the   Seven Wonders of the World situated in

(a)   England (b)  France
(c)   Italy  (d)   Germany

26.  World Tourism Day is celebrated on:
(a)   15th November (b)   5th November
(c)   27th September (d)  11th September

27.    The Taj Mahal is located in

(a)   Agra     (b)   Dehli
(c)   Calcutta (d)  Umarkot

28.   Pisa Tower is located in

(a)   Germany (b)   Italy
(c)   France (d)   Pans

29.  The pharaohs of Alexander is located in

(a)   Germany (b)    Italy
(c)   France (d)   Egypt

30.  Hartong Garden is located in

(a)  Egypt (b)   Iraq
(c)  Germany (d)   Iran

31.   The Great Wall of to the greatest wan of the world.

(a)   Newton (b)  Gustav Cassel
(c)   Moms Eiffel (d)  Gustav Eiffel

32.  Red Square is·located in which country?

(a)   Athens  Greece (b)  Istanbul, Turkey
(c)   Moscow, Russia (d)   Paris, France

33.  Where is Statue of liberty Situated?

(a)   New York, USA (b)  Istanbul, Turkey
(c)   Moscow, Russia (d)    Paris, France


34.  Which nation assembled the Magnet Line during World War II?

(a)  Italy (b) Germany
(c)  France (d) Netherlands

35.  Which of coming up next is the Polish-Russian wilderness arrangement in 1945?

(a)   Hindenburg Line (b) Curzon Line
(c)   Green Line (d) Plim Soli Line

36.  An immediate space satellites telephonic line called Hot Line was at first settled (set up in 1893) between

(a)  Germany and USA (b) USA and Russia
(b)  USA and France (d) USA and UK

37.   Nonexistent line broadening north and south through Pacific Ocean is called

(a)     International Date Line
(b)     International Hot Line
(c) International Green Une
(d)    Universal Working Line

38. French line of fortress worked in 1934,along the German fringe from Switzerland to Belgium was called

(a)   Hindenburg Line (b) Hot Line
(c)   Maginot Line       (d) None of them

39.  Which are the limit lines between India and Pakistan?

(a)    Writing limit
(b) UNE of control
(c) 24 parallel line
(d)   All of the above mentioned

40.  The International Date Line goes through:

(a)   Atiantic Ocean (b) Pacific Ocean
(c)   Indian Ocean (d) Arctic Ocean

41.  Britain and France and partitioned by the normal limit of:

(a) English Channel (b) Tho Alpa
(c) Thames River            (d) River Seine

42.  49th Parallel Line is a limit line arranged between

(a)   Germany and USA
(b)   Pakistan and India
(c)   USA and Canada
(d)   Pakistan and Afghanistan

43.  Limit line among India and China is called

(a)  Radcliffe Line    (b) Green Line
(c)  Control line       (d) McMahan Line

44.  International food day is date?
(a)   5th October (b)   10th October (c)   8th October (d)   16th October
45.  Second World War is observed every year on what date?
(a)  5 and 6 May (b)  7 and 8 May

(c)  2 and 3 May (d)  8 and 9 May

46.  International women day is celebrated on?
(a)   18th March (b)   28th March
(c)   08th March (d)   16th March
47.  The World consumer day is observed on?
20th December (b)   15th March
(c)   28th December (d)   11th December
48.   Internationally 5th October Is celebrated as?
(a)   Children day (b)   Education day
(c)   Teachers day (d)   Aids day
49.  International day for water is celebrated on:
(a)   15th March (b)   20th March
(c)   18th March (d)   22nd March
50.  International  day against drug abuse IS observed on what date?
(a)   16th June    (b)   6th June
(c)   26th June (d)    14th June

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