Olympics Games PPSC Test 2019 MCQs With Full Book Download in PDF

Olympics Games PPSC

Olympics Games PPSC Test 2019 MCQs With Full Book Download in PDF

1.  2016 Summer Paralympics are

(a)  XIII Paralympics Games
(b)  XIV Paralympics Games
(c)  XV Paralympics Games
(d)  XVI Paralympics Games

2.  Total Events in 2016 Summer Paralympics are

(a)    521 (b)    522

(d)   546        (c)    526

3.  Total  nations  participating  in  2016  Summer Olympics are approximately:

(a)   More than 176 expected
(b)   More than 205 expected
(c)   More than 225 expected
(d)   More than 235 expected
4.  Total Events in 2016 Summer Olympics are:  

(a)   206 in 26 sports (b)  276 in 30 sports  
(c)    306 in 28 sports (d)    346 in 26 sports

5.  Opening ceremony Paralympics held on

(a)    5th September 2016
(b)   6th September 2016
(c)   7th September 2016
(d)   8th September 2016

6.  Closing ceremony of 2016 Summer Paralympics be held on

(a)   16th September 2016
(b)   17th September 2016
(c)   18th September 2016
(d)   19th September 2016

7.  Military Plane crashed in 2018:

(A)  Algezria    (B)  Nigeria
(C) Africa (D)  None of these

8.  Female Deputy Governer of Kabul capital:

(A)   Malalai Joya
(B)   Fawzia Koofi
(C)   Habiba Sarabi
(D)  Munira Yousaf Zai

9.  Closing ceremony  of  2016  Summer Olympics was held on

(a)   1 1st August 2016 (b)    21st August 2016
(c)    30th August 2016 (d)     25th August 2016

10.  2016 Summer Olympics are

(a)   21st Summer Olympics
(b)   31st Summer Olympics
(c)   34th Summer Olympics
(d)   32nd Summer Olympics

11.  Olympic drug testing role in March 2016?

(a)   United Kingdom        (b)    Russia
(c)   United States             (d)   Australia

12.  Olympic flame for Rio Games is fit where?

(a)   Greece                       (b)    Brazil
(c)    UK                            (d)    US

13.  Pakistan are taking part In Rio Olympic 2016?

(a)    Ave athletes (b)   Seven athletes
(c)    Nine Athletes (d)   Thirteen athletes

14.  Which  country  got  maximum  gold  medals  In 2016 Summer Olympics?

(a)   United States            (b)   China
(c)   Great Britain            (d)   Germany

15.  2016 Winter Youth Olympics was held In

(a) USA (b)     Sweden

(c)    Finland (d)    Norway

16.  Athetes  participating  in  2016  Winner  Youth Olympics are:

(a)    approx  1000 (b)   approx 1100
(c)    approx .1300 (d)    approx 1400

17.  Total events  in 2016 Winter  Youth  Olympics are:

(a)    50 (b)   60
(c)    70 (d)    80

18.  Opening   ceremony   of   2016   Winter   Youth Olympics was held on:

(a)   12th February 2016    (b)    14th February 2016
(b)   16th February 2016   (d)  15th February 2016

19.  Closing   ceremony   of   2016   Winter   Youth Olympics was held on

(a)    19th February 2016    (b)    20th February 2016
(c)    21st February 2016    (d)    24th February 2016

20.  Or Arif Alvi is a by profession?

(a)    Radiologist
(b)   Orthopedic  surgeons
(c)   Cardiologist
(d)   Dentist

21.  Which  country  was  lop  according  to  medal table?

(a)    UK (b)  Germany
(c)    Canada (d)   United States

22.  Which  country  was  got  second  position  in games?

(a)   Norway (b)  Germany
(c)  Canada (d)    United States

23.  2020 Summer Olympics will be:

(a)     21st Summer Olympics
(b)     31st Summer Olympics
(c)     34th Summer Olympics
(d)     32nd Summer Olympics

24.  2020 Summer Olympics with be held in

(a)     Japan (b)    USA
(c)    Brazil (d)  China

25.  What  Is the  name  of  the  host  city  of  2020 Summer Olympics?

(a)    Tokyo (b)    london
(c)    Rio de Janeiro (d) California

26.  The games were held from

(a)   21 February to 19 March 2018
(b)   22 February to 25 February 2018
(c)   14 February to 2 February 2018
(d)   10 February to 29 February 2018

27.  The games are planned to be held from

(a)   29 July to 19 August 2020
(b)   24 July 10 August 2020
(c)   14 July to 2 August 2020
(d)   30 July to 29 August 2020

28.  2024 Summer Olympics will be held in

(a)    Japan (b)    USA
(c)    Paris France (d)   China

29.  2028 Summer Olympics will be held in

(a)     Japan (b)   USA
(c)    Paris France (d)   China


30.  Pakistan-China economic Corridor is a proposal to create an Economic Corridor from Gwadar  in  Baluchistan  to         in  the Western Chinese province or Stnkiang

(a)    Beijing (b)   Sinkiang
(c)    Kashgar (d)   Shanghai

31.  Or Arif Alvi becomes Pakistan’s 13th president by securing votes?

(a)   283 (b)   352
(c)   363 (d)   393

32.  When China and Pakistan signed an agreement on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) plan?

(a)   21 April 2015 (b)   23 April 2015
(c)   27 April 2015 (d)    29 April 20 5

33.  The economic corridor is considered central to ChUla-Pakistan relations and Will run from Gwadar to Kashgar with length of

(a)   2,700 km (b)   3,800 km
(c)   3,800 km (d)    3,000 km

34.  Under Pak China Economic Corridor, a high· speed railway track will be laid at a cost of 2.8 billion dollars from Peshawar to

(a)     lahore (b)    Karachi
(c)    Gwadar (d)   Kashgar

35.  which is to be operational by December 201n

(a)    $130 million (b)   $230 mtllion
(c)    $330 million (d)   $430 million

36.  Which dty of Pakistan ts the crux of the CPEC project, as it 1s envisaged to be the fink between China’s ambitious  One  Bet  One Road project, and its  Maintain Silk Road project?

(a)    Islamabad (b)    lahore
(c)   Gwadar (d)   Karachi

37.  What is the total length of Western Route (Route-1 via Quetta) of the China Pak1stan Economic Corridor?

(a)    2674 Km (b)    2756 km
(c)    2781 km (d)    2956 Km

38.  What Is the total length of Ceotral Route (Route-2 Via Indus Highway) of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor?

(a)   2674 Km (b)     2756 km
(c)   2781 km (d)   2956 Km

39.  What is the total length of Eastern Route (Route-2 via Motorway) of lhe China Pakistan Economic Corridor?

(a)    2674 Km (b)     2756 km
(c)    2781 km (d)   2956 Km

40.  Who current China’s ambassador to Pakistan?

(a)  Yu-Fei Marine (b)    Yao Jlng
(b)  Zhang Baozhong (d)    Zhang Yao Wan


41. Current General Elections of 2018 were:

(a)  10th General Elections
(b)  11th General Elections
(c)  14th General Elections
(d)  15th General Elections

42.  Curr.ent National Assembly of Pakistan is:

(a)  11th National Assembly
(b)  12th National Assembly
(c)  13th National Assembly
(d)  15th National Assembly

43.  On  which .date  National  voters  day  Is  being cele rated In Pakistan every year?

(a)   14th, higust (b) 23rd March
(c)   17.th October (d)   15 September

44.  Which Is the world’s second largest Muslim democracy  after lndonesia

(a)   Pakistan (b)   Bangladesh
(c)   Malaysia (d)  Turkey

45.  Which political party is the largest party as number of seats In National Assembly?

(a)   Pakistan Muslim league (N)
(b)   Pakistan People’s Party
(c)   Pakistan Tehreek-e-lnsaf
(d)   Muttahida Qaumi Movement

46.  Which Political party leads in Punjab Provincial Assembly in General election 2018?

(a)   (Pakistan Muslim league N)
(b)   (Pakistan People’s Party)
(c)   (Pakistan Tehreek-e-lnsaf)
(d)   (Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party )

47.  Which  Political party leads in Sindh Provincial Assembly in General election 2018?

(a)   (Pakistan Muslim league N)
(b)   (Pakistan People’s Party)
(c)   (Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf)
(d)  (Pakhtun khwa Milli Awami Party)

48.  Which  Political  party  leads   in   Baluchistan Provincial Assembly in General election 2018?

(a)   PML-N (Pakistan Muslim league N)
(b)   PPP (Pakistan People’s Party)
(c)   PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-lnsaf)
(d)   SAP (Balochistan Awami Party)

49.  Approximately how many voters out of the total population are included in the electoral role to 93st vote in general elections 2018?

(a)    102 millions (b)    104 millions
(c)    106 millions (d)    109 millions

50.  Presidential elections in Pakistan were held on
(a)   211 September 2018
(b)   411 September  2018
(c)   511 September 2018
(d)   611 September 2018

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