Chemistry Subject 2019 PPSC Test With Full Book Download in PDF

Chemistry Subject 2019 PPSC

Chemistry Subject 2019 PPSC Test With Full Book Download in PDF


1.  The  atoms  of an  element  whic    have  s me atomic number but different atomic masses are called:

(a) Mole (b)   Molecule
(b) Isotopes (d)   A vagadro

2.   determined  atomic  masses of elements for the first time:

(a)   J. Berzelius (b)    J.J. Thomson
(c)   John Dalton            (d)    Democntus

3.  One mole of Sl2 contain oxygen atom:

(a)   6.02 x 1023     (b)   12.04 x1Q23
(c)   1 mole (d)   3 mole

4.  Formula mass of Mg So. is g/mole:

(a)   150 (b)   120
(c)   130 (d)   140

5.  CNG stands for:

(A) Compound Natural Gas
(B) Complete Natural Gas
(C) Compressed-Natural Gas
(D) None of these

6. Which  of  the  following  compound  has  the highest % age of oxygen by weight

(a)   CH3- OH (b)   C2Hs- OH
(c)   HCO OH     (d) H20

7. Energy is released during a reaction is called:

(a)   Exothermic reaction
(b)   Endothermic reaction
(c)   A free radical reaction
(d)   A bond breaking reaction

8.  Cr2 Or2 is called:

(a)   Double salt (b)   A complex salt
(c)   A complex anion (d)   A carbonation

9.  X-ray  work  has shown  that  the  diameter  of atoms are of the order of

(a)  8x1G-‘ m (b)   2xH)·’Om
(c)  8x1G-‘m      (d)   2×1 m

10.  Relative atomic  mass of an element is the mass of an element relative to:

(a)   mass of carbon
(b)   1/12 mass of carbon
(c)   1mass of hydrogen atom
(d)   1/16 mass of oxygen

11.  At room temperature bromine is:

(a)  pale yellow gas
(b)  greenish yellow gas
(c)  red-brown liquid
(d)  shiny grayish black solid

12. At room temperature iodine is

(a)  pale yellow gas
(b)  greenish yellow gas
(c)  red-brown liquid
(d)  shiny grayish black solid

13.  A molecule of hemoglobin have atoms nearly:

(a)  10000 atoms (b)   50000 atoms
(c)   21500 atoms (d)   11500 atoms

14.  The molecular mass of hemoglobin is greater than to mass of one hydrogen is:-

(a)  60000 (b) 55000
(c)   67000 (d)  68000

15.  The   relationship   between   reactants   and production an equation is called

(a)  Stoichiometry (b)   Reversibility
(c)  Umiting reagent (d)  All of the above

16. The number of males or C02 which contain 8.0 9 of oxygen:

(a)   0.25    (b)  0.5
(c)   1.0       (d)    150

17.  The   percentage   of   which   element   in  the organic   compound   is   determined    by   the difference  method.

(a)   Carbon                    (b)   Hydrogen
(c)   Cholorine (d)   Oxygen

18.   largest number of molecules are present in:
(a)   3.6 g of H2 0 (b) 4.8 g of Hs OH
(c)   2.8 g of CO (d)   54 g of N2 Os
19.  Ctr1 + S used in Microsoft word is to

(A) Save a document
(B) Delete the Document
(C) Add the Document
(D) None of these

20.   crn3 of Cugas at S.T.P. has molecules:
(a)   6.02 x  021         (b)  1.003x 1023
(c)   27x 1()20 (d)    4.0 Ix 1023
21.  4.6 grams of C2 Hs OH and 6 grams of C2 H6 have:
(a)    Equal number of molecules
(b)   C2Hs OH has greater number of molecules
(c)   C2He has greater number of molecules
(d)   C2Hs has less mass of carbon
22.  A beaker contains 9 grams of water calculate. The number of H-atoms :
(a)   6.02 X 1023 (b)    3.01 X 1023
(c)   6.02 X 1024 (d)    6.02 X 101
23.  Which of the following compounds contains the hilhest percentage by mass of nitrogen?

(a)    ammonia, NH2
(b)    ammonium carbonate,NH2 C02 NH• 
(c)    ammonium carbonate, (NH4)2 C03
(d) hydrazine, N2 H•
24.  Which one of the following compounds does not have the empirical formula CH2 0?
(a)    ethanoic acid, CHJ C02 H 
(b)    ethanol,CHJ CH2 OH
(c) glucose,Ce H12 06
(d)    methanol, HCHO
25.  How many moles of hydrogen atoms  3.2 g of methane,CH•  contain?
(a)   0.02 (b)   0.2
(c)   0.4 (d)   0.8
26.  A  balloon  contains  0.02  gram  of  H2 gas,  it contains H2 molecules
(a)   6.02 X 1()23 (b)  3.61X 1024
(c)   6.02x 1021 (d)   3.01x 1021
27.  One mole of C2 Hs OH contains the number of H-atoms:
(a)   6.02 X 1023         (b)   3.61 X 1()24
(c)    1.81 X 1024 (d)    6.02 X 1()24
28.  When 0 1 g of magnesium is treated with an excess of hydrochloric acid, what volume of gas at room temperature and pressure will be produced?
(a)   10 cm3 (b)  50 cm3
(c)   85 cm3    (d)  100 cm3
29.  When  one  mole of  each  of the  following  is completely burned in oxygen, which gives the largest mass of carbon dioxide?
(a)   carbon oxide (b)   diamond
(c)   ethane                    (d)    methane 
30.  Glycol is added to aviation gasoline because it
(a)    prevents freezing of petrol
(b)    reduces consumption of petrol
(c)    reduces evaporation of petrol
(d)    increase efficiency of petrol
31.  Which  of  the  following  solution  is  used  in photography?
(a)   Sodium thiosulfate
(b)   Sodium silver
(c)   Silver bromide
(d)   Silver salt
32.  Which  one of  the  follow1ng  is used as a moderator in a nuclear reactor?
(a)   Radium (b)  Ordinary water
(c)   Thorium (d)   Heavy water
33.  Which of the following hemicals 1s used for fruit ripening?
(a)   Calctum carbide (b)   Sodium chloride
(c)   Potassium chloride             (d)   None of these 
34.  Which one or the following is an air pollutant gas and is released by burning of fossil fuel?
(a)   Nitrogen (b)   Hydrogen
(c)   OXygen          (d)   Sulphur dioxide
35.  Who is credited with the discovery of nylon?
(a)   Frederick Banting   (b)   Jonas Salk
(c)   Wallace Garothers  (d)   L1nus Pauling 
36.  What is the mam constituent of a Pear1?
(a)   Calcium carbonate only
(b)   Calcium sulphate only
(c)   Calcium oxide and calcium sulphate
(d)   Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate
37.  Contact lenses are made from
(a)   Polyvinyl chloride    (b)   Teflon
(c)   polystyrene (d)    Lucile
38.  origin of lines in H2 spectrum all of these In the ground state of an atom, the electron is
(a)    in the nucleus in the second shell
(b)   Stark effect
(c)   nearest to the nucleus
(d)   farthest from the nucleus
39.  When  3p orbital  is complete,  the entering electron goes into:
(a)   4s (b)   3d
(c)   6d          (d)   Ss
40.  In order to determine  the position of electron the radiation used 1s:
(a)   visible hght
(b)   infrared radiations
(c)   x-rays
(d)  ultraVIolet radiabons
41.  The relation llx. 6p = h/2r is called uncertainty principle the value of A:t. sigmfies:
(a)   change in momentum 
(b)   change in position
(c) wave lengU1 of x-rays
(d)   waveten9 th of visible light
42. (Diammonium hydrogen phosphate) contains plant nutrients.

60% (b)   65%
70% (d)   75%

43. each of the potassium friizers are more useful for horticultural crops tobacco & potatoes?

(a)   KCI         (b)  KN03
(c) KzSO. (d)   KMno.

44. lch one of the following  statement is correct for urea?

(a)   it Is a synthetic fertilizer
(b)   it Is a natural fertilizer
(c)   it rovides micronutrients to the plants
(d)   It ts an inorganic water soluble compound

45.  percentage of nitrogen in urea is

(a)  36%     (b)  46%
(c)  56%     (d)   66%

46. cement is a mixture of

(a) clay and clinker
(b) clay lime stone and gypsum
(c) lime stone and gypsum
(d)   lime stone and clay

47. What is clinker?

(a)   roasted calcareous material
(b)   roasted argillaceous material
(c) roasted calcareous and argillaceous material
(d)   roasted gypsum

48. Which one of the following set of raw material is most suitable for manufacture of ureal

(a) CH• N2 and Ch
(b)   H2 N2 and CO
(c) Hz COz and H20
(d) H20 Nz and Hz

49. The film forming components of paints are

(a) Resins (b)   Thinners
(c)   Pigments (d)    Driers

50. Ceramics Industry deals with the production of
(a) Cement (b)   Glass
(c) Paper (d)   Pottery

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