PPSC Tehsildar Test Preparation MCQs Full Book Download in PDF 

PPSC Tehsildar Test Preparation MCQs Full Book Download in PDF 

PPSC Tehsildar Test Preparation MCQs Full Book Download in PDF

A PPSC Tehsildar is a petty officer who supervises the duties and responsibilities of a junior officer. The Tehsildar has to ensure that the junior officer or an ensign cop understands the basic rules of the regiment, ensures that discipline is administered impartially and performs other duties as required.


In the absence of a Tehsildar, the junior officers and ensigns have to perform their duties without any guidance. There are certain commands, which have to be clearly understood by the Tehsildar. He can issue a SIA to the concerned person or he can take over the responsibility by commanding his subordinates.


The duties of a PPSC Tehsildar includes supervising the personal aspects of the trainee and directing him/her. He is also expected to handle disciplinary matters and ensure that the rules and regulations are being obeyed. The PPSC Tehsildar performs the role of an interrupter in case there are disciplinary problems arising out of some flimsy or misguided training. His role is comparable to that of a supervisory authority who provides sanction for the proper execution of the rules.


The PPSC Tehsildar gives instructions to the first team of officials who are present at the training site to ensure that all the trainees understand the mission, instructions, details of the training and finally the goals and objectives. He acts as the connection between the first team and the management of the camp.

By giving clear instructions, he would keep the second team from getting confused and also guide them towards the training objective successfully. For this purpose, the PPSC Tehsildar is expecting to have thorough knowledge of the functioning of the camp and its rules and regulations.


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The PPSC Tehsildar usually attends the training program with the first team and supervises the entire process. It is his duty to oversee the entire operation of the camp under his overall supervision. Besides this, he is also expected to play an important role in providing solutions for the training process. As a leader he would have to create awareness among the participants in the camp to abide by the rules, regulation and standards which are prescribed during the training period.


The PPSC Tehsildar ensures that the standards of discipline are strictly observed during the training session. By seeing to it that the standards are met, he gives clear instructions to the participants about how to behave properly during the sessions. A failure to follow the standards might lead to serious problems, which may result in severe penalties. The PPSC Tehsildar is the high authority whom the concerned official has to report to in case there is any complaint or violation of the camp policy.


When we talk of a PPSC Tehsildar, one can picture him as the military colonels. He is the one who would impose discipline over the subordinates and he is the head of every division. The head of the PPSC Tehsildar would have to know all the details regarding the conduct of the training program. This is necessary since the training will be for a limited period and it would be very difficult for a person to remember all the points which are discussed during the course of the training.


There are some instances where the PPSC Tehsildar is also expected to act as the disciplinarian. The duty of this person is to remind the participant of the rules that have been imposed during the training. The PPSC Tehsildar will also be responsible for taking action against those who do not adhere to the set rules.


If any person violates the set rules, then he should be told in a very strong manner. In case there is any fight between the trainees, then the Tehsildar must take control of the situation.Another important function of the PPSC Tehsildar is to prepare the training schedule for the upcoming training sessions. He prepares this schedule after studying the records of the past participants of the PPSC Tehsildar.


He analyzes the performance of each person and accordingly decides on the number of days or hours of training to be given to the trainee. The PPSC Tehsildar also prepares the PPSC test which is a very crucial test which is taken by each candidate before being issued with a PPSC degree.


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