Pakistan Study History PPSC Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

Pakistan Study History PPSC

Pakistan Study History PPSC Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

1.  In a regular hexagram, the sum of the interior angles is:

(A)  360°        (B) 540°
(C) 720° (D) 180°

2.  The densest substance on the earth is:

(A) Platinum     (B)  Copper
(C) Osmium      (D) None of these

3.  MoenJodaro means·

(a)   Civilized City
(b)   Beautiful Gardens
(c)   Mound of the Dead
(d)   Civilization

4.  The  Indus clvilization  flourished  at  Harappa and other sites as early as:

(a)   2500 BC (b)   2200 BC
(c)   2400 BC (d)   2600 BC

5.  Great Virtue means:

(A) Self-love (B)  Justice
(C)  Social Thinking   (D)  None of these

6.  Ghazwa e Badar occurred in which Hijri year?

(A) 2 AH (B) 3 AH
(C) 5 AH (D) None of these

7.  The Harappa is located near the:

(a)   Pakpattan (b)   Sahlwal
(c)   Okara (d)   Pattokt

8.  Neelum never is the tributary of which river?

(A) Chenab River (B) Sutlaj River
(C) River Bias (D)  Jehlam

9.  14 Who promoted  Buddhism  and built  Buddhtst shrines in sub continent?

(a)    Ashoka (b)   Saka
(c)   Chandragupta (d)   Maurya

10.  Chandra Gupta was also called

(a)   Gupta Empire (b)   Mauryan Emplr
(c)   Chandra Empire (d)   Ashoka Empire

11.  The first Muslim ln-1asion of India was led by:

(a)   Muhammad of Ghazni
(b)   Muhammad Ghori
(c)   Muhammad-bin-Qasim
(d)   None of these

12.  What  was   the  relabon  of  Mohammad  BinOasim with Hahaj bin Yousaf?

(a)   Nephew            (b)   Son m law
(c)   Both of these (d) None of these

13.  The Ceasefire hnein Kashmir was drawn in? 

(A)  1949          (B)  1951
(C)  1947 (D)  1948

14.  Whtch of the European  nations came first to South Asia as tnvader?

(a)    Portuguese (b)  Dutch
c)     English (d)  Greek

15.  The Delhi Sultanate virtually ended due to the invasion of:
(a)   Chenglz Khan         (b)   Baber
(c)   Nadir Shah              (d)   None of these
16.  The first Muslim Invasion of India was led by: 
(a)    Mahmud of Ghazn.
(b)    Muhammad Ghori
(c)    Muhammad-bin-Qaslm
(d)    None of these
17.  First voyage of Vasco da Gama to India (discovery of seas route to India via the Cape of Good Hope) was 1n
(a)   1456                      (b)   1476
(c)   1498                       (d)   1345

18.  The Prime Object of punishment is:

(A) Deterrence (B)  To Destroy
(C) To Hurt (D)  None of these

19.  What was the duration of Jahangir reign?
(a)   1605 to 1628 (b)    1€05 to 1629
(c)   1605 to 1630 (d)  1605 to 1630
20.  When & where was Shah Jahan born?
(a)    1519 Lahore (b)    1592 Lahore
(c)    1593 Delhi       (d)    1592 Delhi

21.  Devolut on  plan  was  presented  by  General Pervaiz Musharraf in the year?

(A)  1999 (B) 2002
(C) 2000         (D) 2001

22.  To crush Yousufzais, Aurangzeb planned grand campaign and ordered three divisions to attack the enemy • one from court, other from Attock and third from:
(a)   Kashmir      (b)   Peshawar
(c)   Kabul          (d)   Jhelum
23.  What was the duration of the reign of Mughal emperor,  Shah Jahan
(a)   1628-1661 (b)   1628-1660
(c)    1628-1658 (d)   1628-1659
24.  Shah Jahan was ousted by his son Aurangzeb Alamgir in;

(a) 1650          (b)    1658    
(c) 1670 (d)   1690  
25.  For how many years Shah Jahan remai under the captivity of his son Aurangzeb and dated in 1665?
(a)   4 months (b)   6 months
(c)   8 moths (d)   1 year
26.  169 The Peacock throne was made for
(a)   Jahangir           (b)   Akbar
(c)   Shahjahan (d)   Aurangzeb
27.  Who Is the founder of Mughal Empire?
(a)   Baber (b)   Akbar
(c)   Sher Shah (d)   Jahangir
28.  The Peacock throne was made for
(a)   Jahangir (b)   Akbar
(c)   Shah jahan (d)   Aurangzeb
29.  Which Mughal emperOf wrote a will and Instructed his sons. that they continue Asad Khan as the vazir?
(a)   Akbar (b)   Jahangir
(c)   Shah Jahan (d)   Aurangzeb
30.  Akbar divided his empire into  provinces
(a)   15 (b)  14
(c)   18 (d)  19
31.  Which  European  colonial  power  was  last to come to India?
(a)   France (b)  Denmark
(c)   Spain (d)   Netherlands
32.  The architect who designed the Taj Mahal was a/an-
(a)    Arab          (b)   Indian
(b)    Italian (d)   Iranian
33.  Portuguese East India Company was founded
(a)   1622 (b)   1624
(c)   1626 (d)   1628-
34.  French East India Company was founded 1n 
(a)   1662 (b)    1664
(c)   1668          (d)   1666
35.  Jahangir  sent a  letter  to James  through  Sir Thomas Roe and gave permission to
(a)   Build factories     (b)   Make army
(c)   Build schools (d)   None of these
36.  British  East  India  Company  was  built  first factory in
(a)   Sural (b)   Calcutta
(c)   Madras (d)   Bombay
37.  British  East  India  Company  was  built  first factory In Sural In
(a)   1610         (b)   1612
(c)   1614 (d)   1616
38.  Kingdom of Great Britain was created In 
(a)    1705 (b)    1707
(c)   1709 (d)   1703
39.  What age in Indian History is referred to as the ‘Golden Age’?
(a)   Ancient (b)   Maurya
(c)   Gupta (d)    Mughal
40.  Which   king  had  nine  •gems·  (that  IS,   very talented persons) in his court?
(a)   Aurangzeb        (b)   Akbar
(c)   Shah Jahan (d)   Humayun

41.  When Hunza fell to British?

(a)   1891            (b)   1591
(c)   1791            (d)   1391

42.  When the British government assume sovereignty over the lands of British East India Company?

(a)    1357        (d)  1857
(c)   1457         (b)   1557

43.  In  1860,  how  many  educational  Institutions were there In Calcutta for Muslims?

(a)   four (b)   three
(c)   two (d)   one

44.  From  which  year  to  1798   Sir  John  Shore remained the Governor General of India?

(a)   1793                      (b)   1792
(c)   1791                      (d)   1790
45.  Who first discovered the sea-route to the Sub­ continent?
(a)   Dutch            (b)   Portuguese
(c)   French (d)   English
46.  In whtch year Dutch formed the Umted East India Company of Netherlands 1n the Sub­ continent?
(a)   1601        (b)   1602
(c)   1603 (d)    1604
47.  When they  established French East India Company In the Sub-continent?
(a)   1664         (b)   1663
(c)   1662 (d)   1661
48.  In which year Shuja-ud-Din became the Nawab of Bengal and Onssa?
(a)   1727 (b)   1728
(c)   1729 (d)   1730
49.  How many years Tipu Sultan did rule?
(a)   18 years                   (b)   17 years
(c)   16 years                   (d)   15years
50.  Tipu Sultan was a warrior but could not achieve his ultimate ends due to the betrayal of his Generals When he was martyred?
(a)   5th May 1799          (b)   5th June 1799
(c)    5th July 1799          (d)   5th August 1799

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