(FBR) : FEDERAL BOARD OF REVENUE PPSC Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF



1. State Bank of Pakistan established in:

(A) 1 Dec, 1948        (B) 1 Jan, 1948
(C) 1 July, 1948 (D) None of these

2.  Sara is girl in our school.

(A) tall (B)  the taller
(C)  the tallest (D) None of these

3.  The ram continued for of the days when we were in Lahore.but fortunately there wasn’t damage 1n the city.

(A)  a few, many       (B)  several,a lot
(C)  most, much (D) None of these

4. There were people m the mall, so we weren’t completely alone.

(A) a few (B)  fewer
(C)    very little (D)  None of these

5. She   should better have   an   electrician —-..- that switches in the kitchen.

(A)  repair (B)  repaired
(C)  to repair (D) None of these

6. All studying until he all the exam topics.

(A)    did not stop, covered
(B) had not stop, cover
(C) stopped, covered
(D)    None of these

7. A biography contains information _ people.

(A) to       (B)  about
(C)    at (D)  None of these

8. Who   Is   the   captain  of   Pakistani  Women Cricket Team?

(A) Blsmah Maroof
(B) Sana M1r
(C) Nain Abdi
(D) Javeria Khan

9.  I am afraid 6f dogs, my sister lets her dog without a leash.

(A)    Since, never
(B) Though,however
(C) However, yet
(D)    None of these

10. He succeeded –….,…,.- working hard.

(A)   through (B)  by
(C)   for (D)  None of these

11. My sister can speak French, so we easily found the place we were searching for

(A) a few (B)  the little
(C) a little (D) None of these

12. Ilost the book which you me.

(A) give (B)  gave
(C) giv1ng (D)  None of these

13. She asked us–……,…..,. for her.

(A) to wait (B) waiting
(C) waited (D) None of these

14. Urdu is all over Pakistan.

(A) speak (B)  spoke
(C)  spoken (D)  None of these

15. Nothing had done by them.

(A) being       (B)  be
(C)  been (D)  None of these

16. Sara was born 1990  August 19.

(A) in, on (B) on, on
(C)  at, on (D)  None of these

17. Ilike-.,…..— books in the evening.

(A) reading (B) to read
(C)  read (D)  None of these

18. Ahmed’s family has a loss m business. The family financial problem now.

(A) is facing (B) faces
(C)  faced (D)  None of these

19.   0.777777 + 0.111 =

(A) 7.007       (B)  0.70707
(C)  77.07 (D)  None of these

20. The priet: of 2i dozens eggs is Rs. 75. The price of one egg is:

(A) Rs 25 (B) Rs. 0.25
(C) Rs. 2.50 (D) None of these

21. 5005 + 5000 + 10.00 =?

(A) 0.5 (B) 50
(C)  4505 (D)  None of these

22. If 16 machines do a piece of work in 4 days, then 8 machmes wtll do the same JOb tn:

(A) 2 days        (B)  8 days
(C)  4 days (D)  None of these

23. The outer diameter of metal pipe is 2.84 inch and the inner diameter Is 1.94 inches, the thickness of the metal is?

(A) 0.75      (B)  0.80
(C)  0.90 (D) 2.39

24.  If the sum of three numbers •s 93, then the average of the numbers is:

(A) 21 (B)  22
(C)  31 (D)  None of these

25. The average of the numbers 0 1, 0 21. 0 31, 0.41, 0.51 is.

(A)  0.210 (B)  0.201
(C)  0.308 (D) None of these

26. The H.C.F of 2923 and 3239 is:

(A) 37 ‘ (B) 47
(C)  79 (D)  None of these

27. International Human Rights Day is observed on:

(A) 2nd December (B)  10th December
(C)  22nd December    (D)  None of these

28. Where is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank headquarters located?

(A) New York,USA
(B) Beijing, China
(C) Geneva, Switzerland
(D) None of these

29. What is the name of Indonesian currency?

(A) Ringgtt     (B)  Dtrham
(C)  Rupiah (D) None of these

30. Who is current Iranian President?

(A) AhmadineJad
(B) Hassan Rohanl
(C) Muhammad Khatami
(D) None of these

31. Six party talk was to find peaceful solution to the security concems against:

(A) Iranian Nuclear Weapon program
(B) Pakistan Nuclear Weapon program
(C) North Korean Nuclear Weapon program
(D) None of these

32. US wtthdrew from Iran nuclear deal on:

(A)  8th May, 2018     (B)  15th May, 2018
(C)  21st May, 2018 (D)  None of these

33. Which country Is going to host SAFF (South Asian Football Federation) Championship in 2020?

(A)  India (B) Sri Lanka
(C)  Pakistan  (D) None of these

34. Russian President Vladimir Putin belongs to:

(A) Communist Party
(B) United Russia Party
(C) Liberal Democratic Party
(D) None of these

35. Who is current Chinese Foreign Minister?

(A) Wang Xi           (B) Yang Jiechi
(C)  Ll Zhnoxing (D)  None of these

36. Who is current Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Pakistan to the UN?

(A) Munir Akram (B)  Maleeha Lodhi
(C)  Hussain Haroon   (D)  None of these

37. Pakistani named among  powerful  people  in the world 2018 by Forbes Magazine is:

(A) lmran Khan
(B) General Qamar Bajwa
(C) Justice Saqib Nisar
(D) None of these

38. First nuclear power plant in Arab world, which was inaugurated in March, 2018 is located in:

(A) Saudi Arabia (B)  Qatar
(C)  UAE (D)  None of these

39. On which  date,  the  2018  International Anti­ Corruption Day was observed?

(A) December 10     (B)  December 9
 (C)  December 11 (D)  None of these

40. US, Mexico and _ sign USMCA to Replace NAFTA.

(A)  Denmark

(C)  Canada
(B)  China
(D)  None of these

41. The theme for the World AIDS day 2018 was:

(A) Know Your Status
(B) Zero Discriminate on
(C) Together we will end AIDS
(D) None of these

42. Who  Inaugurated  the  IDEAS   2018 (International Defence Exhibition  and Seminar) at Karachi Expo Center on 27th November 2018?

(A) PM lmran Khan
(B) President Dr.Ar lf Alvi
(C) COAS Qamar Javed BaJwa
(D) None of these

43. Recently Pakistan has been elected as a member for the council of  for a four-year term (2019·2022) after securing 155 out of 177 votes in November 2018.

(A) International Organization for Migration
(B) International Telecommunication Union
(C) International Centre for Migration Policy
(D) None of these

44. Who has been appointed as new Afghan envoy to Pakistan by Afghanistan  government?

(A) Mashal Khan
(B) Omar Zakhiiwal
(C) Nas1r Mehmood Khan
(D) None of these

45. Kartarpur Border is located in which District of Punjab, Pakistan?

(A)  Narowal
(C)  Sialkot
(B)  Lahore
(D)  None of these

46. In how many National and Provincial Constituencies by elections were held on 14th October 2018?

(A) 25 (B)  30
(C)  35      (D)  None of these

47. How many women candidates made it to the National Assembly through the direct General Elections 2018?

(A) 8 (B)  10
(C)  12 (D)  None of these

48. What was the Elections 2018?

(A) 49.5              (B)  55.8
(C)  56.2             (D)  None of these

49. The Range of Missile Hatf-7 is:

(A)  350-400 km (B)  350-500 km
(C)  350-700 km (D)  None of these

50. Who is the current Advisor to Prime Minister on Institutional Reforms and Austerity?

(A) Ch. Tariq Bashlr Cheema
(B)  Muhammad Shehzad Arbab
(C) Dr. lshrat Hussain
(D)  None of these

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