Important Questions for PPSC Test 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

Important Questions for PPSC

MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS for PPSC (All Questions taken from Previous PPSC Papers)

1.  After  Pakistan  China  Is  close  sign  on agreement on economic corridor with which country?

(A) Myanmar            (B) Lybiac. Sudan
(C)  Both a and b (D) None of these

2.  Pakistan  Air  Force  (PAF)  shot  down Indian jets on 27 Feb 2019?

(a)  1                        (b)  2
(c)  3                        (d)  4

3.  ‘Land of Rising Sun’ is the famous name of:

(a)   Norway (b)  Denmark
(c)   Japan (d)  Canada

4.  When white light passes through a prism, it sphts into how many colors?

(A) 5              (B)  6
(C) 7 (D)  8

5.  Pakistan plans to send first astronaut to space with the help of China in

(a)   2021 (b)   2020
(c)   2022 (d)   2025

6.  Who gave 111  time Idea floated in regarding establishment of National Security CounciL

(A) G Jhangir Karamat
(C) G.Z1a ul haq
(B) Vice Admiral Ahsan
(D) None of these

7.  Which of the following is the icy continent?

(a)   Greenland (b)    Antarctica
(c)   Australia (d)   None of these


8.  Which  of  the  following  is  the  lightest  gas? (PPSC 2011)
(a)   Nitrogen (b)   Hydrogen
(c)   Ammonia (d)   Carbon dioxide
9.  SIM stands for
(a)    Single in-line module
(b)    Subscriber identity module
(c)    Single in-line memory
(d)    Subscriber identification Model
10.  Which  is biggest bird in the world? (PPSC 2011)
(a)   Ostrich (b)    Kiwi
(c)   Eagle (d)   None of these
11.  Napoleon Bona parte was the king of (PPSC 2011)
(a)   France       (b)   Italy
(c)   Russia       (d)   Spain
12.  CPU Is the abbreVIation of: (PPSC 20· 7)
(a)    Central Programming Unit
(b)   Central Processing Unit
(c)   Central Power Unit
(d)   Computer Procession Unit

13.  For Which Dam USA has agreement with WAPDA for 8.5 billion dollars?

(A) Kurram Tangal Dam Project
(B) Mirani
(C) Kala Bagh
(D) Dia Mir

14. When the banks were nationalized in Pakistan? (PPSC 2015) (PPSC 2014)
(a)   1971 (b)   1972
(c)   1973 (d)   1974

15.  Chancellor Is the head of the state ln.

(a)    Germany (b)   Austria

(c)    Both or them (d)   Australia

16.  Diabetes is a disease of: (PPSC 2013)
(a)   Liver (b)  Pancreas
(c)   Kidney (d)   Lungs

17.  When   Pakistan  Introduced  National  Identity cards (NIC)? (PPSC 2014)

(a)   1971 (b)   1972
(c)   1973 (d)  1974

18.  Coldest place in Pakistan is:

(A) Ziarat (B) Murree
(C)  Hunza (D) Abbol1abad

19.  LIGO detected:

(A)  Gravitational waves
(B)  Longitudinal waves
(C) Transverse waves
(D) None of these

20.  Battle of Pallasy was fought between Siraj-ud· dohla and (PPSC 2013) (PPSC 2011)
(a)   Lord Clive (b)  Lord Canning
(c)   Warren Hasten (d)   Shah Alam
21.  Foundation of Muslim League was at (PPSC 2009)
(a)   India             (b)   Lahore
(c)   Dhaka           (c)  None of these
22.  First country who Issued currency notes In the world (PPSC 2013) (PPSC 2011)
(a)   Greece (b)    China
(c)   Italy (d)    Russia
23.  Babar’s tomb is situated in (PPSC 2013)
(a)    Agra (b)   Delhi
(c)   Kabul (d)   Lahore
24.  Who invented the paper? (PPSC 2013) (PPSC 2016)
(a)    Egyptians (b)   Spanish
(c)    French (d)   Chinese
25.  USA  consists  on  how  many  states?  (PPSC 2013) (PPSC 2011)
(a)   52       (b)   50
(c)   48 (d)   53

26.  The largest cell in the human body is

(a)   Nerve cell (b)  Muscle cell

(c)   Uver cell (d)   Kidney cell

27.  Lack of causes diabetes (PPSC 2013)

(a)    Sugar (b)   Insulin
(c)    Calcium (d)   Vitamins

28.  Prince Harry married to:

(A) Meghan David
(B) Gemma Artetton
(C) Meghan Markel
(D) None of these

29.  Braille  education  system  was  Introduced  by Braille for (PPSC 2013) (PPSC 2011)
(a)   Blinds (b)    Deaf
(c)   Dumb (d)  All of above
30.  ATM is an abbreviation of  (PPSC 2013)
(a)    Automated teller Machine
(b)    Automatic tell machine
(c)    Automobile tax machine
(d)    None of these
31.  Name  the   country   through   which   equator passes: (PPSC 2013)
(a)   Indonesia (b)    China
(c)   Malta             (d)   Pakistan
32.  Martin Cooper  Is known for his Invention of (PPSC 2010)
(a)   Digital Camera   (b)   Solar Energy
(c)   X-Ray                 (d)   Mobile Phone
33.  Plants exhale at night (PPSC 2010)
(a)   Oxygen (b)   Nitrogen
(c)   Carbon dioxide (d)  None of these
34.  Which  of  the  followi.lg  is  the  Parliament  of Japan? (PPSC 2013)
(a)   Foiketing (b)   Sturting
(c)   Knesset           (d)   Diet
35.  When  Pakistan won the Cricket  World  Cup? (PPSC 2017)
(a)   1992        (b)   1996
(c)   1999 (d)   2003
36.   Major Non ·NATO ally Is (PPSC 2016)
(a)    Pakistan (b)   Egypt
(c)   Turkey (d)    Israel

37.  First Martial Law was imposed in CSS 2013)

(a)   October 1958 (b)   Sept. 1958
(c)   August 1958 (d)    Nov. 1958

38.  Which neighbour country of Pakistan Is called landlocked country?(PPSC 2013)

(a)    Iran (b)   India

(c)   China (d) Afghanistan

39.  82 How many alphabets are In Urdu language? (PPSC 2011)
(a)   37         (b)   40
(c)   32 (d)   30
40.  Which   is  the   national  game   of   Pakistan? (PPSC 2014)
(a)   Polo (b)  Hockey
(c)   Football (d)   Cricket
41.  The  Peacock  throne  was  made  for:  (PPSC 2009)
(a)   Jahangir          (b)   Akbar
(c)   Shah jahan (d)   Aurangzeb
42.  When  Pakistan  became  Islamic  Jamhooria? (PPSC2009)
(a)   23 March 1954 (b)   23 March 1946
(c)   23 March 1956 (d)   23 March 1953
43.  How much  forest  area  Pakistan  has. (PPSC 2016)
(a)   4.8% (b)   10%
(c)   5.2% (d)  6%
44.  How much forest area a country should have:
(a)   15% (b) 20°.4
(c)   25%            (d)   30%
45.  Foundation  of  Indian  National  Congress  by A.O. Hume in (PPSC 2013) (PPSC 2014) 
(a)   1877 (b)   1885

(c)   1878 (d)   1892

46.  The local body government system was introduced in subcontinent In:(PPSC 2013)
(a)   1881         (b)   1882
(c)   1883 (d)   1884
47.  Which is the largest planet? (PPSC 2013)
(a)   Venus (b)   Earth
(c)   Jupiter (d)   Mars
48.  Which one of the following planets has the maximum number of satellites? (PPSC 2013)
(a)     Jupiter (b)   Saturn

(c)    Venus (d)   Uranus

49. Name the German scientist who Invented the atom bomb? (PPSC 2013)

(a)   Hahn Otto (b)   John Walker
(c)   John Gutenberg (d)   William Hunt
50.  When first census was conducted in Pakistan? (PPSC 2009)
(a)   1951 (b)   1952
(c)   1953 (d)   1954

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