MCQs of Custom Inspector, Appraising Valuation Officer FPSC Tests 2019

Custom Inspector

MCQs of Custom Inspector, Appraising Valuation Officer FPSC Tests 2019

1.   What are the primary colors ?

(A) White, Black, Blue
(B) Red, Yellow,Blue
(C) Red, Green, Blue
(D) None of these

2.   Digestion of food is completed In the:

(A) small Intestine
(B) Large Intestine
(C) Stomach
(D) None of these

3.   Carrot is good source of Vitamin:

(A) A (B)  B complex
(C) C            (D) None of these

4.   For proper formation of teeth, Is essential.

(A)  Iodine (B) Copper
(C)  Fluorine (D) None of these

5.   Deficiency of causes loss of appetite and poor growth.

(A) Zinc (B)  Iodine
(C) Copper (D) None of these

6.   Meteorology Is the study of:

(A) Seasons (B) Atmosphere
(C) Air and sounds (D)  Earth

7.   The Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere , by volume,Is:

(A)  0.039% (B)  3.9%
(C)  13% (D) 39 %

8.   Diamond Is an allotropic form of:

(A)  Carbon           (B) Hydrogen
(C) Nitrogen (D) Oxygen

9.   The Sl unit of Heat is:

(A) Watt (B)  Volt
(C) Joule (D) Ampere

10.   The good sources of Vitamin-A are:

(A) Green leafy vegetables
(B) Seeds
(C) Fresh vegetables and fruits
(D)  None of these

11.   How many factories Pakistan got at the time of independence?

(A) 44        (B)  55
(C)50         (D) 34

12.  Shah Wali – Ullah was born during the reign of which of the following Mughal Emperor?

(A) Babur (B) Akbar
(C) Aurangzeb (D) Jahangir

13. The basic driving force behind the creation of Pakistan was:

(A) Hindu co–existence
(B) Islamic Ideology
(C) Hinduism
(D) Hindu-Muslim Conflict

14. What was the first and immediate problem, which invited attention of the Government after Inception of Pakistan?

(A) Rehabilitation of Minister
(B) Rehabiltation of Government Officials
(C) Rehabilitation of Hindus
(D) Rehabilitation of the refugees

Islamic Studies/Ethics

15. During which Ghazwa, the command of Tayamum was revealed?

(A) Banu Mustallq (B) Trench
(C) Abwa                         (D)  Badr

16.   ,-,-..,.,— as  necessary  to react for being a Muslim.

(A) Kalma-e-Tayyaba
(B) Kalma-e-Tamjeed
(C) Kalma-e-Shahadat
(D) Kalma-e-Radd e Kufr

17.   About whom the Quranic verses say “But verily, over you are protectors, kind and honourable, writing down”?

(A)  Angels (B)   Prophets
(C)  Paradise (D)   Books

18.   Laws of inheritance were revealed to the Holy Prophet (SAW) in:

(A) 03 AH (B) 04 AH
(C)  06 AH (D)  07 AH

19.  Either   my   husband   or   my   brother   will volunteer time for the project.

(A) Its (B)  their
(C)  his (D)  None of these

20.   Why do you object to he will be an asset to the company.

(A)   he be taken on
(B)   him being taken on
(C)   he being taken on
(D)   None of these

21.   The  number  of  elements  in  power  set  of (1,2,3) is:

(A) 4 (B)  6
(C) 8 (D)  9

22.   If A and B together can complete a piece of work In 15 days and B alone in 20 days, in how many days can A alone complete the work?

(A) 60 (B)  45
(C) 40 (D) 30

23.   If 10 men can do a piece of work in 12 days, the lime taken by 12 men to do the same piece of work will be:

(A) 12 days (B)   10 days
(C) 9 days (D) 6 days

24. The sum of four consecutive two odd numbers, when divided by  10, becomes  a perfect square. Which of the following can possibly be one of these four number?

(A) 21         (B)  25
(C) 41 (D) 67

25. The average age of A, B, C, D and E is 40 years. The average age of A and B Is 35 years and the average of C and Dis 42 years. Age of E is:

(A)  48
(C)  42
(B)  46
(D) 45

26. Which  number  will  complete  the  following number series? 3, 6, 15, 123, 366

(A) 34         (B)  59
(C) 42         (D) 60

27. Which number will come next? 2, 5, 12, 23, 38, 57 —,=–=-=-

(A) 69 (B)  76
(C)  80 (D)  None of these

28. A father tells his son, “Iwas of your present age when you were bom” If the father is 36 now,how old was the boy five years back if he is half the age of his father now?

(A) 13 years       (B)  15 years
(C)  17 years (D) None of these

29. Which of the following countries has no armed forces?.

(A) Niger (B)  Nigeria
(C) Iceland (D) USA

30. Which country  is the world’s top supplier of weapons ?

(A) America (B)  Russia
(C)  Israel (D) Germany

31. The official languages of NATO are:

(A) English and French
(B) English and German
(C) English and Spanish
(D)  English, French and German

32. The Headquarters of the UN Security Council is located at:

(A) Washington      (B) Paris
(C)  New York        (D) None of these

33. Name of Bangladesh Parliament is.

(A) People National Assembly
(B) Majlis-i-Shoora
(C) Jatla Sangad
(D) None of these

34.   Which of the following international organizations has no formal structure and secretariat?

(A) Green Peace (B)  D-8
(C)  G-8 (D)  None of these

35. Who was Nicolas Sarkozy?

(A) German Chancellor
(B) Canadian President
(C) French President
(D) None of these

36.   The  Iran-Pakistan-India  gas  pipeline is also known as·

(A) Friendly Pipeline
(B) Peace Pipeline
(C) Great pipeline
(D) None of these

37. Which Is the largest country In Africa?

(A) Sudan (B)  Nigeria
(C)  Libya (D)  None of these

38.  Basic metals can be converted into gold by

(A) Heanng
(B) Beabng
(C) Artificial nuclear radioactivity
(D) None of these

39.  A Light year is a Unit of.

(A) name                    (B) Energy
(C)  Length                 (D)  None of these

40. One of the main functions of the earth’s ozone layer is to:

(A) Prevent global warming
(B) Filter out ultraviolet rays
(C) Absorb Carbon
(D) None of these

41.   Find the sentence that has a mistake in capitalization or punctuate on. 

(A) Colds like many other viruses are highly contagious.
(B) Call me when you feel better.
(C) Did you wash your hands, Michael?
(D) No mistakes.

42. On February 27,1995, the City Fire Department responded to a blaze that at the learus Publishing Co, warehouse .

(A) Breaks out           (B)  Will break out
(C)  Had broken out  (D)  Is breaking out

43. On November 4, suspects Gary Talerino and Jennifer O’Brien were arrested on a charge of  vandalism that at the local high school.

(A) Occurs               (B) Will occur
(C) Is occuring         (D) Occurred

44. I am tring to become more skilled at weaving before Winter —:….r

(A) Arrived                   (B)  Will have arrived
(C)  Will arrive             (D)  Arrives

45. We have more of these strange pods since those people moved in next door

(A) Saw (B) Been seeing
(C) Been seen (D)  See

46.  While trying to his pet iguana from a tree,Travis Stevens fell and broke his ankle.

(A) Be rescuing (B) Have rescued
(C)  Rescue (D) Rescuing

47.   The news reporter who had been covering the story suddenly became ill,and I was called to take her place

(A) Had  been  covering  the  story  suddenly became ill, and I was called
(B) Was covering the story suddenly becomes ill,and they called me
(C) Is covering the story suddenly becomes ill, and I was called
(D) Would   have  been  covering  the  story suddenly became ill, and I am called

48. What was the official language declared in 1962 constitution?

(A) Urdu (B)  Bengali
(C) Hindi            (D)  Both (A) & (B)

49.  Which  kind  of  system  of  Government  was Introduced by the 1962 constitution?

(A) Autonomous (B)  Presidential
(C) Bicameral (D) Parliamentary

50. When the constitution of 1962 was abrogated?

(A) 25th March 1969
(B) 9th March 1969
(C) 4th April 1969
(D) 14th April 1969

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