AirPort Security Test FPSC Test 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

AirPort Security

AirPort Security Test FPSC Test 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

1. Circumference of earth is around

(a)  20000 km (b)  30000 km
(c)  40000 km (d)  50000 km

2. The deepest point in Pacific Oceans

(a) Mariana Trench
(b)  Tonga Trench
(c) Porto Rico Trench
(d)  Java Trench

3. Mount Kilimanjaro is situated in

(a)  Kenya (b)  Uganda
(c)  Tanzania (d)  South Africa

4. Suez Canal links to the following seas

(a) Red Sea with Mediterranean Sea
(b) Mediterranean Sea with Adriatic Sea
(c) Black Sea and Aegean Sea
(d) Persian Gulf with Arabian Sea

5. Tolstoy was the author of famous novel:

(a) Idiot
(b) Dark continent
(c) For whom the Bell Tolls
(d) War and Peace

6. Which of the  following  ranks in the air  force higher?

(a) Squadron leader          (b) Air Commander
(c)  Wing Commando       (d)  Group Caption

7. The Headquarter of W.T.O Is at

(a) Rome (b)  Geneva
(c)  London (d)  New York

8. International Court of Justice sites at

(a) Brussels (b)  Hague
(c)  london (d) New York

9. National animal of Pakistan is:

(a) Horse (b)   Pigeon
(c)  Deer (d)  Markhor

10. Total agencies of Fata are:

(a)  Five (b)  Four
(c)  Seven (d)  Eight

11. What  is  the  percentage  of  Pashtuns  in Baluchistan population?

(a)  15%     (b) 30%
(c)  25% (d) 45%

12. What Is the average male’s brain weighs

(a) 46 ounce        (b)  48 ounce
(c)  47 ounce (d) 49 ounce

13. image nary  line with  zero  longitude crossing Greenwich

(a) International Equator Line
(b) International Hot line
(c) International Date line
(d) None of these

14. France celebrates Bastille Day every year on

(a) 14 July (b) 24 July
(c)  22 July (d)  04 July

15. What happened first?

(a) Revolution of Chma
(b) French Revolution
(c) War of American Independence
(d) None of these

16. Decibel is used to measure

(a) Current (b)  Velocity
(c)  Frequency (d)  None of these

17. The Southern Cross Is a constellation of how many stars

(a) 4 stars (b)  7 stars
(c)  5 stars (d) 9 stars

18.   Name of five stars

(a) Alpha Cruc1s or acrux
(b) beta Crucis
(c) Gamma Cruics
(d) All of above

19. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations was established on:

(a) 6 August 1967      (b)  8 August 1967
(c)   4 August 1967      (d)   9 August 1967

20. Tehnr Squire situated in

(a) Syria (b)  Egypt
(c)  Istanbul Turkey (d)  Tunis

21. What Is meant by Equinox

(a) When night is longest and day is shortest
(b) Day and night are equal
(c) When day is longest and night is shortest
(d) A day comes after first January

22. Last Supper IS a famous pamting and painted by Which artist

(a) Michelangelo Buonarro
(b) Nicolas Poussin
(c) Leonardo davinci
(d) Hieronymus Bosch

23. The    element required   for   solar  energy conversion

(a) Iron
(c) Silicon
(b) Aluminum
(d)  Lead

24.  Which was the computer conceived   by Babbage?

(a) Analtical Engine
(b) Arithmetic Machine
(c) Donald Knuth
(d) All of the above

25. Sea Horse is the name of

(a) Mountain (b) Animal
(c)  Plant (d)  Fish

26. America’s Cup is associated with which sport

(a) Ice Hockey (b)  Ruby
(c) Yachting (d) Basketball

27. Windows tears is the name of

(a) Mountain (b)   Animal
(c)  Plant             (d)  Fish

28. Sway thing Cup is associate with

(a) Badminton      (b)  Billiards
(c)  Lawn Tennis (d) Table Tennis

29. Where Is the headquarter of OPEC located?

(a) Vienna (b)   Philippines
(c)  Singapore (d) Thailand

30. Who was the founder of Jihad Movement?

(a) Sheikh Ahmed Shaheed
(b) HaJi Shariyat Ullah
(c) Hyder all
(d) Nadir Shah

31. Lord Macaulay was famous for

(a) Education (b) Technology
(c)  Industry (d)   Agriculture

32. Qadir Pur Ras field Is in:

(a) Sindh (b)  Baluchistan
(c)  Punjab (d) KPK

33. Aleppo coastline area of

(a) Syria         (b)  Egypt
(c)  Turkey (d)  Tunis

34. What is the percentage of cultivable land in the world?

(a)  11%          (b)  21%
(c)  17%          (d) 31%

35. Which Indian leader highly appreciated the dissolution of caliphate and establishment of grand national assembly of Turkey

(a) Jawahar lal Nehru
(b) Allama Iqbal
(c) M.A Jinnah
(d) None of these

36. Basic Democracy System in Pakistan was given by

(a) Gen Zia UlHaq   (b)  Z.A Bhutto
(c)  Gen Ayub Khan (d)  None of these

37. To counter NATO the soviet bloc signed the defence pact named as

(a) Solidanty  (b)  Berlin treat
(c)  Warsaw Pact (d)  None of these

38. Pakistan’s city with the highest literacy rate is

(a) Karachi (b)  Lahore
(c)  Islamabad (d) None of these

39. For outstanding lifetime achievement in which one of the following areas is the Abel Prize an International prize awarded

(a) Ecology and Environment
(b) Medical Science
(c) Mathematics
(d) Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

40. Who among the following was associated with great arc one of the biggest survey exercises in the world

(a) William Lambton
(b) Adam Smith
(c) E Raisz
(d) Karl Schelbler

41. Trinidad and Tobago got independent in 1962 from which one of the following countries?

(a) Argentina (b)   Britain
(c)  Spain           (d)   Portugal

42. Which country is the sponsor of ship mounted energy project activated In Pakistan in 2010?

(a) Iran (b)  United States

(c)  Turkey (d) Saudi Arabia

43. Which of the following UN Organs has it headquarter at Paris?

(a) UNESCO      (b)  UNHRO

(C)  FAO (d)   IMF

44. Indian National Congress was founded by Human:

(a)  1880 (b)  1885

(c)  1884 (d)  1887

45. Length of Khyber Passis:

(a) 71 km (b)  60 km

{c)  50 km (d)  56 km

46. The Jinnah of Pakistan• was written by

(a) I. H Qureshi            (b) Hector Bolitho
(c)  Stanley Wolpert     (d)  Richard

47. When the USSR did formally disintegrates in to 15 Republics?

(a)  1989 (b)  1990

(C)   1995  (d)  1991

48. Warsak Dam was built on the river.

(a) Indus (b)  Jhelum

(c)  Kabul (d) Sutlej

49. Asian Development Bank was established in:

(a)  1964     (b)  1666

(c)  1968     (d) 1960

50. A narrow body of water among two land masses that connects two larger bodies of water or two seas is?

(a) River (b)  Channel
(c)  Strait (d) Gulf

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