Federal Investigation Agency Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

Federal Investigation Agency

Federal Investigation Agency Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

1. Wealth obtained from a mine is liable to:

(A)  Zakat                    (B)  Khumus
(C)  Sulus                    (D)  None of these

2. Which one is called Masha’ar-ui-Haram?

(A)  Mina valley         (B) Muzdallfa valley
(C) Arafat                   (D)  Makkah

3. Imam   Shafi   took   the   office   of   “Religious Judgment in the age of:

(A)  13 years               (B)  14 years
(C) 15 years                (D) None of these

4.  “Kitab-ai-Umm” is written by:

(A)  Abu Hanifa          (B)  Imam Malik
(C) Imam Shafi           (D) None of these

5.  Name the famous book of Ibn-Sine in which he discussed human physiology and medicine is:

(A) AI-Qanoon
(B) AI Masudi
(C) New Renaissance
(D) None of these

6.  In a railway track, two rolls are joined end to end with a gap in between them because:

(A)  Steel can be saved
(B) Accidents due to contraction in winter can be avoided
(C) Accidents   due   to   expansion   in summer can be avoided
(D)  None of these

7.  Clocks, which moves with the velocities comparable with the velocity of light run:

(A) Equal to velocity of sound
(B) Slow
(C) Equal to the velocity of light
(D) None of these

8.  Max  Planck   received   the   noble   prize   in Physics in 1918 for his discovery of

(A) Electron (B)  Energy quanta
(C)  Photon (D)  None of these

9. Gordian knot means?

(a) A very difficult task
(b) A sailor’s rope
(c) Couplings connecting railway carriage
(d) Climber’s hook

10. Operation midnight jackal was launched to:

(a) Capture Kargil heights
(b) Topple Benazir Government in 1996
(c) Topple Nawaz Sharif Government in 1999
(d) Topple Benazir Government In 1999 in 1989

11. Rubicon means?

(a) Package of Ribbons
(b) Compound containing Vitamin B &C
(c) Anything made of rubber
(d) A significant boundary

12. Norman Borlaug was?

(a) Russian Nuclear Scientist
(b) Mexican Novelist
(c) Agricultural Scientist who developed high yielding venties of wheat
(d) US nuclear scientist

13. The Tomb of Anarkali in Lahore is ?

(a) A popular shrine is led by hundreds of pilgrims every day
(b) Housing Punjab public library
(c) Under the use of Gymkhana for indoor games
(d) Department of Punjab Archives in Punjab Secretariat Lahore

14. Mother Teresa was born in:

(a) Germany          (b)  England
(c)  Switzerland (d)  Albania

15. “Twelfth Night” is a:

(a) Novel by Thomas Hardy
(b) Comedy by William Shakespeare
(c)  an epic by Milton
(d) an ode by Coleridge .

16.  “Our fool is stuck on the accelerator and we and heading towards an abyss Who sounded this warning about global warming?

(a) Barak Obama           (b)  Gordon Brown
(c}  At-Gore                  (d)  Banki Moon

17. The victim of the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 which killed over 200 passengers was:

(a) British Airways Flight
(b) Swiss.Air Flight
(c) Pan Am Flight
(d) None of these

18. Which of the following  strait is called  “The Gate of Tears”?

(a) Strait of Gibraltar
(b) Strait of Hormuz
(c) Strait of Bab-ei-Mandeb
(d) Malacca Strait

19. Which of the following countries has signed and ratified “Kyoto Protocol” an International environment protection treaty?

(a) Germany (b)  France
(c)  Japan (d)  all of above

20. AI..Jazeera· television network is based in:

(a) Iraq (b)  Bahrain
(c)  Jordan (d)   Qatar

21. Which   of  the   following   gases   is  mainly causing global warming?

(a) Nitrogen                 (b)  Methane
(c)   Carbon Dioxide   (d)   Hydrogen

22. Which international Organization was founded on 25 May 1981?

(a) The Arab League
(b) OIC
(d) Gulf Cooperation Council

23. Petra is the news agency of:

(a) Poland    (b)   Syria
(c)  Jordan    (d) Qatar

24. The headquarters of international environmental organization Green Peace are situated at?

(a) Amsterdam (b) Paris
(c)  Brussels (d)  Vienna

25. In the modem world, the office of Ombudsman was first created In:

(a) United Kingdom   (b)  United States
(c)  Switzerland (d)   Sweden

26. Israel snatched Golan Heights in 1967 from?

(a) Egypt. (b)  Jordan
(c)  Lebanon (d)  Syria

27. Which of the following European countries joined the European Union 1n 2004·7

(a) Poland                  (b)  Hungary
(c)  Czech Republic   (d) All of these

28. The only spy museum has recently been opened in

(a) Washington DC      (b)  London
(c)  Moscow                 (d)  Paris

29. The world’s oldest written language is:

(a) Chinese (b) Japanese
(c)  Latin           (d)  Cambodian

30. Dragon air is an airline of .

(a) Japan (b) South Korea
(c)  North Korea   (d)  Hong Kong

31. The  British  Indian  Government  announced the partition of Bengal in 1905 because of

(a) Administrative Requirements
(b) Muslims Demand
(c) Financial Constraints
(d) Hindu’s Demand

32. Lord Macaulay was famous for:

(a) Education (b)  Technology
(c)  Industry (d)  Agriculture

33. Aleppo Coastline is the area of:

(a) Syria (b) Egypt
(c)  Turkey (d)  Tunis

34. Taksim Squire situated in:

(a) Syria (b)  Egypt
(c)   Istanbul,Turkey   (d)  Tunis

35. For outstanding lifetime achievement in which one of the following areas is the Abel Prize, and international prize awarded :

(a) Ecology and environment
(b) Medical science
(c) Mathematics
(d) Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

36. Who among the following was associated with the Great Arc one of the biggest survey exercises in the world?

(a) William Lambton (b) A Hume
(c)   Lord Ripen                (d)  Lord Dalhousie

37. What is the percentage of cultivable land in the world?

(a)  11% (b) 21%
(c)  17% (d)  31%

38. Sugarcane grown in which province most:

(a)  Punjab (b) Sindh
(c)  Baluchistan (d)  KPK

39. The first census was conducted in India in 1881 at the time of:

(a) lord Dufferin (b) Lord Lvtton
(c)  lord Mayo (d)  Lord Ripon

40. What was the real name of Shah Wali Ullah?

(a)  Ismail (b)   Mosin
(c)  Ahsan        (d)  Ahmad

41. Sir Savved  was born In Delhi on

(a) 17   October 1817
(b) 15   November 1817
(c) 16 October 1818
(d) 25  December 1818

42. Winter Olympic was started In the year of

(a)  1912            (b)  1911

(c) 1924 (d)  None of These

43. Blue Mountain Range situated in:

(a) Nepal (b)   Australia

(c)  Europe (d) USA

44. Who were the three statesmen who formulated Non-aligned Movement?

(a) Ghandi, Nasser,Tito
(b) Nehru, Nasser, Tlto
(c) Chou-en-tal, Bhutto, Nehru

(d) Soekamo,Nasser, Trt

45. The Slave Dynasty lasted from 1206 to?

(a)  1284        (b)  1286

(c)  1288 (d) 1290

46. Hitler which came into power in 1933 belongs to:
(a) Labor party (b)  Nazi party

(c)  Ku-Kiux-klan (d)  Democratic party

47. When Is the World’s Diabetes Day?

(a) 2151 July (b)    17111 October

(c)  11111 December (d)   14111 November

48. First Session of the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was held In:
(a) 9    August 1947
(b)  11 August 1947
(c)  12 August 1947

(d) 10  August 1947

49. Total arable area of Pakistan?

(a)  23%         (b)  32%

(c)27%           (d)  29%

50. The first session of Pakistan’s Constitutional Assembly was held at?

(a) Lahore           (b)  Karachi
(c)  Peshawar (d)  Islamabad

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