Preventive Officer Revenue Division PPSC Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF


PREVENTIVE OFFICER in Federal Board of Revenue (Batch 1 ) 

1. The winter Olympic Games came Into being in

(a)  1824            (b)  1900
(c)  1800 (d)  1924

2. How many Surah are regarding the Hazrat Ayyub (peace .be upon him) In the Holy Quran?

(A) Three        (B) Four
(C)  Six           (D) None of these

3. Hazrat Umar (R.A) was born tn:

(A) 583 AD    (B) 537 AD
(C) 473 AD (D) None of these

4. How many stages are in the Holy Quran?

(A) Six (B) Four
(C)  Seven (D) None of these

5. How old was Hazrat Yousaf (peace be upon him) at the time of migration of Egypt?

(A) Almost thirteen years
(B) Almost ten years
(C) Almost fifteen years
(D) None of these

6. How many basic sources are of Figah?

(A) Four (B) Three
(C)  Five (D)  None of these

7.  The approximation in which original length is very  small  as  compared  to  final stretched length IS

(A) Elastic approximation
(B) None elastic approximation
(C) Slinky approximat ion
(D) None of these

8. The shortest wavelength for audible sound is:

(A) 0.7 em        (B)  1.7 em
(C) 1.6 em (D) None of these

9. By which process both salt and water will be recovered from common salt solution?

(A)  Evaporation (B) Distillation
(C) Sublimation (D)  None of these

10.  How  many  Muslims did  participate in the battle of Badar?

(A)  313 (B)  200
(C) 324 (D) None of these

11. At  the  age  of  25  years  the  Holy  Prophet (peace be upon him) went  on to a business tnp to·

(A)  Syria             (B) Basra
(C)  Damascus (D)  None of these

12. Which one of the following elements the drum of a Photostat machine is made up of:

(A) Aluminium         (B)  Selenium
(C) Barium (D) None of these

13. The force exerted by a uniform electric field on a dipole ts

(A) Parallel to the dipole moment
(B) Perpendicular to the dipole moment
(C) Parallel to the electric field
(D) None of these

14.  The ceasefire line in Kashmir was drawn in

(A)  1947         (B)  1948
(C)  1949 (D) 1950

15. Total Observer States of SAARC are:

(A) 4          (B)  9
(C)  8 (D)  7

16. Operation Ending Freedom·

(A) US Military Operations In Afghanistan
(B) UK Military Operation in Afghanistan
(C) Russia Military Operation in Afghanistan
(D) None of Above

17. In which country cricket 2023 World Cup will be Played?

(A) Pakistan (B)  Australia
(C)  Sri Lanka (D)  India

18. Which is the fastest rotating Planet?

(A) Mercury          (B)  Venus
(C) Neptune (D)  Jupiter

19. On which Planet greatest spots are:

(A) Mercury (B)  Venus
(C) Neptune (D)   Jupiter

20. Spots seen on Jupiter are actually:

(A) Mountains       (B)  Storm
(C)  Roes (D)  None of these

21. Which  Planet  is  known  as  the  body  guard planet of the Earth?

(A) Jupiter            (B) Venus
(C) Pluto (D) Mercury

22. Which of the following is the largest emitter of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

(a) China (b) America

(c)  Russia (d)  India

23. Next Common Wealth Games 2022 will start from

(A) 22 June (B)  27 July
(C) 22 August (D) 22 September

24. What is the name of PTI candidate who was martyred in Di Khan?

(A) Najeeb Ali
(B) Syed Tahir
(C) lkram Ullah Gandapur
(D) None of these

25. Who is the Chief  Election Commissioner  of the Election Commission of Pakistan

(A) Sardar Muhammad Raza
(B) Muhammad Khan
(C) Javaid Iqbal
(D) None of these

26. Who is the Chairman of NAB?

(A) Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan
(B) Justice R Yaeen Iqbal
(C) Justice R Javaid Iqbal
(D) Jusbce R Yawer Mahk

27. Whois the cha1rman of Federal Public Service Commission?

(A) Dr Mansoor Ali
(B) Mr.Naveed Akram Cheema
(C) Dr Maqsood Khan
(D) None of these

28. Who  is  the  chairman  of  Federal  Board  of Revenue?

(A) Justice R Javaid Iqbal
(B) Muhammad Akram
(C) Mr. Muhammad Jahazeb Khan
(D) None of these

29. Who  is  the  Captain  of   Pakistan  Women Cricket Team?

(A) Sana Mir (B)  Javaria Khan
(C) Nain Abidi (D)    Bismah  Maroof

30. When was the General election 2018 held?

(A) 21 July 2018 (B)  26 July 2018
(C) 25 July 2018 (D) 27 July 2018

31. Total registered voters in Pakistan?

(A) 100 96 million (B)   105.96 million
(C)  110.96 million (D)  115.99 million

32. Persia was the old name of which country:

(A) Syria (B)  Paris
(C) Iran (D) Iraq

33.  Diamond is allotropic form of·

(A) Graphite        (B) Silicon
(C)  Carbon (D) Aluminum

34. Sum of Prime Numbers between 60 and 80?

(A) 381 (B) 371
(C) 351 (D) 361

35. JIT on Panama papers was headed by

(A) Wajid Zia           (B)  Asif Saeed
(C) Azmat Saeed (D) Justice

36. How  many  Poling  Stat1ons  were  declared sensitive during general Elections 2018?

(A) 20761 Polling       (B)  19789 Polling
(C) 20789 Polling (D) None of these

37. The Bible, The Quran and Science Is written by?

(A) Alexis Bachelot (B) Antonio Vivaldir
(C) David Bauer (D) Maurice Bucaille

38. How many medals won by Pakistan in common wealth games 2018?

(A) 5 (B) 9
(C)  3         (D)  7

39. Which Pakistani Wrestler won 111 gold for 86 kg freestyle wrestling in common wealth games 2018?

(A) Jansher Khan
(C) Muhammad lnam
(B) SaJJad Ahmed
(D)  Muhammad Kaleem

40. In which country 25th common wealth heads of government  meeting (CHOGM) 2018 held?

(A) UK (B)  Kenya
(C)  India (D) Australia

41. In which Australian city common wealth games 2018 held?

(A) S1dney (B)  Gold Coast
(C) Canberra (D)  None of these

42. Which country is the most vulnerable to ch mate change according to a report of HSBC 2018?

(A)  Philippines
(C)  India
(B) Pakistan
(D) China

43. Who was known as ‘the Ambassador of World religion’?

(A) Dalayilama
(B) MalalaYousaf Zai
(C) Huston Smith
(D) none of these

44. Which country banned production and sale of Burqa?

(A) Morocco      (B) America
(C)  Egypt          (D)  None of these

45. In which country 2019 Cricket World Cup will be held?

(A )  Sri Lanka (B)  India
(C)   England        (D) Pakistan

46. Synonym of ‘Brook’ Is?

(A) Polish (B)  Friend
(C) Tolerate (D)  None of these

47.  Current Share of Pakistan in World Population is

(A) 2.63%         (B)  3.63%
(C) 4.63%         (D) 1.63%

48. What is expected construction cost of Barakah Power Plant in Abu Dhabi?

(A) $20.4 billion USD
(C) $21 4 bill on USD
(B)  $24 4 billion USD
(D) $26.4 bilhon USD

49. In which format Justin Langer coach Australian  team:

(A) Test (B)  T20
(C) ODI (D)  In all these

50. In which city center of Joint operations of Saudi led Islamic Military Alliance of  39 nation?

(A) Riyyad         (B) Islamabad
(C) Doha            (D) None of these

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