AirPort Security Force ( ASF ) 2019 Latest MCQ,s With Full Book PDF Download

AirPort Security Force

AirPort Security Force ( ASF ) 2019 Latest MCQ,s With Full Book PDF Download

1. Emily Dickinson was  not —————– and preferred to “be alone most of the time.

(A) Cordial            (B) Graciotls
(C) Gregarious (D) None of these

27. The sum of two numbers is.66. One number is equal to the d1fference between the two numbers.Find out the numbers.

(A) 44,22
(B) 33, 55
(C) Set of Natural

(D) None of these

3. Some political Scientists do not think ——————— obedience to the Will of another is necessary in  order to maintain good Movemment.

(A) Stark (B)  Partial
(C) Verbal                 (D)  None of these

4. When Ihstened to his strong arguments all my doubts were —————–  and I agreed with him.

(A) Dispelled (B) Confirmed
(C) Strengthened               (D)  None of these

5. The   Principal ——————- the Idea that students participate in co-curricular  activities in order to develop their full potential.

(A) Encouraged (B) Hindered
(C) Began (D) None of these

8. ———-  into old books and manusetipts is part of a researcher’s job .

(A}  Peeping (B) Driving
(C) Tearing (D)  None of these

9. The fortllne teller ——————- made predictions of terrible things to come.

(A) Doubtful                  (B)  Friendly
(C)  Baleful (D) None of these

10. During the election campaign, the two candidates were kept in full of the international situation.

(A} Examination (B) Advance
(C) Cognizance (D) None of these

11. The    lawyers   of Paktstan   have   always struggled justice and rule of law.

(A) For (B)  With
(C) Of (D)  None of these

12. He worked hard lest he ——————- fare badly at the examtnation.

(A) Would (B)  Could
(C) Should (D) None of these

13. The Idiomatic   1st  roman’s  service’  means ———–.

(A) Poor work          (B)  Menial work
(C) Sincere work     (D)  None of these

14. The word ‘intervention’ is ——————- in parts of speech.

(A) A noun                      (B) A verb
(C) A pronoun (D)  None of these

15. The Passive Voice  of the sentence. ‘Who caught the snake?’ is ———— .

(A) By whom ts the sn-a-:-ke-ca-ug-:-ht?
(B) By whom has the snake been caught?
(C) By whom were the snake caught?
(D) None of these

16. The Indirect Form of the sentence, ‘The teacher said to him,”Never be late for school” is —-.

(A) The teacher sa1d to him-that never be late for school.
(B)  The teacher urged him never to be late for school.
(C) The teacher told him never to be late for school.
(D) None of these

17. The Idiomatic phrase ‘Spick and span’ means ————–. 

(A) Wisdom and foresight
(B) Deceive somebody
(C) Watch the weather
(D) None of these

18. The underlined word in the sentence, ‘I am and ·is a/an ________.
(A) Subject        (B) Object
(C) Verb                (D) None of these
19. The corrected version of Incorrect sentence,
.(A) 0.1
(C) 1.1
(A) 1.0
(D) None of these
 20. What is the number whose square and cube are the same:’We reached at the parkIn lime’
(A) We reached the park In time
(B) We reached into the park in time
(C) We reached in the park in time
(D) None of these
21. The corrected version of incorrect sentence,’She resembles with her mother’ is_____________.
(A}  She resembles to her mother
(B) She resembles In her mother
(C) She resembles at her mother
(D) None of these
22. One side of a right angled piece of wood Is 12em, the second 9cm. What IS the length of the third side which Is diagonal to these two?
(A) 12 em (B)  15 em
(C) 18 em (D) None of these
23. One s1de of a nght angled ptece of metal is 12 em; the second side (at 90 degrees to it)is 9 em.What is the area of the triangular p1ece?
(A) 54 cm2 (B)  45 cm2
(C) 47 5 cm2 (D) None of these
24. One side of a  right angled piece of sheet metal IS 12 em; the second side (at 90 degrees to 1t) Is 9 em.If the metalwedge is 2 em thick, what is the volume of the triangular piece?
(A) 54 cm3
(C) 216 cm3
(B)  108 cm3
(D) None of these
25. 6/4+2.5= ?
(A) 3.5
(C) 4.5
(B) 4
(D) None of these
26. What are the  biggest and smallest  numbers that can be made using the digits 2, 4,5,6,3?
(A) 0, 25000          (B)16, 13
(C) 65324, 23456 (D) None of these
27. If four bases ran 600 km in 6 hours,how much would one bus run in 1hour?:
(A) 40 km (B)  100 km
{C) 400 km (D) None of these
28. If you are 7th in a queue from either end, how many people are there In the queue?:
(A) 11 (B)  15
{C) 13 (D) None of these
29. wedge If metal weighs 20 grams per 1em ?
(A)  540 gram (B)  1080 gram
(C)  2160 gram (D)  None of these
30. A tower is 15m tall. If I am standing 20m from the base of the tower, what is my aerial distance to the top of the tower?.
(A) 35 m (B) 25 m
(C)  30 m (D)  None of these
31. A product that says ‘Made in the UK’ may have been made in:
(A) 1/25    (B) 1136
(C) 1/49    (D) None of these
32. A  numberis  divided by  6  and  then 50 is added. If the total is 60,what is that number? 
(A) 48 (B) 66
(C) 60 (D)  None of these
33. Hawaii and Guam in the Pacific are states of.
(A) USA (B) Canada
(C) Mex1co (D) None of these
34. Pakistan 1mports Palm oiland tin form:
(A) Vietnam (B)  Maldives
(C) Malaysia (D) None of these
35. The  sum  of  two  numbers is  80  and  the differenceis 20. Find those numbers.
(A)  Tajikistan
(B) Iran
(C) Afghan istan
(D) None of these
36. Which of these sets Is not binary? 
(A)    0, 1,0, 0, 0, 1, 1,0           (B)60,50,30,20,10
(C) e,O,e, e,e,O,O,e, O          (D) None of these
37. Which Is the highest number divisible by 3 In the series: 935, 936,937, 938?
(A) 936 (B) 937
(C) 938 (D) None of these
38. Poisonous gases were allegedly used in certain parts of Damascus against civilians by the:
(A) Government fore••
(B) Revolutionaries
(C) United Nations
(D) None of these
39. The country to the East of lnd1a having internalstrifeInvolving Muslims is:
(A) Cambodia (B)  Laos
(C) Myanmar (D) None of these
40. The country that will provide natural gas to Pakistan through the pipeline currently under construction Is:
(A) Afghanistan (B)  Iran
(C) Turkmenistan {D) None of these
41. The capital of South Africa Is:
(A) Lesotho (B)  Botswana
(C) Johannesburg (D) None of these
42. The status of Most Favored Nation was given to India by Pakistan to:
(A) Constitution and country laws
(B) Identity
(C) Sovereignty
(D) None of these
43. The status of Most Favored Nation was given to India by Pakistan to:
(A) Boost bi-lateral trade between the two neighbours
(B) Make onions and potatoes available to Pakistanis at cheaper rates
(C) To set an example for other SAARC countries
(D) None of these
44. Whereas globalization provides access for Pakistani traders to new markets world-wide, it also means:
(A) Having to take dictation from superpower
(B) Greater competition for quality products
(C) Compliance of ISO 9014
(D) None of these
45. Engaging India through channels other than state-to-state interact on is also known as:
(A) Gunboat Diplomacy
(B) Shuttle Diplomacy
(C) Track Two Diplomacy
(D) None of these
46. Pakistan’s five major rivers get together at
(A) Mitban Kot (B) Sukkur
(C) P1njn1d (D) None of these
47. 43% Pakistan, 5% In India, 2% In China Indus River originates in:
(A) L1dd1kh In lndl1n Held K11hmlr
(B) Skardu
(C) Tarbela
(D) None of these
48. A major dam Is under construction on Indus at:
(A) Dl1mer-8hnh1 (B) Chilas
(C) Jaglot (D)  None of these
49. Pakistan’s KPK and ‘northern  areas  receive some rain in winters due to:
(A) North-Westerly  disturbances
(B) South-easterly  disturbances
(C) Monsoons
(D)  None of these
50. The primary and secondary sources of sharia In Islamic jurisprudence are:
(A) Qul”‘n, Sunn1h, Consensus (ljm1) and An1loglcal reuon (QJyas)
(B) A JolnUy brain-stormed decision
(C) A preVIously accepted decision (Precedent )
(D) None of these

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