Fill In the blanks

1. One must keep———promise.

(A) his (B) one’s
(C)  the (D)  a

2. Itis no use———-everything.

(A) of finding fault with
(B) to find fault with
(C) finding fault with
(D) having found fault with

3.    My views are different ———.

(A)  from you         (B)  than you
(C) from yours (D) then yours.

4. You have played——–. 

(A) instead of work.
(B) than work .
(C) but not work.
(D) instead of work ing

5. Thy necessity is ———. 

(A) greater than mine.
(B) greater from mine.
(C) greater than that of mine.
(D) greater to mine.

6. May Inow——–?

(A) take your leave
(B) take leave of you
(C) take leave from you
(D) take your leave from you

7. He dented——-.

(A) hot to be a thief.
(B) of being a thief.
(C) that he was a thief.
(D) if he was a thief.

8. No sooner had the meeting ended  ——- the crowd dispersed.

(A) when (B) just then
(C) than         (D) immediately

9. I shall never allow such a letter to be sent my signature.

(A) with       (B)  by
(C) under       (D) below

10  He resigned——-.

(A) to fall
(B) himself to fail.
(C) himself to failure
(D) none of these

Tick the correct meanings

11. We had not envisaged this tum of events:

(A) imagined         (B) doubted
(C) considered (D) suspected

12. The decision taken by the Managing Committee Is Irrevocable.

(A) praise-worthy
(B) rash and unwise
(C) final and unchangeable
(D) in accordance with the rules

13. There are quite a few Intractable children in the class.

(A) brilliant
(B) with eccentric habits
(C) hard to manage
(D) hard working

14. He faced all his misfortunes with equanimity.

(A) courage
(B) fearlessness
(C) confidence
(D) calmness of mind

15. Some people are fond of  leading a sequestered  life——-.

(A) luxurious      (B)  secluded
(C)  frugal      (D) full of self-denial

16. Everybody  ——– applauded his performance spontaneously.

(A) loudly     (B) naturally
(C) excitedly     (D) openly

17. The knowledge of nuclear power might lead to annihilation
(A)  total destruction
(B) Immortality
(C) tremendous progress
(D) full healthfulness
18. In which year, Soviet Union fell apart’and many of its republics emerged as independent states in the world?
(A)  1989
(C)  1991
(B)  1990
(D)  1992
19. Everybody present wondered at his audacity .
(A) presence of mind
(B) Impudence
(C)   wit
(D)   confidence
20. When in order to expand the ECO, an extra ordinary two- day session of council of foreign ministers of the original ECO states was held on?
(A) November 26-27 , 1992
 (B)  November 27-28, 1992
(C) November 28-29, 1992
(D)  November 29-30, 1992
21. There Is  a great disparity  in all these statements
(A) similarity
(C) truth
(B)   weight
(D) difference
22. With  the addition of the new members  the membership ju mped to nine with a population of———–.
(A) 100 million people
(B) 200 million people
(C) 300 million people
(D) 400 million people
23. Successful leaders are usually men of great
(A)  cleverness
(B) fluent speaking
(C) sharpness of intellect
(D) imagination
General Knowledge
24. When Pakistan got observer status in Shanghai Cooperation Organization?
(A)  1999 (B)  2002
(C) 2005         (D) 2006
25. When Treaty of lzmlr was signed?
(A)  1975 (B)  1976
(C)  1977         (D)  1978
26. When Iran was jolted by its epochal Islamic Revolution?
(A) 1979
(C)   1981
(B) 1980
(D)   1982
27. Who  was  appointed  as  Usher  for  Hijrat-e­ Madlnah?
(A) Hazrat Saad bin Ubada (R.A)
(B) Hazrat Utab bin Usaid (R.A)
(C) Hazrat Abdullah bin Arlqat (R.A)
28. Who was a historian jurist, philosopher as well as a politician?
(A)   Shams uddin lbniKhalkan
(B) Abdur Rehman lbnlKhaldoon
(C) Abu Bakar Muhammad lbnl Yahya
29. Whenlaw of Inheritance was revealed?
{A)  Three Hljre (B)  Four Hijree
(C) Five Hijree (D)  Four Hijree
30.  When Pakistan became the member of World Trade Organization
(A) 1st January 1995
(B) 6th March 1995
(C) 7th April 2001
(D) 9th July 2002
31. When the original members of R.CD met in the Islamabad.
(A) 1989      (B)  1990
(C)  1991       (D)  1992
32. Who  was  the  last  Commander  in  Chief  for Ghazwa-e-Mautah?
(A) Hazrat Khalld bin Waleed (R.A.)
(B) Abdur Rehman bin Auf (R.A)
(C) Abdullah bin Rawaha (R.A)
33. Imam Dar ul Hijrat is the title of:
(A) Imam Ahmad bin Hunbal
(B) Imam Malik
(C) Imam Shafee
34. Which treaty  after amendment  became the charter of ECO?
(A) lzmir Treaty
(B) Three Nations Treaty
(C) The Development Treaty
(D) The New Treaty
35. Organizational Structure of ECO consists of:
(A) Council of Ministers,council of deput es
(B) Technical committees.
(C) Eco Secretariat and special zed agencies
(D)  All of above
36. The word Muhammad (SAW) as a name has been mentioned In Quran only:
(A) Two times (B)  Four times
(C)  Six times         (D) Seven times
(E)  None
37. Khateeb -ui-Anbia as a title of:
(A) Hazrat !dress (AS)
(B) Hazrat Ibrahim (AS )
(C) Hazrat Yaqoob (AS )
(D) Hazrat Shoaib (AS)
38. Hazrat Umer (RA) selected as overseer of  Lure ui-Mal: 
(A) Abdullah bn lrqum (RA) 
(B) Abdullah canister Umar (RA) 
(C) Abdullah canister Abbas (RA) 
(D) Abdullah canister Masud (RA) 
39. The viable Zakat System can guarantee the disposal of: 
(A) Poverty                  (B) Interest 
(C) Class Distinction       (D) Ignorance 
40. The pay rates of An and B together add up to Rs 2000.A burns through 95% of his pay and B,85% of his.If now. their reserve funds are the same,what Is As pay? 
(A) Rs.3000             (B) Rs.3200
(C) Rs.3900             (D) Rs.5000
41. A Verse of the Holy Quran demonstrates the name of: 
(A) Hazarat Muaaz (RA) 
(B) Hazrat Bilal (RA) 
(C) Hazrat Saad (RA) 
(D) Hazrat Zald (RA) 
42. California’ is known as ‘Silicon Valley’ on account of: 
(A) Hollywood film Industry 
(B) Computer programming lnduat.ry 
(C) Science excellence and resorts 
(D) Mineral assets 
43. Five-eighth of threeTterith of four-ninth of a number is 45.What Is the number? 
(A) 470 (B) 550 
(C) 560 (D) 540 
(A) None of these 
44. Which of the accompanying numbers ought to be added to 11158 to makeIt precisely detachable by 77? 
(A) 9                 (B) 8 
(C)6                  (D) 5 
(E) 7 
45. ‘Chennai’is the new name of the Indian city: 
(A) Madras (B) Patna 
(C) Agra         (D) Lucknow 
46. Tenge’isthecurrencyof: 
(A) Kenya         (B) Kyrgyztan 
(C) Cuba                 (D) Kazakhstan 
47. World Bank Presidentis: 
(A) Robert Zoellick        (B) Strauss-Kahn 
(C) Shakour Shaalan              (D) None of these 
48. 100 + 502 = ? 
(A) 200          (B) 300 
(C) 150          (D) 100 
49. 5004/139 – 6 
(A)25              (B) 27 
(C) 29             (D) 30
50. ‘Klaus Schwab’ is the founder of:
(A) Red Cross
(B) Scout Movement
(C) World Economic Forum
(D) Cable News Network

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