PPSC Education Subject Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

PPSC Education Subject Test MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

1. Art of teaching is called

(a)   Andragogy (b)   Pedagogy
(c)   Teachology (d)   Biology

2. In test match with Pakistan how many Ireland player debut in test cricket? 

(A)  10 (B)  11
(C) 12 (D) 9

3. A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energyis called:

(A) Condenser Microphone
(B) Transducer
(C) Battery
(D) None of these

4.   A  teaching  method  using  the  asynchronous delivery of tra1ning  matertals or content using.

(d) Shulman                (b) Blended learning
(c) Collaborative learning   (d) Culturalleamlng

5. Which social media website delete inappropriate videos:

(A) Daily Motion    (B)  instagram
(C) YouTube           (D) None of these

6.  Pakistan teenager conducted coin toss on FIFA World Cup match between Costa Rica and?

(A) Brazil (B)  Germany
(C) Japan (D) France

7. information is called

(a)   Asynchronous learning
(b)   Blended learning
(c) Collaborative  learning
(d) Cultural learning

8. Which country has built largest Purifier to fight pollution?

(A) India       (B)   Iran
(C) China (D) None of these

9.  Unit of Pressure is:

(A) Pascal (B) Ampere
(C) Coulomb (D) None of these

10. A process whereby learners are actively engaged In the learning  process, ralt,ler than “passively” absorbing lectures is called

(a) Malcolm Knowles

(b) Alexander
(c) Leach and Moon
(d) Shulman

11. A  teaching  method  using  the  asynchronous delivery of tra1ning  matertals or content using computer netw technology ts called

(a)   Asynchronous learning
(b) Blended learning
(c) Collaborative learning
(d) Culturalleamlng

12. President of Turkey belong to which political party?

(A) Judicial and Development Party
(B) Justice and Development Party
(C) Justice and Developing Party
(D) None of these

13. informali6n is called

(a)  Asynchronous learning
{b)   Blended learning
(c) Collaborative  learning
(d) Culturalleamtng

14.   The set of courses  and their contents offeredby an Institution such as a school or university is called

(a) Blended learning
(b) Collaborative learning
(c) Culturalleamlng
(d) Active reaming

15. AndragQgy Is a theory of adult education proposed by the American educator

a)   Evaluation             (b) Assessment
(c)   Measurement     (d)    Curriculum

16. A person incapable of learning ts called

(a) Curriculum (b)    Kindergarten
(c)   Dunce         (d)  None of these

17. A  social  science  that encompasses  teaching and  learning  specific  knowledge,  beliefs,  and skills is called

(a) Home  Economic
(b) Education
(c)  Measurement
(d)  Curriculum

18. What Is Pedology?

(a) Study of children
(b)    Study of teachers
(c) Study of education
(d) Study of methods

19. Who coined term heutagogy in education?

(a) Kurt Hahn & Comenlus
(b)   Comenius and Chris Kenyon
(c) W. D. Boyce & Comenius
(d) Stewart Hase and Chris Kenyon

20. China Rank in world happiness Index in the world is:

(A) 86th         (B)  85th.
(C) 84th (D)  80th

21. World highest  score by England in one-day International cricket is:

(A) 381 (B) 351
(C) 581 (D) 481

22. What is the practical aspect of philosophy?
(a) Education (b)   lnstrucbon
(c)   learning (d)  Measurement

23. Who advocated five formal steps in teaching in h1s work Universal Pedagogy (1906), which were translated into a practical teaching methodology?

(a) Friedrich Wilhelm August Frobel
(b) Comenius
(c) W. D. Boyce
(d)   Johann Friedrich Herbart

24. What are the five formal steps in teaching which  were  introduced  by  Johann  Friedrich

(a) Preparation,    presentation,   association, generalization and Guideline
(b)   Preparation,   presentation,   association, generalization and application
(c) Preparation,   presentation,   association, Supervision and application
(d) None of these

25. The first learning center of a child is:

(a) Home                      (b)   School
(c)   Society                    (d)   None of these

26. What do you mean by School?

(a) A model social centre
(b) Responsible for awakening the sense of collective life
(c) A social laboratory for the children
(d) All of the above

27. What is/are the function/a of education?

(a) To fulfill the needs of the society
(b) To develop the personality of theIndividual
(c) To take steps for social construction
(d) All of the above

28. The idea of Basic Education is propounded by:

(a) Dr.Zakir Hussain
(b) Dr.Rajendra Prasad
(c) Mahatma Gandhi
(d) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

29. The Moral Judgment of the.Child is written by

(a) William Spady
(b)   Jean Piaget
(c) Henry Beilin
(d) Michael Horace Barnes

30. The construction of reality in the child is written by

(a) William Spady (b)   Jean Piaget
(c)   Henry Beilin         (d)   Horace Barnes

31. Play,  Dreams  and  Imitation  in  Childhood  is written by

(a) William Spady
(b) Jean Piaget
(c) Henry Bellin
(d) Michael Horace Barnes

32. Which   of  the  following   is  the   process  of SCX Uaintance with realibes?
(a) Measurement
(b) Evolution
(c) Education
(d) None of the above

33. The Psychology of the Child is written by

(a) Piaget, J.and lnhelder B
(b)   William Spady
(c)   Henry Beilin
(d)  Michael Horace Barnes

34. By means of science and technical education:

(a) Economic problems can be solved
(b) Individual progress can be made possible
(c) Collective progress can be made possible
(d) All of the above

35. Education is a process through which atransmits It collected excellences to the next. generations

(a) Society (b)   Individual
(c)   Group (d)   None of these

36. The  first  educational  institution  of  a  child  is his/her:

(a) Home (b)  Locality
(c)   Village (d)   City

37. The very first teachers of a child are his:

(a) Parents         (b)   Friends
(c)   Peer groups (d)   All of above

38. Who said that man is a social a animal?

(a) Aristotle         (b)   Socrates

(c)   Experience (d)   Sensation
39. Which of the following  is the most authentic source of knowledge?
(b)   Intuition
(c)    Can change and increase the experimental knowledge.
(d) Not both (a) and (c)
40. Which   of   the   following   is   the   ideological foundation of education?
(a) Logic         (b)  Tradition
(c)   Philosophy (d)   Observation
41. The absolute reality refers to a being that Is:
(a) Self-existent
(b) Self-sufficient
(c) A fountain head of authorities
(d) All of the above
42. Which of the following knowledge is restricted to the material world?
(a) Scientific knowledge
(b)   Revealed Knowledge
(c) Intuitive knowledge
(d) Rational knowledge
43.   The authoritative  knowledge:
(a) Is a signifloant source of knowledge
(b) Is transmitted from generation to generation
(c) Isboth reliable and contingent
(d) All of the above
44. What Is Ontology?
(a) The mutual relationship between Man & animal
(b) The mutual relationship Universe’s men
(c) The mutual relabonship among God, Man and Universe.
(d) None of these
45. A significant foundation of  philosophy of education is:
(a) Epistemology            (b)   Axiology
(c)   Ontology                    (d)  All of above
46. The revealed teachings are
(a) Divine – oriented
(b) Transmitted to mankind through prophets
(c) Transcendented through revelation
(d) All of the above
47. Which   of  the  following   is  the   process  of SCX Uaintance with realibes?
(a) Measurement
(b) Evolution
(c) Education
(d) None of the above
48. The objectives  of education are determined in the light of:
(a) Sociaf needs
(b) Phllosophicalthoughts
(c) Moral values            
(d)   All of the above
49. What is studied in Psychology?
(a) Human nature         (b)  Human mind
(c)   Human behavior     {d)   All of the above
50. Exceptional children:
(a) Can be schooled with the normal children
(b) Cannot be schooled With the normal children
(c) Are not found in some societies
(d) Do not need special educational facilities

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