FPSC Test for intelligence Bureau MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF

intelligence Bureau MCQs

FPSC Test for intelligence Bureau MCQs 2019 With Full Book Download in PDF


1. Which one among the following rivers is the longest?
(A) Amazon (B) Amur
(C)  Congo (D) Lena
2. In human body, which one  of the following hormones regulates blood calcium and phosphate?
(A) Glucagon
(8)   Growth hormone
(C) Parathyroid hormone
(D) Thyroxin
3.    How do most insects respire?
(A) Through skin (B)  Through gills
(C) Bylungs            (D) By trachealsystem
4. Production of whtch one of the followmg is a function of the liver?
(A) Upase (B) Urea
(C) Mucus {D)  Hydrochlonc acid
5. Whtch one of the following ts not a digestive enzyme in the human system?
(A) Gastrin (B) Trypsin
{C) Ptyalin (D)  Pepsin
6. A second class magistrate can give the sentence of Imprisonment for a term not exceeding:-
(A) One month (B) Three months
(C)  One year         (D) Three years
7. In which of the following constitutional ca.ses, Kelson’s theory of ‘Doctrine of Necessity’
was first applied in Paklstan:-
(A) The State Vs. Dosso
(B) Asma Jilani Vs.Government of Pakistan
(C) MaulviTamlzuddin Khan Vs. Federation of Pakistan
(D) Begum Nusrat Bhutto Vs Federation of Pakistan
8. Pedagogy  is a science of:­
(A) Bodily dtseases
(B) Stamp collectmg
(C) Languages
(D) Teaching
9. A man is five years older than his wife who is ten times as old as her daughter  If the daughter attains the age of eight tn three years’ time, what is the age of the man?
(A) 45 years (B)  55 years
(C) 60 years (D) 65 years
10.     If 40 per cent of women are voters and 52 per cent of the population are women ,what per cent of the population are women voters?
(A)  18.1o/o (B)   20.8%
(C) 26.6% (D) 38.2%
11. The main cause of earthquakes is·-
(A) Sudden cooling and contractton of the earth’s surface .
(B) Coming into activity of some dormant volcanoes.
(C) Due tointernal heat, sometimes water changes into steam and expands.
(D) All of these
12. After USA which country is the second biggest arms seller in the world?
(A) Britain (B)  Russia
(C)  France (D) Germany
13. During the period of martial law {1977-85) the Constitution of 1973 was:-
(A) Ab ated
(B) Held tn abeyance
(C)  Partially abrogated
(D)  None of the above
14. Digital Computer    was invented by:-
(A) Vannevor Bush  (B) John Harrison
(C) M R. Sissel  (D) Howard Aiken
15. Which of the following is not an asset?
(A)  Buildings
(B) Debtors
(C)  Loan from a bank
(D)  Cash balance
16.  In Italy, which famous wonder is located?
(A) Hangtng Garden  
(B)  Leaning Tower which renounced on
(C) Great Wall
(D) Budha Statue
17. The Declaration of Independence of USA renounced on
 (A) July 25. 1796 (B)  August14, 1766
(C)July  4,1776(D)  August4, 1786
18. Algeria got Independence tn 1962 from
(A) France (B)  Portugal
 (C) Britain (D)  America
19. What do King Tonkin, Duchess of Oldenburg and Rambo havein common?
(A)  They all died at sea
(B)  Films nominated for an Oscar
(C)  They all are revoluttonaries
(D)  They are varieties of apples
20. What was martial artist Bruce Lee’s birth name?
(A)lee Chin Go  (B)  lee Yao Sun
(C) Lee Yuen Kam   (D) Lee Ming Na
21. Who was the first scientist to observe bacteria through a lens?
(A)  Carolus Linnaeus
(B)  Anton van Leeuwenhoek
(C)  Gre or Mendel
(D)  Galieo Galilei
22. Name the most widely spoken family of languages in the world.About 1.7 bilhon people speak these languages?
(A)  Indo-European Languages 
(B) Indo-Aryan languages
(C) Indo-Asian languages
(D) None of these
23. What is a shawm?
(A) a bird
(B)  a type of horse
(C)  a flower
(D)  a musical Instrument
24. Indus valley civilization was one of the four earliest ancient civilizations of the old world. Where was it developed about 2500 BC?
(A) NW of the Indian subcontinent
(B) West of the Indian subcontinent
(C) South of the Indian subcontinent
(D) Central Asia
25. What is the most popular pedigree cat breed in both the US and Britain?
(A) Siamese (B)  Persian
(C)  Burmese (D) Domestic
26. The job of the sophisticated unmanned US spacecraft Voyager was:
(A) To examine Jupiter
(B) To examine Satum
(C) To eumine the Ur.nus
(D) All of these
26. In 1977,USA launched two Voyagers.When they passed Jupiter and sent back colour pictures and other information about the planet and Its moons?
(A)  1978 (B)  1980
(C) 1979    (D) 1977
28. What Is commonly known the series of scandals In America Involving President Richard Nixon and his administration?
(A) Watergate scandal
(B) Nixon Scandal
(C) Serial Scandal
(D) None of these
29. Name of boundary line between India and China is:
(A) Radcliffe Line    (B)  Green Line
(C) Control Une    (D) McMahan Line
30. Napoleon is known as “Man of Destiny” and “Little Corporal”.Who is called the Man of “Iron and Blood”
(A) Prince Bismarck
(B) US President Ford
(C) Lenin
(D) Kart Mark
31. Dragon is the symbol of china and the “Bear” is the symbol of:
(A) Poland (B)  USA
(C)  Russia (D) Romania
32. Herodotus is called the father of history.To which country did he belong?
(A) Rome (B)  Britain
(C) Spain         (D) Greek
33. Who Is called the father of comedy?
(A) Aristotle (B)  Arlstophanes
(C) Potomy (D) None of these
34. To which country Christopher Columbus did belong?
(A) Italy    (B)  Spain
(C) Britain (D) Portugal
35. Whose creationIs the famous painting “Mona Liza”?
(A) Romalo
(B) Picasso
(C) eonardo da Vlncl
(D) Richard Leonardo
36. What Louis Phillip of France was called?
(A) Great King (B)  Citizen King
(C) Slave King (D) Student King
37. In which year the Noble Prize was first awarded?
(A)  1905 (B) 1903
(C)  1901         (D) 1902
38. How many days were there in February 1992?
(A) 30 (B)  28
(C) 27 (D) 29
39. Everest Is the world’s highest mountain – what is the name of the second highest?
(A) K2                 (B) Annapuma
(C) Nanga Parbat (D)  Chlmborazo
40. Whichis Britain’s oldest university?
(A) St Andrews (B)   Oxford
(C) Cambridge (D)  St Helina
41. Which is the largest fresh-water lakeIn the wortd?
(A) Lake Tangany1ka       (B) Lake Superior
(C)  lake Michigan            (D) LaJ<e Super
42. Where are the engines mounted on Concorde?
(A) On one side of the wing
(B) On either side of the fuselage
(C) Under the wings
(D) On top of the wings
43. About how far Is it between London and New York?
(A) 4,500 miles (B)   2,500 miles
(C) 1000 miles (D)  3,500 mllt1
44. Adelaide city of Australia is famous for
{a)  Textile Industry   (b)  011 refineries
(c)  Cricket grounds   (d)  None of them
(a)  Diseased (b)  Dying
(c)  Irritated (d)  Angry
(a)  Heal         (b)  Hurt
(c)  Signify     (d) Reform

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