B.com Part 1 All Subjects Past Papers for Preparation Exams 2009 To 2021 Download in PDF

B.com Part 1 All Subjects Past Papers

B.com Part 1 All Subjects Past Papers for Preparation Exams 2009 To 2021 Download in PDF

“Old Paper… Old Times…” is how I started my first B.com Part 1 project, and it did not go well. B.com Part 1 is an amazing application which helps you organize your information and files, but it is not without its problems. Many of the apps on the market claim to help you “organize your life”, but often those applications are designed for one particular purpose-to get you to purchase more applications.


The truth is that there is no right or wrong way to use B.com Part 1, and the best use may just be to sort through your old, out-of-date paper files and find what you want. But let’s dive into what that means for me.


I started with the obvious: sorting through a bunch of old paper. Once I had those scattered documents, it was time to get them organized. There were two main ways to do this: one was to take each document and write notes on the back, or two was to use the excel table feature in Excel. This was going to be a big challenge, since so much of the old paper had been crumpled. I started by downloading and opening the excel mobile app, which worked fine in sliding mode from the bottom menu.


After completing the initial setup, I opened up the app and began sorting through my files one by one. It was actually quite enjoyable, although there were times when it felt like it was taking forever. Once the sorting had been completed, it was time to save the file to my computer. This automatically saved the file to the desktop, which had me concerned that maybe I should call in a tech support person.


Upon entering my present data onto the appropriate fields, the program asked if I wanted to import the data directly into excel. I decided to try this, because I had been studying for the GREs. Doing this required me to open the excel document and copy all of my earlier work into the new document, which had me worried that my previous work would clash with the newly copied work. Luckily, nothing happened, but that same lack of communication scared me because I didn’t know what to do if the situation wasn’t resolved quickly.




After searching the internet for instructions, I learned that there are several tools that allow me to quickly and easily extract information from a B.com sheet. One of those tools is the Free excel B.com Part 1.5x paper extractor. This program allowed me to quickly locate and extract all of the information I needed from the sheet.


Once I had extracted all of my required information, I deleted the entire pasted data and re-filled the column where the information had been entered. The rest is history, because I had successfully retrieved all of the necessary information to successfully complete the essay. This process never repeated itself, which made it easy for me to retrieve any additional paperwork related to the assignment.


I learned that the free excel B.com Part 1.5x paper extractor was not designed to help individuals with difficult handwriting patterns. However, this doesn’t mean that the tool is incapable of helping students with handwriting issues. My next challenge was how to navigate my way through old past papers that may have contained formatting errors. The way to go is to identify the problem area, then correct the formatting errors within the document. Once I was able to properly do so, I was able to use the excel extractor again and successfully completed my assignment.


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If you have difficulty with writing papers on a subject that is based upon old past papers, then you should consider making your life easier. You don’t have to spend countless hours looking for old B.com Part 1.5x notebooks in local supply stores.


Instead, you can invest in a high quality paper tool that will help you extract information from your old past papers in a matter of seconds. After extraction is complete, you can easily review your written project using the software’s grading sheet. This is an invaluable process to ensure that you are giving yourself the best opportunity for success.


Extracting information from old documents is not only time consuming; it can be very difficult. However, the process used by excel can make the process much easier. With the right tool, you can transform your old B.com Part 1.5x files into a present day B.com format. You can also convert your text based project into a web form. Regardless of whether you are working with a text-based project or a web form, the software can help make your job much easier.

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