B.com Part 1 Ethical Behavior Past Papers Explained 2009 to 2021 Latest Download in PDF

B.com Part 1 Ethical Behavior

B.com Part 1 Ethical Behavior Past Papers Explained 2009 to 2021 Latest Download in PDF

The four major areas covered in the B.com Ethical Behavior Past Papers are: social skills, organizational, communication and behavioral issues. Each paper addresses one or more of these areas and focuses on teaching methods for addressing these behaviors. For students, these papers help them in developing their own awareness of behavior and its effects upon others. For instructors, these papers can be used to provide a source of information for class discussion, review, and grading.

B.com Part 1 Ethical Behavior Past Papers

“Learning Outcomes for the B.com Ethical Behavior Pastoral Examination” is a study guide used in the B.com Classroom. The paper is divided into four main sections: Setting the Environment, Situations, and People to create Learning Outcomes, Developing the Models for Students, and Controlling and Monitoring Learning.


The situation and people section provide several scenarios that can be used for teaching. It includes: conflict between neighbors, organizing a birthday party, or counseling a troubled teen. The environment section lists various environments that could potentially cause Learning Outcomes to occur. These include: home, school, community, work, and society.


“Equality at Work: Pastoral Paper” examines how an employee’s behavior affects his or her supervisor and co-workers. This paper focuses on how behaviors within the workplace can affect productivity. It discusses the concepts of positive and negative reinforcement, communicating with clients, and developing effective leadership styles. Students learn how to use these concepts in order to improve workplace relationships. The paper also covers the five stages of change, as well as how to collect data and present findings.


B.com Part 1 Ethical Behavior

“Equality at Home: Pastoral Paper” examines how students’ behaviors may not affect their families. It also explores the concept of family-centeredness and how family-driven behaviors may influence children’s and adolescents’ academic success or failure. This B.com paper uses the MMP step-by-step performance model. Students explore five topics in this lesson plan: conflict resolution, conflict management, empathy, communication, and prioritizing.


“Learning Outcomes from a Multicultural Environment: B.com ERP Study” examines how students use a common classroom database to identify cultural differences in a technological domain. The paper utilizes the MMP approach and teaches students how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a technology system by investigating the experiences of a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds.


It also discusses issues such as the use of computers and text messaging on a whiteboard, and students explore how to adapt an instruction manual to a multicultural environment. Using the MMP approach, this B.com paper gets a group of diverse people to examine how different aspects of a technology system influence its use.

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“Elements of Successful Team Building: B.com ERP Paper” examines successful teams and how they negotiate solutions. Team building can be difficult, particularly when groups from different backgrounds differ greatly in terms of their expectations and skills needed for the task at hand. However, by examining the communication skills and decision-making processes of a team, students are able to learn what makes a group effective.


The authors also discuss the importance of aligning personality types when developing a team. This B.com paper explores the relationship between personality types and communication style and how integrating one’s personality into the team can increase effectiveness.

B.com Part 1 Ethical Behavior Past Papers
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“Evaluating Customer Service Plans Using Data Collection Software: B.com ERP Paper” provides a hands-on guide for using data to assess customer service. This B.com ERP paper teaches students how to conduct a data analysis using a database. Students examine the factors that influence the performance of a company’s customer service department, such as types of queries, customer profiles, and response time. They also learn about how to collect customer information and evaluate it for possible improvement. Finally, they learn how to analyze data and build a database for future use.

“Evaluating B.com Ethical Behavior Behavior Use in Large Organizations” is a study in which the authors compare three common B.com Ethyl Behavior approaches to organizational change. It begins with an explanation of Ethical Behavior as an addictive drug, then explains the three approaches to B.com Ethyl Behavior and how each method may be used to enhance employee and organization performance.


After presenting the benefits of each approach, the author concludes that a combination of approaches to Ethical Behavior may be the most effective. This B.com paper discusses key issues in workplace performance and how organizations can maximize performance through well-trained individuals. Finally, the authors provide recommendations for students in the B.com Ethical Behavior degree program.


B.com Part 1 Ethical Behavior Past Papers

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