The Dangers of Cyber Bullying in the Technological Age

Cyber Bullying

The Dangers of Cyber Bullying in the Technological Age

Cyber Bullying in the Technological Age

Cyber Bullying in the Technological Age has been the cause of many a high school and college student as well as adult being the target of relentless cyber stalkers. Cyber Bullying in the Technological Age has now reached epidemic proportions. Cyber-bullying has been present in our society since the beginning of time. Cyber Bullying in the Technological Age has made our world a safer place to live in. But how is cyber bullying defined?

Cyber bullying is an increasingly common problem in schools throughout the United States. Cyber Bullying in the Technological Age has become much more common through the increased use of electronic communication, video conferencing, and chat rooms. It poses unique challenges to the victims who are the targets of cyber harassment. Cyber bullying is usually defined as using intimidating or harassing behavior in the name of a school or peer pressure, often with little or no consequences to the victim.

The increasing sophistication and prevalence of cell phones and the Internet have increased the number and severity of cyberbullies issues. Cyberbullies can create Facebook profiles that appear to be completely normal, but which are actually set up to taunt, harass, or ridicule a fellow student or classmate. Cyberbullies may even gain recognition and status online by making fun of someone’s physical attributes, like their weight, physical appearance, or any other physical attribute that they consider a weakness.

Cyber bullies typically target children, although occasionally adults become cyber bullies as well. Cyber bullies will create anonymous profiles on social networking sites such as MySpace or Face book where they seek to annoy or embarrass others. There are several types of cyber-bullying, and some of the most common include verbal abuse, cyber stalking, humiliation via video or picture, or sexual bullying. Cyber bullies can make a range of inappropriate comments about a classmate’s physical appearance, or worst, their actual gender, to cause significant emotional distress to that child and those that they choose to victimize. Cyber bullies can result in depression or even suicide in some cases and can be recently increasing among middle school and high school students.


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Cyber bullies has a significant impact on a child’s self-esteem, as well as that of their peer group. Many victims feel that they are teased or bullied at school, and some become very self-conscious about their appearance. Some even withdraw from friends, and some teenagers even turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the negative stress associated with cyber bullying. There are many different schools and community counselors available to help students who have been cyberbullies. In most instances, cyber bullying is limited to one student at a time; however, there have been cases where groups of students have participated in cyber bullying that have spread across the entire school.


Cyber bullying is illegal, and if it goes unchecked can lead to other consequences, such as expulsion from the school. It is imperative that parents, teachers, and school administrators to take every possible step to protect their students from cyber bullies. Proper reporting of cyber bullying should be done immediately, so that measures can be taken to stop the activity, prevent it from happening again, and to provide support to the victim if it does occur. Even the slightest suggestion that a child may be cyber bullied should be brought to the attention of the school administration, as it may be an indication that other children are being targeted. The Internet is constantly changing, so there are never any “free” methods for cyber bullying, but there are always options to safeguard your child.


There are several things that you can do to better protect your child from cyber bullies. First, you should inform your school about the problem, so that steps can be taken to make sure that your child is not the target of cyber bullying. In addition, you should inform the school staff member about the issue, so that appropriate steps can be taken to remedy the situation. Remember that cyber-bullying is usually a team effort, so you should work with all of the people in the school to ensure that your child’s safety is in jeopardy.


Unfortunately, cyber bullying rarely stops when the victim reaches his or her adolescent years. The Internet offers endless sources of cyber bullies and sometimes the problem escalates after your child has left home and is being negatively bullied at school. If you suspect that your child is a victim of cyber bullying, you should seek the assistance of an experienced child counselor who specializes in this area.

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