Loving Others and Why We All Hate


Loving Others and Why We All Hate


“He who Hates the Truth is Not Worth a Buck!” The old Chinese proverb “What they do not know, I do!” reminds us that we must hate to let them know we don’t know. That is the most important ingredient for success. But there are some individuals who thrive on controversy and hate the truth.

Have you ever considered why some people love to hate the truth? Why do they love to hate it? It seems they can’t stand what they don’t know and hate everything about it. Well, here’s a reason why they love to hate the truth.

Humor is universal and in fact, without laughter the world would be dull and boring. Look around you. Where do you see joy in your life? Does it shine in your heart or on your face? Most of us love to hate the very thought of looking at a smile on our faces.


When we hate others we don’t like the person. Instead, we love to hate the way they behave, the things they do, and the things they say. This causes us to develop very negative emotions towards those whom we see as enemies. We have so much trouble loving those we view as enemies and this only causes us problems in our relationships with them. If someone were to say something horrible about us; then we would immediately start to hate them in an attempt to defend ourselves.

We’re not perfect and we all make mistakes. If the truth is something we don’t like to learn about, hating is what’s going to keep us from learning. Instead of looking for the truth about something, we just go with our feelings. Hating is a healthy reaction. However, it will always leave you feeling angry, hurt, and confused. How long can we continue to live this way before we reach a breaking point?

If we look at the world this way; everything in the world that’s bad or sad or even just bad in general is a creation of someone’s anger or hate. If you take a moment and think about the world; you’ll see that everything in it has come about due to hate. Whether it’s hate crimes, crime, violence, and war, it all started with one person looking to dominate and control others. And we as humans are still trying to dominate and control others right now.

We need to stop looking at the world this way. We should instead be praising those who have shown kindness and love and have attempted to help us in times of need. Instead of hating those who’ve done us wrong, we should be praising those who have shown love and concern for us. We should be happy for anything that other people have done for us because of their kindness and concern.

Hating will only cause us problems in the long run. And when we get angry, it will also cause us pain. Love and affection are beautiful things. God created them and they can make us feel better. Instead of haterade, show your love.


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Sometimes, we all get angry for absolutely no reason at all. We just react to something that is happening in our world. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to learn to remain calm when others are hateful. This may not always be easy to do, but if we truly try, we will eventually master it and no longer experience the horrible feeling of hating.

The worst thing about being hated by others is that it can prevent us from reaching our full potential in life. We might try harder and do better, but we might be sabotaged along the way. In life, nothing is written in stone. We have all it takes to succeed – if we simply let go of the hate that prevents us from seeing our full potential.

Once we accept that loving ourselves means loving others, it becomes much easier. We no longer need to try so hard to get someone to Loving us. We will naturally attract those to us who are more into loving themselves. We have already mastered self-love and so we will draw others to ourselves with our loving actions. They will naturally feel drawn towards us as well.

You will also notice that it’s much easier to go through your day when you are loving instead of hating. This is because when you are loving, you aren’t focusing on something negative like how mean someone is or thinking about their behavior. It’s always positive thoughts surrounding something negative. You tend to focus on what’s good about someone rather than what’s bad. This makes it easier for you to concentrate on your work and be productive.

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