Pakistan Navy Civilians Test Preparation MCQs Full Book Download in PDF 

Pakistan Navy Civilians Test Preparation MCQs

Pakistan Navy Civilians Test Preparation MCQs Full Book Download in PDF 

A civilian sample of the Pakistan NAVY Civilian Test has recently been introduced for the regular service personnel who wish to undergo the training. It is aimed at improving the level of proficiency in the basic skills of the Pakistan Navy and Marine Corps in basic navigation, seamanship, firefighting, engineering and communication.


This course is considered important by the Pakistan government, since it helps improve the quality of service provided by its military forces. The aim of the test is to make the trainees competent enough in performing their jobs with efficiency and expertise.


A number of maritime trade-related organizations have approved the civil-military program for qualified personnel to take the tests. They include the Pakistan Shipping Services, Pakistan International Shipping Services and the Pakistan Ocean Shipping Services. The examinations conform to international maritime law.


These tests cover the theoretical as well as the practical side of the course. It is believed that this test is vital for those who want to become part of the Pakistan maritime force. This article is meant to provide the basic information on the program and how to prepare for the examination.


To start with, it is important to note that the examination does not comprise any kind of geographical practical knowledge. The only requirement for the application is a passing score in both the theory section and the practical section of the course. If one fails the first time, they are required to retake the entire exam. This is to ensure that if there are any gaps in the knowledge, the candidate can be able to understand and comprehend the same. Any failure on the initial attempt can lead to disqualification of the person.


To be able to take the test, candidates need to fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the navy and get the necessary training. The two categories that need to be considered are regular enlisted personnel and commissioned officers. Candidates who are serving in the navy for more than two years are not eligible to sit for the exam. They can however apply for an extension or get training if they believe they will be able to pass the test after two years. Officers get three years to clear the test.


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The test consists of two documents that need to be submitted for assessment: a written test and a skills test. The oral skills portion has three parts and is divided between four hours and eight hours. Candidates who successfully pass the first two tests may take the third test immediately. Training for the exam does not begin until the second year, which means that at least six months of actual working experience as an assistant to a navy officer is required.


Those who do not have any experience in the field are required to undergo training for two years and take the test immediately after the completion of the course. After the training, candidates need to appear in an actual navy landing exam. If they clear the test, they will be eligible to sit for the actual naval service exam. This also involves passing a written test.


Training takes place both in Pakistan and in the US, and most candidates who successfully complete the course will be allowed to sit for the exam. Training takes about one and a half years. About one hundred and fifty candidates are chosen from each pool of applicants for the exam. Of these, only ten are chosen to take the actual exam. Only five of those ten will actually pass the test.


The candidates who successfully pass the initial part of the test are then given an evaluation by the officers to see if they possess all the qualities that it takes to become a successful sailor. There are eleven skill areas that a candidate needs to focus on in order to succeed in the exam. These include navigation, seamanship, engineering, biology, chemistry, psychology, physical sciences, mathematics and foreign language.


In addition to having these skills, candidates must have excellent English language skills. After a successful evaluation, the candidate will be assigned an aptitude test which will assess his or her abilities relative to the job.

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