FPSC Past Papers 2020 All Subjects Download in PDF File ( Federal Public Service Commission Past )

FPSC Past Papers 2020 All Subjects

FPSC Past Papers 2020 All Subjects Download in PDF File ( Federal Public Service Commission Past )


For those who are taking the FPSC course, the goal is to take the test multiple times and score well on all of them. This is not a difficult goal because the class works through most of the material so that students have no trouble understanding what is expected. However, if there are problems or if one can’t seem to grasp a concept, a student needs to ask for help. If there is no one to help the struggling student, then one might need to move on to another class or at least take the test again.


The Public Service Commission was set up without precedent for British provincial standard in 1926. After freedom, the commission was set up in Pakistan in 1947 under the arrangement of Government of Pakistan Act.


As of now, the commission is working under article 242 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It has been given self-sufficiency under the Rules of Business, 1973 and FPSC Regulations, 1978 in its working. The commission has been given authoritative just as, somewhat,

Organization Of The Commission

The commission comprises of an executive and the individuals. The administrator is designated by the President of Pakistan, in his prudence, under Article 242 (IA) of the Constitution of Pakistan (1973). The individuals are named by the president on the guidance of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The commission is helped by the secretary, who gives a connection among the commission, its secretariat and the public authority offices.

FPSC Past Papers 2020 All Subjects

There is a lot of homework that must be done when taking the test. This usually includes an explanation of the concept behind the paper. Some students also have to write a paper about one of the topics covered in the class. For those students, homework can be one of the hardest parts of the entire exam. This is where having a review guide for the exam will come in handy.

Many review books for the exam can be found at the school where one earned their degree. The test itself can be taken at any testing center and one can even watch a re-run of the same test on television. But if a student cannot find a review book in their area, they can still download one online.


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When downloading a PDF version of one’s test from an online site, one should always make sure it is the right format. The PDF should be about 5 pages in length. It is best to have the tests in English. One should never try to read anything on the PDF that does not make sense. The paper should read like an actual written assignment. If there are any typos or grammatical errors, they need to be corrected before the PDF is complete.


Before downloading a PDF version of the paper, a student should read over the entire piece to make sure they understand all of it. Every topic is important to know well. If a topic is skipped over, then the student will have a harder time going back to class and understanding what they missed. Every part of the class should be reviewed thoroughly. A student should never skip an assignment.


Once a student has downloaded a PDF of the paper, they need to start putting together a study plan. The plan should include which papers should be studied first. There should also be a timeline regarding when each topic should be reviewed. Doing this kind of planning in advance will help a student to keep track of their progress. FPSC test preparation materials include worksheets, outlines and full tests.


FPSC Past Papers 2020 All Subjects Download

Accountancy & Auditing-I subjective

Accountancy & Auditing-II subjective

Agriculture & Forestry subjective

Applied maths subjective

Arabic subjective

Balochi subjective

BOTANY subjective

Chemistry, Paper-I subjective

Chemistry-2 subjective

Comparitive Studies subjectice

Computer Science Paper 1,

Computer Science Paper-2 subjective

Constitutional Law subjective

Crimnology subjective

Economics paper-1 subjective

Economics paper-2 subjective

English (P&C) subjective -1 page

English literature subjective

Environmental Science subjective


European History subjective

Gender Studies subjective

Geography subjective

Geology subjective


GK3 PAK AFFAIRS subjective

GK-I subjective 1 page

Governance & P.Policies subjective

Hist. Pak India subjective

History of USA subjective

International Law subjectivey

IR-1 Subjective

IR-II Subjective

Islamic History & culture subjective

Islamic Studies subjective

law subjective

Mercantile Law subjective

Muslim Law & Jurisprudence subjective 

Pashto subjective

Persian subjective

PHILOSOPHY subjective

Physcis-II subjective

Pol.science paper-1 subjective

Psychology subjective

Public Administration subjective

Pure Maths subjective

Sindhi subjective

Sociology subjective

Statistics subjective

Town Planning subjective

Urdu Literature subjective

Zoology subjective


Journalism subjective

Anthropology subjective

British History subjective

Business Administration subjective

Computer Science-1 subjective

Pol.science paper-2 subjective

After a student has spent time working on a plan, it is time to start learning the material. Every class requires the students to read a certain amount of material. Usually one read over the entire class reading list before moving onto the next one. However, there may be a limit to the number of pages that can be read in one class. It will depend on the class, the instructor and the teacher’s discretion.


It is important for a student to review everything before the exam. This will ensure that the student fully understands what they will be doing during the exam and will be able to answer the test questions correctly. Many times students get nervous and are not able to go back and review the material before taking the test. The test prep software from FPSC will help a student by making it easy to review previously studied material. The software allows a student to print out copies of previously studied material, which will allow them to review the material ahead of time before the test.

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