FPSC Past Papers 2019 All Subjects Download in PDF File ( Federal Public Service Commission Past )

FPSC Past Papers 2019

FPSC Past Papers 2019 All Subjects Download in PDF File ( Federal Public Service Commission Past ) 

FPSC Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has been giving out these papers since 1958. The public service commission is responsible for many important documents that the federal government and other private sector companies to follow. There are actually about twenty-five of them, and they cover everything from how the government plans to run its communications to which employees get raises, promotions, and even pensions based on how much they do.


The Public Service Commission was set up without precedent for British provincial standard in 1926. After freedom, the commission was set up in Pakistan in 1947 under the arrangement of Government of Pakistan Act.


As of now, the commission is working under article 242 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It has been given self-sufficiency under the Rules of Business, 1973 and FPSC Regulations, 1978 in its working. The commission has been given authoritative just as, somewhat,

Organization Of The Commission

The commission comprises of an executive and the individuals. The administrator is designated by the President of Pakistan, in his prudence, under Article 242 (IA) of the Constitution of Pakistan (1973). The individuals are named by the president on the guidance of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The commission is helped by the secretary, who gives a connection among the commission, its secretariat and the public authority offices.

This entire system has slowed down because of the many Freedom of Information Act lawsuits that are currently pending. The lawsuits are mainly over things like requests for documentation and request for comments about pending legislation. Because the paperwork is so time consuming and so cumbersome, it’s understandable that the system is being slowed down.


Now though, that might all be set to change. Recently there have been talks of new plans that would revamp the FPSC. One of those is a study which examines the many difficulties that employees are experiencing when they are mandated to do paperwork. They are often left frustrated because the paperwork is not very user-friendly for the most part. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one is simply the lack of communication between the commission and the people who service the information.

FPSC Past Papers 2019

Another study is about staffing. The public service commission does not have as many full-time employees as it should. Many of its current employees have worked there for twenty or thirty years and are not being paid what their years of experience deserve. Some have retired, while others are struggling to make ends meet and still continue working at the Bureau because they are so fed up with the system.

One thing that the public service commission could do that would help greatly is to get back into the business of making past paper work available to the people who need them. If all of the paper work is made available to everyone, then there will be less frustration on the part of those who are trying to figure out how to receive a government award. This would also help to lower costs and save money that would otherwise go to other expenses that are not so healthy, such as employee benefits.


Currently, the FPSC spends about three hundred dollars a year for each individual request. Three hundred dollars per request is an awful lot of money. Imagine if only half of the three hundred requests were processed and no award was received. It would be a huge waste of money and would cause frustration on the part of the people who are trying to get paper work done.


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There are many problems in our country at this time and we can do a great deal to improve them. However, many times it is necessary to cut costs and this would definitely fall under the category of saving money while improving things. By using a computer and having the proper software that would allow you to process your paperwork electronically, it would be much more cost effective to you. It would also make things easier for you, which would allow you to focus more on the more important tasks at hand.


The entire concept behind requesting an award of paper work from the FPSC is to make the process easier for you, but if it becomes more difficult to make it through the process, then you may end up with little or no award at all. Sometimes it just takes a little extra push to make it through the process. It is always better to make sure that you get your application accepted than to get an award in the end, even if it is a small one. It doesn’t make any difference what the award is, but it is better to have something than nothing at all.


What to Expect From FPSC Past Papers 2019


For those individuals who study game design and graphic design, it is important to become acquainted with the next FPSC Past Papers program. This program was introduced to students in the fall of 2009, for two semesters. For students currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program, all subjects in the Bachelor’s Degree Planning course work should be covered. The primary focus of the course is to prepare students for their masters’ degree, which is also a strong elective for many graduates.


Unlike many classes taught at the Bachelor’s level or higher, students are not required to read and write texts from the textbook. In fact, in most cases students will be completing assignments online. There are however some instances where text will be required to be returned in hard copy. Students will have to complete an assignment based on a topic, and then write an essay on their own based on that topic. The topics covered in this course will vary depending on the students’ field of study. Some may opt to focus on visual communication, while others may choose to branch out into the field of video games.


Throughout the course students will also be required to complete course projects. These projects will serve as a portion of the thesis that they will submit to their faculty adviser. The topics covered in these projects may range anywhere from learning how to use Photoshop, to learning how to use the Adobe Dreamweaver platform. One thing that many students do not realize about these graphics design and visual communication classes is the fact that they are required to present their findings in written forms. Students are encouraged to read multiple books, and to participate in a graphic design workshop. These workshops allow students to explore different methods and techniques.

FPSC Past Papers 2019 All Subjects Download

Accountancy & Auditing-I

Accountancy & Auditing-II

Agriculture & Forestry


Applied Maths




British History

Business Administration

Chemistry -I

Chemistry -II

Comparitive Studies

Computer Science- I

Computer Science- II

Constitutional Law


Economics -II

Economics- I

English (P&C)

Environmental Science


European History


GK-II Current Affairs

GK-III Pakistan Affairs

Gender Studies



Governance & Public Policy

History of P & I

History of USA

I.R – I

I.R – II

International Law

Islamic History & Culture

Islamic Studies

Journalism & Mass Communication


Mercantile Law



Physics- I

Physics- II

Political Science- I

Political Science- II


Public Administration


Pure Maths





Town Planning & Urban Management

Urdu Literature


A graphic design class usually requires students to create a paper that is presented in front of a group. Students will need to be proficient at utilizing various types of graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks, and Photoshop. To make sure that students have the skills needed to present their findings, they will also need to learn how to write about what they have created in an impressive and creative way. It is also important for students to prepare their thesis or paper in a manner that will attract the attention of their faculty adviser and allow them to receive feedback from them.


FPSC Past Papers 2019

For students who have chosen to specialize in the area of animation, it is important for them to understand the different formats that will be used in these classes. There are two different methods that students can learn how to present their work in these classes. One method uses slides while the other utilizes handouts. A student may choose to use a combination of the two in order to present their findings in the most effective way possible.


Before students can begin the graphics design class they must first complete prerequisite courses. Prerequisites are offered in many colleges throughout the country and depend on the university in which the student is enrolled. Students will want to consider carefully exactly what they need to accomplish in order to fulfill their course requirements. After completing all of the requirements, students will be able to enroll in FPSC Past Papers 2019.


The goal of the course is to teach students how to create high quality documents. Students will create their own work as well as read and critique the work of others. They will then present their work to the professor. Students should use the results of their study to select a paper that they believe will be the best paper to read and examine. Once the assignment is selected, students will be able to begin writing the paper.


Once the paper has been written and reviewed, students will be able to submit it for publication. They will need to select the journal in which they will present their paper. If the selected journal does not accept the paper, the students will need to find another journal. Students can choose between electronic or hard copy journals. Students will need to fill out the paper with their name and their school’s seal before submitting the paper for publication.

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