5th Class Islamiyat Notes Download in PDF Punjab Board

5th Class Islamiyat Notes

5th Class Islamiyat Notes Download in PDF Punjab Board

5th Class Islamiyat Notes Download is a book of worship written by Dr. Zakir Naik. The book is a study of the verses in the Holy Quran that are used in prayer. It is also written in Urdu and has audio files of the same. There is also a free chapter on Worship that is provided in this book. Dr. Naik had received his degree in Urdu and is a qualified educator.


This is an excellent opportunity for one to understand the essence of the religion through this class. It teaches one to study the Quran with great discipline. The meaning of each word is explained clearly and the pronunciation is made clear. One will learn the appropriate way of saying the sacred text.


5th Class Islamiyat Notes

The teacher explains the various types of prayer, from the common ones to the specific types. He also explains the different mufawallas or Islamic rituals. One is also given complete detail of the time and period of each ritual. There is a short explanation of how to recite the Quran in Urdu.

Each class in this download book is based upon a theme. They are all centered around the lesson of worship. There is a chapter for those who are new to Islam and are looking for basic information. Other topics include the etiquette involved in prayer and the different types of prayers. It gives enough information so that the student will have an idea of the religion and what is expected from them.


The other classes in this set are for students who already have a basic knowledge of Islam and its essentials. They cover some of the major pillars such as the Hajj and Fasting. It also includes the different aspects of divorce and family law. It gives detailed information of how Islam deals with these subjects.


The next topic in this class is Shadeeth or the manners and customs related to women. This includes the right way to shake hands with the opposite gender, when you are allowed to speak to your husband/boyfriend and other things of this nature. It is important for women to know these things. Also covered are the rules and obligations for Muslim men and women. It makes sense to understand them before entering into this class.


A few topics in this Islamic notebook are on the different types of food and wine. It discusses in detail the different grades, as well as the differences between them. It also has chapters on how to pray and how long the Prayer should be. It has pictures for each of these items. The last topic is about shopping. It gives a brief description of the types of stores available and also what the prices of them are.


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These Islamic notes are quite comprehensive. They go into great detail about various aspects of life in Islam. They are also written in an easy to understand manner. This is why they make a great choice to use as a reference while taking this class.


You can find the download for these free Islamic note books at many places online. They include a link to download the PDF file from the school site. There will also be a read me file that will allow you to get more information on the classes and to ask any questions that you may have after you have purchased the PDF file. There is also the link for the discussion forum on the website. Anyone can join in on the discussions and ask questions.


These are all the basics to know before starting this class. There is a lot more information to be found if you want to explore that particular topic. Each course has a summary of what is included for that course. You will want to familiarize yourself with what you will be learning and then decide if you need more information. The class will cover the basic concepts of Islam that will enable you to have a solid foundation on which to build your faith and knowledge base. It is essential to have these things before you start learning the finer details of each topic.


5th Class Islamiyat Notes Punjab Board PDF Notes Updated Syllabus

5th Class Islamiyat Notes Punjab Board PDF Notes Updated Syllabus
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If you are worried about how you will get along with the large class size, there is an option for you to take individual classes online through chat rooms or email. You can also sign up for a free trial so that you will have the chance to give it a try before deciding if you like it. Many of these courses also offer a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.


Remember that if you are having problems concentrating, then there are many distractions around you such as the TV or other electronic devices. You might want to sit down in a quiet place and just focus on your breathing or just taking in the information that you are being given. You will also want to make sure that you do not eat or drink immediately before class so that you can focus better. You should plan in advance how many pages you will be taking per class so that you can make room for everything that you will need. Once you have started learning the material and you feel that you have mastered it, then you can move onto the next level which is the Q&A section of the course.

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