5th Class All Subjects Punjab Board Downloads in PDF Punjab Baord

5th Class All Subjects

5th Class All Subjects Punjab Board Downloads in PDF Punjab Baord


This is an examination paper which was prepared by Mr. Zafar Ahmed and Dr. Ghulam Murtaza, two eminent scholars. This paper is the outcome of a research work done by them in collaboration with the Punjab Board of Secondary Education (PBESS). They have worked on the concept of five-category system for teaching and prepping students for university entrance. In this article we shall be discussing about the features of this system. We shall also be discussing the format of this examination paper.


5th Class All Subjects

The main feature of this paper is that it has introduced the method of creating subject lists for every subject in a subject group. In the previous times a student had to flip through the whole textbooks to find out what the subject was called. Also the student had to find the topics listed in the textbook to know about them. Thus this process took a lot of time. However, with the introduction of computers into the educational arena this problem was solved.


With the help of computers the entire syllabus and subject list of the subject were listed in the computer. Thus the student got all the details of the subject without any hassle. He could browse through the subject list and find out about the topics taught in that particular subject.


5th Class Science Subject English Medium

This process has further increased the speed of learning with the use of computers. No more do students have to flip through volumes of books or go through the hassle of finding the topics in the syllabus to know about them. All they need to do is open the computer and proceed with the PowerPoint presentation.


This feature is used very often by students who want to know about the test pattern before the examination. Even the teachers also use it. If you want to know the test pattern for a particular class then just click on the test paper and then open the screen. There you will get the entire pattern printed for your examination. The process is very simple and the students do not have to spend extra time in searching the answer to a particular question.


A typical classroom provides the students with a book and the test papers and they can carry the books to the examination place. However, there is no easy way of knowing whether the student has understood the content of the book. However, with the help of computer and PowerPoint presentation the entire syllabus and the test paper can be understood easily. The students just need to click on the text and slide shows and get the complete understanding of the material.


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This is the best method to study and understand material and the syllabus. The process also allows the students to make corrections to the mistakes quickly and then review the changes after the examination. In this way the computer education increases the speed of learning process becomes more effective. Computer education also provides the students with extra information and the students can even apply for extra help if needed. The computer also helps in increasing the speed of processing and storing data in the computer and reduces the use of paper and pencil.


The student just needs to download the PDF file from the website and then open the PDF file. This can also be done by the student at home. If you need some assistance you can seek help from the computer science tutor or you can contact the school authorities. Computer education is the best process that can make sure that the student does not waste time in learning the material.

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