University of South Asia Offers Excellence in Education and Research

University of South Asia

University of South Asia Offers Excellence in Education and Research

The University of South Asia is a top-ranking private academic institution located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was set up in 1987 as a joint computer training school with the title of National College of Computer Sciences. Over the years it has rapidly grown to become one of the prominent and leading academic institutions in Pakistan. More than 100,000 individuals underwent various training programs at the College.


The University of South Asia was named after Professor Muhammad Yunus. He earned his Doctorate in Engineering from Yale University. Professor Yunus’s research deals with the study of electronic circuits and semiconductors. Due to his vast research and teaching efforts his contributions were highly recognized and appreciated in USA and UK.


Today the University of South Asia is regarded as one of the premier educational institutions in Pakistan and India. It offers degree programs and various courses that can be suited for professionals already working in the fields of electronics, mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering. Some of the graduate and post graduate courses offered include advanced courses in aerospace and automotive, and chemical technology.


University of South Asia


There are over 900 colleges and branches in the University. The number of students from the different countries of the world is always high during the academic year. This makes it possible for many students from the different countries to pursue their education in University of South Asia.


University of South Asia has an international student co-op program, which allows foreign students to work in the colleges for two semesters. They have the choice of working full-time or part-time. Most of the students who have come to South Asia to complete their education have opted for the part-time program. It has been reported that students taking the full-time course are also provided with accommodation and monetary assistance.


There are a number of Indian students who have enrolled in University of South Asia. They include B. S. Raju, M. K. Gandhi, Mani Kumar, G. S. Shastri, and S. N. Subbulakshmi. There are also a number of Chinese students who have studied in the University of South Asia. They include Zhi Zhong, Jiao Xiong, Yin Hong, Bao Jiahui, and Ming Yang.


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University of South Asia has many departments that enable students to choose a career for themselves. These include Accounting and Finance, Computers and Data Processing, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Materials Science and Engineering. Students are encouraged to opt for a career that suits them best after their education has been completed.


The University of South Asia offers courses for foreign students in different disciplines. These include courses in arts and sciences, business, engineering, humanities, education, nursing, social sciences, and technology. Many foreign students who enrol in the University of South Asia wish to complete their graduate studies overseas. For them, this is one of the greatest opportunities to broaden their horizons and learn new cultures.


University of South Asia also offers courses for teaching. There are numerous teaching programs that attract many students. Some of these include Art Therapy, Communications, Fire Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law and Medical Studies, Political Science, Religion and Civilisations, Sustainability, and Technology. There are also undergraduate teaching programs that offer courses in Business, Criminal Justice, Education, English, Health Sciences, History, Japanese, Mathematics, Nursing, Public Administration, Spanish, Social Sciences, Statistics, and Technology. University of South Asia also offers a Masters in Education, Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Fine Arts, and Certificate in Teaching.


The University of South Asia also conducts online courses for students living in other countries. They can earn their degrees online at their own pace. In fact, many of its courses are taught entirely on the Internet. Students in other countries can communicate with the teacher through email and chat rooms. In addition, there is an online library where students can consult academic journals and locate topics of interest.


A number of international students now choose to enroll in the University of South Asia because it offers low tuition fees and affordable housing. In addition, many programs are funded by governmental agencies and some employers even pay part of the tuition. For international students living in different countries, there is a program for them as well. It enables students in different countries to connect with each other. Many South Asian students are now working abroad after they complete their studies.


As technology advances, more opportunities for higher education will open up in the future. The University of South East Asia is well known for its excellent education system and wide variety of programs. Students can choose a field of study that best suits their interests. It is an excellent choice for anyone interested in learning about new cultures, learning new skills, and gaining a higher level of education.

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