UK University – Why Study Abroad?

UK University

UK University – Why Study Abroad?

The UK university undergraduate program has traditionally been quite different from many other comparable systems throughout the world. The system isn’t going to be quite the same as what you’re used to from college or school. Instead, there are a number of unique features which make the UK program stand out. Let’s examine some of these unique features.


UK University

Firstly, and crucially, unlike most other systems you’ll find in Europe, you don’t have to obtain your first Bachelor’s degree in a different discipline (like Math) in order to take part in the UK undergraduate degree system. Instead, you simply need to earn your first two second class degrees, otherwise known as ‘Hons’. Second class degrees simply give you an entry into a larger university – you can go straight into a Bachelors course if you wish to, but your options are much less restricted. In fact, you may even choose to start a course in a completely different subject from the one you’re studying so that you can gain more experience and become better equipped to achieve a second degree at a later date.


Unlike many other European counterparts, you don’t have to study with a fellow student in a lab or with another part of the faculty. Instead, you will study in a small group environment which is led by a lecturer. Professors are typically well experienced in their fields, so you will have no trouble adapting to their style. It is often possible to learn the entire course online – unlike in the US where distance learning is almost always a problem. Plus, a large number of UK universities offer bursaries and grants for students who are willing to study part-time.


Another key difference is that unlike in the US, there aren’t prerequisite university subjects. In the UK, it is not essential to have a second class degree in English, Mathematics, Science or Psychology before entering a Bachelor’s program. A first degree is all that is necessary to begin college.


The second class nature of UK universities is also useful for international students. There are numerous exchange visits each year between UK and international students, and students do not have to stay in one country for the full length of their degree. Instead, they can maintain a part-time basis in another country and continue with their studies. This offers great flexibility and allows a student to complete his or her degree in half the time while enjoying a different culture and lifestyle.


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Students who wish to pursue a career in science and research may find that they require a better education in a foreign country. Some courses may not be offered in your chosen field of study. As an example, those who study in genetics may be unable to attend lectures given in China. On the other hand, courses in American business may be limited to the classroom. So it is important to select the university with the widest range of courses available.


A major consideration when choosing a UK university is the ability to stay on location once the student has completed their degree. This is often a big draw to many overseas students. The ability to remain in the UK after completing their degree is especially beneficial for those who plan to travel around the globe. Studying abroad can also help the UK student build vital life skills that can benefit them once they return to the UK. There is no better opportunity than to experience another culture than to do so during your academic years abroad.


As the economic outlook in the UK worsens, more people are reconsidering the possibility of study abroad in the UK. The increasing accessibility of air travel has made it possible to study abroad in less time and at a higher cost. UK universities have also made study abroad more accessible by offering exciting online options such as study centre visits.

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