Tips for Students in 2nd Year Pakistan Studies English Medium Notes Download in PDF

2nd Year Pakistan Studies

Tips for Students in 2nd Year Pakistan Studies English Medium Notes Download in PDF


In my last two articles, I discussed the challenges of teaching in a new language for students with limited English background. In this article, I would like to discuss the practical steps in making a 2nd year Public School class, (usually a high school) more feasible for our students. Teachers in the public school system typically teach for four years, rising to Principal and Supervision to their four-year career is complete. I believe that teachers should be encouraged to stay in school and earn their college degree through distance education or online courses. This gives the teacher time to build upon their existing skills with online courses and distance learning programs as well as prepare for their possible career switch at graduation.


2nd Year Pakistan Studies

We need to understand that the classroom environment in our public schools suffers greatly from the lack of experienced, professional English teachers. The principal office does not have an English language specialist on staff, despite the constant pleadings of parents for one. Further, many teachers are untrained in the use of technology in the classroom. For example, the majority of our students in our schools send e-mails in class, and our teachers do not use modern-day technologies such as webcams, video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, and Microsoft Office to help facilitate communication in the classroom.


Effective communication is an essential skill for the successful operation of a business. We are taught to write reports, create presentations, communicate with parents, and prepare reports for the school board. In addition, teachers should understand how to help their students in their academic work. Many times, when students leave the classroom, they come home thinking that they have failed. Teachers should allow them some reflective time to think about their work and ask for help if needed.


Teachers should also have an understanding of how our economy is changing, and what effects it will have on the English language (particularly in the English language teachers teach in the classroom). As we have seen, during the last few years, many individuals with English as a Second Language have been placed in entry-level positions. These individuals often have not been able to master the language skills necessary to perform their job responsibilities satisfactorily. Therefore, teachers need to be aware of changes in the economy to anticipate how this affects the way English is used in the classroom.


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Throughout the year, teachers need to revise their strategies for engaging their students and the students in their classroom. There is an increased focus on e-mail, texting, and other technologies that distract our students from the materials that they should be learning. As such, teachers need to have additional methods of communicating with their students, such as using audio clips, handouts, posters, charts, and graphs. This will help students to spend more time absorbed in the materials they need to learn.


It is important for teachers to remember that in order to build strong relationships with their students, they must put themselves in the students’ shoes. What would you do in certain situations? Teachers need to consider how they would handle a situation if a parent was to enter the classroom and begin yelling at the teacher for not doing enough to help the child. When teachers become successful in their interactions with their students, it helps them bond with their students and this leads to a higher understanding and retention of information. For example, if a teacher has a student who is constantly missing work or coming to school late, the teacher may need to consider taking some steps to help the student feel more connected to the teacher. The teacher can show the student the time he or she missed and the lesson he or she missed by communicating with the student through notes, sharing materials with the student, or offering words of encouragement.


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During the year, teachers need to make sure that they remain connected with their students through newsletters, phone calls, and visits. They also can use social media sites, blogs, and email to keep administrators informed about their students’ progress and to foster greater communication with parents and students. In short, teachers need to be a source of information for the school administration and help them build strong relationships with their students’ parents and other administrators as well.

Finally, teachers should seek to develop open lines of communication with students and help the students recognize where they are going wrong and how they can improve in their performance. Teachers need to be clear about expectations and help the students identify areas where they need improvement. By doing so, they will be more likely to engage their students and help them grow and become the best students they can be.

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