Study Abroad in UK and Get Financial Assistance

Study Abroad in UK

Study Abroad in UK and Get Financial Assistance

The United Kingdom (US) is home to many of the most prestigious international universities and colleges with their roots firmly in the past centuries. Coming from such rich intellectual heritage, education in UK is now a globally recognized standard. As a result, it attracts a large number of foreign students who can study in a country where they know little or nothing about the language or culture. The following are the top six reasons as to why study in UK is so popular among Indian students:

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Accreditation: It is a well known fact that top universities from all over the world accredit the colleges and universities in India. This makes them eligible to participate in international collaborations and joint ventures. Besides, it increases the value of the degree awarded to the student. Also, it provides a degree of trust which is very much necessary when it comes to sharing academic secrets and intellectual property with foreign students and faculty members. Therefore, top universities in UK encourage students from India to pursue a doctoral degree at any of their leading institutions.

Nationality: All the countries in Europe are part of the European Union. There are seven countries in total which comprise this union. Out of which, three are European countries namely, Portugal, Ireland and Sweden. For these nations, it is mandatory for students to obtain an undergraduate degree which is in any of their respective universities. If an international student wishes to study in UK, he/she needs to acquire an undergraduate degree in any of these universities. In addition, there are several scholarships for international students which can be availed by studying in UK.


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Language: English is the mother tongue of the majority of the people in UK. Therefore, most of the people studying in UK can speak English as their first language. Hence, international students have an edge over other international students because they can easily interact with native English speakers in UK. Hence, top universities in uk encourage students from India to study in UK by offering numerous scholarships and bursaries.

Higher Fee:

International students coming to study in UK have a lot to gain because they get a lot of benefits and perks. For one, there are no tuition fees to bother about. Two, they get the benefit of staying in halls of residence instead of going to campus based colleges. They also have the advantage of studying from the time they choose according to their own convenience. For instance, an international student who is studying full-time can opt for evening classes. On the other hand, an international student who chooses to study part-time can join the college regularly and study at his own convenience.

Different Types of Scholarships: Many top UK universities offer different types of scholarships specifically targeted to international students. For example, National University of Ireland – Trinity College offers a National Scholarship that is open to both first-time and third-time applicants. The National Scholarship is popularly known as the ‘Irish scholarship’. University of London’s Boatyard Scholars is another top UK university that offers various types of scholarships for international students.

Types of Scholarships:

Different kinds of scholarships are available for international students coming to study in UK. Some of these are specified to specific subjects and courses. Some are open to all students. For eligibility criteria, you need to check with your chosen universities or colleges first.

Information on Scholarships: There are plenty of Scholarships available to international students coming to study in UK. For information on available scholarships, you can check out the website of Universities UK. They offer you details about available and upcoming scholarships. You can also know about the eligibility criteria and procedure of applying for these Scholarships online.

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