Using Control Panels to Customize Operating Systems & Networks By Tasleem Mustafa With Full book Download in PDF

Operating Systems

Using Control Panels to Customize Operating Systems & Networks By Tasleem Mustafa With Full book Download in PDF


Operating Systems & Networks have evolved since their inception. They have had to change to be relevant in the fast changing world of today. Operating Systems is now using to manage servers, workstations, and computer networks. Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and MacOS are used to manage a computer network. Each operating system has its own strengths and weaknesses, which are optimized for a particular purpose. The strengths of a particular OS depend on the type of operation it is expected to perform.

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows is perhaps the most widely used operating system. It can be used to operate a desktop, laptop, tablet computers and other devices. Windows operates efficiently on most hardware available. The drawbacks of Windows operating system include slow speed performance when new hardware is purchased. In addition, it can be expensive to update to the latest version of Windows.


Linux is another widely used alternative to Windows. Linux is easier to install than Windows and has a free online documentation. It is compatible with most hardware available and has several advantages. The major advantage of using Linux over Windows is that it can be run directly from a CD or a USB drive where there is no installation required.


There are three main types of Linux Operating Systems. Red Hat, SUSE, and Fedora. All these operating systems have different objectives. Fedora is designed to be user friendly and its focus is on providing a standard user interface for software development.


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Red Hat is the most popular and is based on the Linux Operating System. It is the industry standard for home users as well as for servers. Red Hat is able to provide support for several languages and works well with networks that involve multiple users.


Novell is another popular operating system. Novell is free software that has been developed by the Novell company. It is able to work with multiple devices and operating systems and is easy to install on machines where an OS installation kit is not present.


The main features that Red Hat has and which makes it a better choice than Novell are that it has the ‘roots’ for network applications and virtualization. It also has the Open Source operating system which is not available with Novell products. Also it is inexpensive. Suse is based on Debian and is a very fast, efficient, and popular option.


With so many choices in the world of Operating Systems it is important to know which operating system would be best for your workstations. Some of the main considerations are the power, portability and the ease of use. Linux offers excellent power and portability, which are greatly appreciated in the industrial world. Novell has been the favorite choice of network administrators for some time and is now being used by small businesses because of its cost effectiveness and security features. It is also a great alternative for new users and has several technical options that make it easy for experienced users as well.


Both Suse and Fedora are free software operating systems that can be used by users of any computer. Suse is designed for Linux users and Fedora is ideal for Windows users. Most users will choose the one they feel most comfortable using and that they can download and install easily. Installation instructions will be different for each type of operating system. Larger corporations may have more complex requirements and so more resources will need to be allocated to the installation process.


There are many advantages to choosing these particular operating systems. Suse offers a more conservative approach in its security settings to Fedora offer a more liberalized one. This means that users who want more control can adjust the security settings to their liking and this suits most people’s needs.


For small businesses or for individuals who work from home and do not wish to take on more responsibility for their workstations, these control panels are a great choice. They are also much more affordable than buying dedicated workstations. It is possible to have your own customized or tailored operating system installed on your own PC. You will need to find a supplier of software for controlling your computer which is compatible with the operating system you are using. The advantage of having your own distribution is that you will be able to customize it to suit your specific requirements.


The use of control panels is a good way for anyone to learn more about how their computer works and how it can be adjusted to meet their individual needs. They offer users more information about how their machines should behave and how to fix minor problems. There are different operating systems offered which can make the task of finding the right one slightly more complicated. However, if one uses the internet they should have no difficulty locating a good supplier of software for operating systems.

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