Islamic Education System Vs Islamic Education System in Pakistan

Islamic Education System

Islamic Education System Vs Islamic Education System in Pakistan

Islamic Education System vs Modern Education System in Pakistan

Both Islamic and Modern Education are a form of education system, which aims to inculcate values such as spirituality, honesty, justice, compassion, honesty, simplicity, modesty and spirituality in the minds of its students. These values form the base of all the teachings that are incumbent on the religion of Islam. On the other hand, secularists deny the existence of any facts or truths in regards to Islamic Education System. It is important to know the differences between Islamic Education System and Modern Education System so as to compare the quality of each.


Islamic Education system believes in the value of all human life. It believes that all humans are equal and they have the same rights irrespective of color, race, caste or tribe. Unlike the western education system, Islamic Education does not have separate classes based on gender. The curriculum is therefore gender-neutral. The Islamic Education system also believes in the equality of man and woman and teaches them to respect each other and work hand-in-hand for a better future.


While Islamic Education system lays stress on academic excellence, it follows a different curriculum from that of other schools. Islamic Education system curriculum lays importance on sciences and arts, while other schools lay undue stress on humanities and liberal arts. Islamic Education system believes that knowledge is the key to wisdom. They believe that a person reaches to his full potential only when he has learned things from his teachers and other learners. The other schools follow a Western educational philosophy which suggests that knowledge is the key to wisdom.


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Islamic Education curriculum follows two major philosophies, purist and moderate. They follow two different approaches to education, which are termed as Shi’i and Shias. The main difference between these two schools lies on the question of spirituality and literal understanding of the text. The moderate school believes in a return to the basics and follows a strict code of conduct while the purists believe in interpreting the text literally.


All the Islamic schools in Pakistan follow a similar curriculum and all are equally renowned. The curriculum ensures that students are prepared for life while preparing them intellectually. The need for these schools is evident from the ratio of students learning in one class to the number of students in every other class. The result is that many students drop out of school early because they could not cope with the high level of academic work.


Islamic Education in Pakistan follows a progressive approach to learning which starts from the basics. All students in a class are taught the same subjects at the same time and the subject that need to be learnt first is Islamic Education. Then a student is prepared for the next level of learning. Subjects like Mathematics, History, Geography, Arts & Humanities and Science are introduced first. After this, Islamic Knowledge is discussed in a classroom type setting. This helps students understand the concepts better and gain confidence in their learning abilities.


After the introductory level, students progress through various levels of learning. Students have the option of choosing from subjects provided or can continue with their traditional education. Islamic Knowledge and religious classes are also offered at the end of each level. This approach to teaching keeps the students interested and engaged in their lessons.


If you are looking for a well-rounded Islamic Education system in Pakistan, then searching online would be a good idea. There are numerous websites offering information about all aspects of Islamic Education. By visiting these sites you will be able to learn more about the different schools and colleges in the country. The school you choose should be accredited and have a good reputation. When you visit the website of the school, you should also take time to read the school’s curriculum and terms and conditions to make sure you feel comfortable learning there.

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