Explain the Essential Parts of a Business Letter?

Explain the Essential Parts of a Business Letter?

Explain the Essential Parts of a Business Letter?


What are the standard parts of business letter?


The ability of the sender of a letter is often judged by the way he presents his letter. Form and style of a business letter are important to impress the reader. The reader naturally likes to see a neatly typed or written letter, which should be error free. Before writing an impressive and modern business letter the following contents are very important to write.

  • 1.The Heading
  • 2. The Date.
  • 3. The Inside Address.
  • 4. The Saiutation.
  • 5. The Body of the letter.
  • 6. The Complimentary close.
  • 7. The Signature.


The address of the sender is called heading. WĘ start the letter with the heading. The heading contains the name of the concern along with the complete address including fax and web address and sometimes the nature of business.


✓ Semi block form and block form:
We place the heading two inches below the top of the paper from the right of the page.
✓ Full block form:
We place the heading two inches below the top of the paper towards the left margin.


Below the heading comes the date. Date is another essential part of a letter. It must be written
carefully and correctly. Dates written in figures only as 2/1/2001 can cause misunderstanding.
It should be written as:

✓ In case date is written first 15th July, 2006.
✓ In case month written first June 15, 2006.


✓ Semi Block Form And Block Form:

In the semi block and block letters date is written two spaces below the last line of the
heading towards the right of the center of page.

✓ Full Block Form:

In a full blocked letter, the date is written two spaces below the last line of the heading
towards the left margin.


Inside address contains the full name address about the person, organization, company or department to whọm letter is to be addressed. It is written not only outside the envelope but also on the letter. Inside address performs three types of function:

✓ It is identification for delivery by receiver.
✓ It provides a record for sender.
✓ It gives an additional address for delivery, if envelope is somehow separated from letter.


✓ Semi Block Form And Block Form:

It is written two spaces below the last line of the date of the left margin. Full Block Form:

It is written two spaces below the last line of the date to left margin.


It is a kind of greeting. A comma is always used after the salutation. It can be written as:

Most Formal Sir Madam
Less Formal  Dear Sir Dear Madam
Informal My Dear Sir My Dear Madam


✓ Semi Block Form And Block Form:

It is written two spaces below the last line of the inside address to the left margin.

✓ Full Block Form:
It is written two spaces below the last line of the inside address to the left margin.


The contents of the message are written in the body of the letter. The body of the letter contain message which is sent to the reader. It divided into three parts:

✓ The introductory paragraph.
✓ The main communication.
✓ The closing paragraph.

The first paragraph indicates what the letter is about. The second paragraph gives information and states the facts and detail and the third paragraph refers to future action.


✓ Semi Block Form And Block Form:
The first line of each is indented five or seven spaces. Five spaces are regarded normal.

✓ Block And Full Block Form:
The first line of each paragraph begins with the left margin.


Complimentary close is the polite way of leave-taking. There should be some harmony between
the wording of salutation and complimentary close.


Formal Yours Obediently, Yours respectfully
Less Formal Yours truly, Yours Sincerely
Informal Yours affectionately, yours lovely


✓ Semi Block Form And Block Form:
It is written two spaces below the last line of the body from the right of the center of the page.

✓ Full Block Form:
It is written two spaces below the last line of the body at the left margin.


Signature of the writer is placed two spaces below the complimentary close. It provides your letter the legal value. The letter should always be signed in ink and it should not be typed. The signature is sometimes difficult to read, so the name of the writer is typed in block letter and enclosed in bracket below the signature. The designation is also mentioned whenever required.

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 Q.17 Explain The Non-Essential Parts Of A Business Letter?


There are some non-essential parts of a business letter besides the essential parts. As the title
shows these parts are not compulsory.

The non-essential parts of a business letter are as under:

  • 1) Reference Line.
  • 2) Attention Line.
  • 3) Subject Line.
  • 4) Enclosure.
  • 5) Carbon Copies.
  • 6) Postscript.
  • 7) Identification Line (Reference Section).


This line shows the reference number of letters or files. It enables the replies to be linked with previous correspondence. It helps to find the way of the message to the right branch or department. The reference line is placed in the upper left hand corner in the line with or below the date line. Often the reference lines are pointed just below the letterhead towards the left hand margin.


This is the name of the person to whom the letter is written. If we want to send our message directly to some person or department, attention line is written. It is written below the inside address only when this address is an impersonal one not an office position. For example if the inside address is:

Ali Electronics, 25-Faisal Road, Islamabad The attention line will appear like this:
Ali Electronics,
25-Faisal Road,

Attention: Mr. Umar Farooq

However if the address was in the following shape then no attention line would be needed as the letter is already addressed to a particular person.

The Manager Accounts,
Ali Electronics,
25-Faisal Road,


Subject line is the topic of the letter. your letter is about. We use this line when the material is lengthy. It also helps in filing. It should be written two spaces below the salutation to the left margin of paper. It should be
written in full block letters:



Extra attachments with the original letter are called enclosure. If something is attached with the letter in the same envelope like the copy of another letter or a document etc., is indicated by enclosure. It is written one or two spaces below the identification line. It is always indicated by writing the word enclosure or the abbreviation “Encl”. Enclosure helps the writer and the receiver in confirming that all the documents are present in the letter. It is written as under:
Enclosure: or Encl: 4 Certificates


The short name or the initials of the writer and that of the typist make the identification line. This line begins at the left margin of the paper usually two spaces below the signature in such a way that the initials of the writer come first on the left side and those of the typist on the right, Generally two names are mentioned in this line as: RS: mf. It means Rizwan Saud dictated the message and Mazhar Farid typed it.


When we have to send the copy of the letter to more than one person, the addressee should be informed about this. It should be written immediately below the enclosure as:

CC to Zafar Shah CC: Ali Haider

Sometimes the writer wants to send a carbon copy to a third person and does not want the addressee to know about it, this carbon copy is called a blind carbon copy. However to keep a record of the blind carbon copy, the stenographer types this on the office copy of the letter, as:
BCC: Mr. Shahzad Mahmood


When the letter is written but, the writer wants to write something after the completion of the letter, he writes postscript. For this purpose, he writes postscript (PS) and after that writes down whatever he intends to write. We should avoid postscripts as they tend to spoil the beauty of the letter. The letter seems damaged and defective. It is written as:

Explain Persuasive Approach and what “AIDA” means? Give example.


Enticing methodology is utilized when you need to persuade the peruser or request some courtesy. Letters that make uncommon demands or attempt to offer the item to the readerzaa administration or a thought ought to be written in this methodology. Getting the peruser to do what you need, to acknowledge what you say, or to concur with you requires the compatibility approach.


At the point when we intend to compose persuading explanations, we like to utilize enticing methodology. At whatever point the author feels his message will request some courtesy, we utilize this methodology. We follow a distinctive sort of approach for such letter. We look for the consideration, rouse the interest and brief on activity.


Opening Consideration
Center Create interest on want in the recipient while utilizing the “You Disposition”.
Shutting Attempt to entice him right into it


A letter written in the compatibility approach will be organized something like this:

1. Consideration:

The main thing that you do is to look for the consideration of your peruser. You start your letter in such a way that the peruser has no choice except for to consider it. This you can by beginning the letter with a few interesting or alarming sentence. When you catch the consideration of the peruser, the portion of the fight is


Second, you will stir interest of the peruser in the event that you portray how the item or administration would advantage the peruser. A portrayal composed with a “You Attitude” will assist the peruser with envisioning oneself utilizing the item or administration. You can likewise specify the peruser with respect to why he needs his item or administration by specifying the advantages that he will appreciate after he shows his interest.

3. Want:

Then, give actual subtleties of the item or administration, like measurements and materials, and determines about the assurance, administration, etc. These subtleties will assist with securing the deal by whetting the peruser’s longing for the item or administration. You really focus on to make your peruser acknowledge regarding why just your item is advantageous for him.

4. Activity:

On the off chance that your show has up to this point connected with your peruser’s consideration, stimulating interest and want, at that point right now is an ideal opportunity to demand for activity. You need not feel humiliated to request your peruser’s acknowledgment. Most perusers realize a last solicitation is coming. Make that activity understood, simple what’s more, dated if important.


We use this approach when we make:

  • ► Requests about products or services.
  • ► Requests for changes in policy.
  • ►Requests for changes in performance.
  • ►Suggestions for written solicited sales letters.
  • ►Requests from employer to a reference.


Persuasion has one core purpose, “Get your reader to support, believe and act in your favour”. Don’t worry above the order of ‘AIDA’. Do focus on giving thoughts to the principles in each of the section.


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Explain the Essential Parts of a Business Letter?

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