The Difference Between Online and Formal Education Programs

Formal Education

The Difference Between Online and Formal Education Programs


Education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, emotions, values, behaviors, and customs. Education is used to promote awareness, understanding, coordination, and motivation. There are various ways to attain education. Education includes formal education, classroom education, vocational education, home education and school education. Educational systems include primary education, secondary education, post secondary education, college education and university education.


Instructional materials used in formal education usually include textbooks, study guides, teachers’ manuals, educational films and television programs, music, computer programs, and interactive learning games. The process of educating takes place in two phases: primary education and secondary education. In the primary education, children are encouraged to observe and interact with other children and learn basic rules of behavior.


Formal Education

During the secondary school education, children are taught different types of academic and extracurricular activities. At this stage, they are also given a formal education by receiving instruction in reading, writing, knowing the bible, math, science, geography and history, as well as some foreign languages. During this time, students are also exposed to cultures and social aspects that enhance their learning. Students are encouraged to express their ideas and opinions and to pursue social studies and leadership. Parents who are involved in the education of their children can be awarded rewards or prizes.


Non-formal education is available for children who show exceptional talents and who are the underprivileged of regular schools. Non-formal education can include gifted programs and camps. Some of the countries that provide non-formal education include Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Italy, Canada, Spain, Norway, United States and Australia.


Formal education can be obtained through formal education or by attending vocational or trade schools. This is a process where you will be trained on skills that are essential to give you an edge in the world of job market. In this system, students are not left out because of their race, gender, tribe or language. Young people who want to pursue higher education are discouraged from public education. They should be encouraged and guided by adults who have undergone the same educational system so as to give them an idea on what they need to undergo.


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The informal courses are done through distance education, where you get to attend classes through telecommunication technologies. Online distance education has become very popular especially in the recent years. Many people from all over the world have benefited from online higher education in almost every field such as business, medicine, law, computer science and engineering.


There are many types of distance education options including special education schools, vocational schools, university-based colleges and technical institutes and post-secondary institutions. Distance education offers various kinds of special education courses. These special education schools offer degree courses in special education. Special education schools are usually smaller than other educational systems because they focus on providing specialized services to students with different needs.


Distance learning programs are provided by colleges, universities and technical institutes. There are also private universities and colleges that provide online programs. They conduct distance education courses in the form of informal courses. Informal courses in higher education are usually conducted through correspondence or by online discussion.


There are some advantages and disadvantages associated with both types of informal education. Students who have enrolled in formal education programs can attend courses at any time, anywhere. On the other hand, those who wish to continue their education at a later stage must complete the requirements of formal education. It is also necessary to complete learning requirements before considering higher education.


For students who cannot attend traditional schools or colleges due to geographical constraints, distance education system is the right choice. Distance education enables the student to complete his requirements of education in the comfort of his own home. There are various types of distance education available today. They are available for adult learners, drop outs, parents, children and other special category students such as handicapped.


Any kind of education system helps you in enhancing your knowledge. It enhances your employability and opens up a whole new world of career opportunities. However, it is not easy to gain admission in formal education. Those who cannot afford the cost of a formal education may consider studying online. Distance education system is a great choice for those who want to study at their own convenience and at their own pace.

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