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Why Continue Education

Acquiring knowledge from the teachers is the process which we call education. One gets education in the schools. The teachers impart knowledge in the class rooms, professors deliver lectures to their students and in the workshops the trainer provide hands on training.  The object is to train, provide knowledge and expose the students to stimulated real life situations.

Schooling should be fundamental right because it is a necessary for the development of proactive society. Education improves individual’s social skills, his social status and his mental status. Education empowers one to effectively deal with real life situations. Education as a weapon can kill ignorance and one’s struggle with unawareness. Knowledge is power !!! A informed person can handle situations better because of the ability to see the things differently. The broadened thoughts give him ability to understand and education and training imparts capability to handle the situation effectively.

Developed nations have seriously worked to literate their folks. But if we of talk of rest of the world, barring handful of countries the literacy rate would be under 20%.  Although continuous efforts are being made by the governments but they are far from where they should be as per the targets set by the UNESCO in consultation with respective governments.

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Why the literacy rate is lower than desired mark in the 3rd world countries, regardless of steady efforts? What are the major obstacles? Deficient infrastructure to start with and lack of funds. Population explosion is a major stumbling block in delivering basic education to reach 10s of billions of people living in the 3rd world countries. Poverty and gender inequality are other issues which prevents the light of education reaching all the doors.

Education can bring better living conditions, increased opportunities, higher standard of living and all this will lead to happiness and safer world.

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