9th Class Arabic Past Papers Punjab Board For Achievement Download in PDF 

9th Class Arabic Past Papers

9th Class Arabic Past Papers Punjab Board For Achievement Download in PDF 

The Arabic language paper used in class is known as the “geonshow”. This paper set has been in use for many years and is still being used by teachers of different Islamic schools all over the world. The paper set like this is very different to what you would expect, especially if you think about what you would usually get in a classroom setting. It is much more than just a regular school paper; it is a student workbook that can be used to help students learn the language.


9th Class Arabic Past Papers

The paper set used in class is also used for purposes that help prepare students for the real life. For example, one of the papers is called the Al-Kadir. This paper teaches future doctors how to greet patients and doctors in general. Students who learn to properly speak the Arabic language can be sure to impress their future doctors with their knowledge and fluency.


The other paper, also known as the Al-samaha, is very similar in purpose to the Al-Kadir. This paper teaches students the significance of having a balance between religion and country. Many people in the Arab World do not believe in separating religion from the country, and it is important for students to learn this. Religion can come into play when certain situations arise in the political arena. The Al-Samaha is a good tool to learn this.


There are two main types of Al-Kadir. The first type of paper set will have absolutely no writing on the paper at all, and will be completely Blank. Students in the class will have to figure out what the text is by themselves. The second type of Al-Kadir will have writing on the paper, but will be in the form of some sort of quote or information. Students will need to read these quotes out loud in order to hear them, since there will not be any written Arabic on the page.


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o allow the student to interact with the text as though it was written in their native language. Students in class will also be given a list of problems to complete for a test. At the end of each section, the teacher will provide a hint or a correction. Once the class has reviewed the paper, the teacher may choose to grade it or may ask for a discussion on the topic.


All paper sets will contain basic writing elements, as well as the ability to write three languages: Arabic, Latin, and English. Paper sets will generally be printed on 70# text white paper with ink that is acid free. Most paper sets will include a plastic pen or stapler to help students write out their notes. The paper itself should be sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of the pages turning while in a class. Some teachers will allow the students to use a heavier paper for their paper set.


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Many times, students have to purchase their own paper set, especially if the paper set from their previous class is unsatisfactory. Many Arabic class teachers will assign paper sets to students in return for them to working with their in class teacher on a weekly basis. Paper sets can also be purchased from bookstores or online. Before purchasing the paper set, check on the reputation of the company selling the set by asking other students about their experience with the company. Check on the paper’s delivery time and cost as well as the return policy.

Students are required to read through all of the paper before writing their own opinion on the paper. They are also required to read the paper again, understand it completely, and then write their response to the question on the paper. The paper is then reviewed once all students have written their responses. At this point, the teacher will re-read all of the papers, highlighting any of the questions or problems, and then make any suggested changes before moving on to the next sheet. Paper worksheets are then used to teach students vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure.

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