9th Class All Subjects Past Papers Punjab Board For Students Download in PDF

9th Class All Subjects Past Papers

9th Class All Subjects Past Papers Punjab Board For Students Download in PDF

The ninth class all subjects was introduced by the Punjab Board to supplement the regular classroom teaching. This board has been a leading board in the field of teaching reading and writing since the year 1970. The new developments in the teaching system have made the work easier for the teachers. The learners are not left behind, even if they do not get through the syllabus at the very beginning. The teachers are able to move ahead with their own style and keep up with the pace of learning.

The teaching material is arranged in different classes which correspond to the levels of learners. The first level, which is the basic level teaches the learner to read and write in simple words and sentences. Students are taught to spell the words and phrases. They also have to learn the alphabet and the different usage of the letters. The vocabulary used in the daily life is also taught and the students are taught how to connect the concepts.


9th Class All Subjects Past Papers

The second level includes the study of the Old Formative Period. The texts used in the old era can be used for this class. The texts and the stories of the old scholars can be used as the basis for the discussions in the classroom. The other materials such as maps, illustrations and photos of the old places are also introduced in this class.


Old Present Papers contain important information about the old times. They also explain about the changes that happened during that time. Maps are created to help the students explore the geography during that period. Some of the important events such as battles, marriages, discussions, social functions, etc. are described in the Old Present Papers.


In the 9th class students have to read the Old Formative Period and they also have to write down the references. There are some interesting topics that can be learnt through the Old Formative Period. Students have to be prepared with their notes so that they can discuss these topics after completing their school education.

The teaching methodology is innovative, so that the students are able to gain knowledge through new methods. The syllabus has been modified to enable students to gain knowledge from the contemporary perspective. They are prepared with their syllabus so that they can teach with clarity. The teaching methodologies are holistic in nature and embrace all aspects of learning.


The 9th class teacher introduces the new topics and helps the students understand them well. The objective is to prepare the students for their exams. The new syllabus is beneficial for the students because they will be able to take the exams at a higher level in future.


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The Old Formative Period is the first part of the primary education. It enables the students to gain knowledge in the form of Old Formative Period textbooks and Old Present Papers. The students learn about the events that happened during that period of time and the significance of those events on the society.


During the First Period, the students are taught about the history of their ancestors and also their culture. They are taught the importance of being a good citizen. This period is useful for the students because they get to learn about the social hierarchy in their home country. Some of the topics that the students cover during this period include agriculture, education system, government structure, property system, the family system, industries, transportation system etc.

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During the Second Period, the students study about different things including agriculture, politics, international community, education, culture, science, medicine, engineering etc. This period is useful for the students because they get to learn about different topics which are important for their future careers. These include issues related to the economy, finance, economy and business. Other topics that they cover during the 9th class level include health care, media, publishing, government, sport and cultures. The topics covered in this class to help the students understand different concepts of teaching and learning.


The Last Period enables the students to continue with their research work or to complete their projects. They are able to make presentations for their papers during this period. The main topics which are taught in this class include government, economy and society and law.


In order to help the students to find solutions for their doubts, the teachers write questions and answer them at the end of every class. Students find it difficult to complete the exam, but the teachers always try to make the exam as simple as possible for them. The 9th Class All Subjects Test is suitable for all students in all state schools and is conducted twice annually.

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