1st Year Islamic Studies Notes and Tutorials Download in PDF For Students

1st Year Islamic Studies Notes

1st Year Islamic Studies Notes and Tutorials Download in PDF For Students

Many first year students in colleges and universities throughout the United States are required to take a one-year Islamic studies course. In many cases, this is a requirement for students entering college as early as possible in their academic careers. Some may have been required to take such a class throughout their high school years, while others may have opted to take such a course part way through college. Whatever the case, students are now being encouraged to consider Islamic studies as an elective for their Bachelor’s degree programs, as well as for their Master’s degree programs.


1st Year Islamic Studies Notes

Although Islamic studies are a widely held belief in the United States, they are still a relatively recent movement here. It was not until the last decade that Americans of any faith were required to attend a mosque every week, much less to regularly participate in any type of Islamic religious activities. This has caused some cultural gaps, especially in terms of the kinds of behavior that both Muslims and non-Muslims can expect from each other. A one-year retreat designed to remedy these cultural gaps is a unique opportunity for students to learn more about the differences between Islam and Western civilization, and how these gaps can be addressed by converting to Islam.


By taking a 1st year Religious Study course, students will be introduced to the basic beliefs and practices of Islam, as well as the historical and spiritual influences behind it. They will gain an understanding of the roles of mosques in daily life, as well as how to lead quiet and respectful lives. It will also be possible to understand more deeply the meaning of the Islamic faith, how various forms of worship have developed throughout the centuries, and how they continue today. Such understanding allows students to develop healthy relationships with fellow students, as well as fellow faculty members, at their college or university.


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Religious studies are a great way for students to build solid foundation knowledge while expanding their curriculum. In addition to learning about the history of Islam and how it has affected many cultures and societies around the world, students will also study the current issues of today’s society, including issues related to gender, politics, religion, and race. These issues will be examined through topical research, allowing students to apply theories to real-life scenarios. This yearlong course is required to graduate, and can take up to eight weeks. Students will need to arrange all relevant paperwork, gather all required materials, and complete a course project before graduation.


This is one of the most important courses students can undertake. While attending college, students may choose to focus on a specific aspect of religious studies, such as Islam, or all aspects of religious studies, such as Jewish studies, Roman Catholicism, or Hinduism. However, there is no limit to what students can achieve once they graduate. Religious studies can take up to a year to complete, depending on what the requirements are for that year. Therefore, it is very important to plan accordingly and be sure to have all academic requirements met in order to graduate.

1st Year Islamic Studies Notes MCQs Short Question Answers And Long Question Answers Notes Download In PDF

1st Year Islamic Studies Notes MCQs Short Question Answers 
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1st Year Islamic Studies Notes Short Question Answers Full Book View PDF File

Learning about the history of Islam can be an important part of this curriculum. The effects that the religion has had on various societies in the world are interesting and valuable to students. They also provide insight into the daily lives of everyday people in various countries. Islamic law is also very important to understand, because it has been used to curtail women’s rights, to oppress minorities, and to oppress the general public.

During their 1st year, students will also need to learn about the differing facets of Islamic law. This is an especially important part of religious studies, since it applies to everyone, even though the majority of practitioners are men. In addition to this requirement, students will need to read up on the different dimensions of Islamic law. There are many websites on the internet where they can find out a lot of information. Some schools offer free online resources to use for this requirement as well.

The first year of religious studies requires a student to review the basics of this world religion. This is essential to understand why a person should turn to it for guidance. Studying the different dimensions of religious studies will also help to understand the religion better, allowing a student to delve further into its different aspects.

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