10th Class Islamiat Notes Punjab Baord Exam With PDF File Free Download

10th Class Islamiat Notes

10th Class Islamiat Notes Punjab Baord Exam With PDF File Free Download

Are you a student of 10th Class Islamiat or have you been a student of the same and if yes, then what has been your experience? What is the result of your efforts to promote your studies? Is it good or bad? Well, here is the free distribution of our notes on 10th Class Islamiat by our website.



First of all, you may not know it but we have been serving students of this class for the last twenty-five years or so. Our mission is to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. Our service extends to include professional development of students, free access to free notes, free download of our notes, and also other assorted services. We have also created a network of over five hundred community leaders, students and faculty from different schools in Punjab. Our primary target is to reach out to the deprived communities. In the process, one achieves complete freedom from ignorance and superstitious beliefs.


10th Class Islamiat Notes


Since we have a long association with students of this class, most of them are regular members of our society. You may have noticed that the students of this class are very religious. They pray and fast regularly, follow their religious ceremonies and customs, and even wear Muslim clothes, behave Muslim and so on. This is one of the reasons why they are so receptive to our Islamic teaching.


We have been distributing free Islamiat notes in various forms since nineteen-seventies. Initially, we printed only our own material and then gradually went on to include material written by M.K. Ahmad. Since then, we have included material written by other scholars, poets, writers and well-known personalities.

10th Class Islamic Studies Punjab Board Notes
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You will get the best of everything when you buy from us. Our prices are lower than the market rates and that is why we are able to offer our products at such a low price. That is also the reason why our customers tend to return to us time and again. When you have tried our products, you will certainly not want to try anything else.


When you go through the free Islamiat notes that we post on our website, you will realize how great an effort we put into maintaining this site. We take a lot of care to maintain the content of the site and make sure that it is always in order. You will find that the content of this site is updated regularly and you are able to download free lessons. We welcome all students to join and contribute to the educational process.


Our primary motive is to educate and enlighten people of all ages. In fact, we are also trying to spread the education among the people of Punjab as well. As a result of this, we will also be able to improve the standard of living of the Punjabis. This is why we are happy to find the students from the Islamic faith in our schools. This is the main reason behind our mission.


When you go through the various free Islamic notes available on our website, you will find that there are thousands of them. Some of these are written by renowned scholars and they will help you understand the various facets of the religion. Other than this, you will also find many passages that will help you apply the lessons with a clear mind. All these efforts by the administration has made sure that the quality of education in our schools is good and the students are learning with dedication.


In our schools, you will find that we have separate classrooms for different age groups. Thus, you can pick up a lesson that suits your age and ability. Thus, you can go for any class that suits your interest. These classes are held weekly and students learn everything very easily. The teacher’s teaching style is excellent and she guides the students step by step. Thus, the students can easily grasp the subject.


Our students learn all that they need to know from books and manuals and you do not have to worry about their understanding. You can also upload your own notes on the website. However, make sure you provide us with the correct spelling and grammar.

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We provide an easy access to all resources and therefore, you should not feel difficult to access the material. On the other hand, the materials will be of high standard. Our teachers are professionals and have years of experience in teaching. Our students are made to feel special and they enjoy their class immensely. Thus, we believe that Islamiat Notes Punjab is a great option for you to gain fast results and also help you to understand the basics of Islam.

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