Effective C++ Programming With Data Structures in C++ by Muhammad Tauqeer With Full book Download in PDF

Data Structures

Effective C++ Programming With Data Structures in C++ by Muhammad Tauqeer With Full book Download in PDF

“Data Structures in C++” by Muhammad Tauqeer is a short book. It gives an overview of the most common data structures in C++ and shows how these structures can be made more efficient by applying simple techniques such as templates, overloads, and constraining. The book also introduces the concept of template specialization which enables the programmer to specialize a template for a certain data type, which greatly aids in eliminating boilerplate code.

Data Structures


I believe that this book is very good. In fact, it is one of the best books on C++ out there. One would not hesitate to learn something new from this book, especially since it is so simple to read. However, before one buys this book, one should make sure to do one’s homework first to be able to fully comprehend all the information that is given in this book.

In this book, Tauqeer addresses the needs of experienced programmers as well as beginner programmers. He starts off with an in-depth look at data structures and its relation to the C++ programming language. After going through this introduction, he goes into a detailed exploration of the C++ templates and their main uses in C++ programming. The book also covers different strategies to use data structures efficiently.


A very interesting topic introduced in the book is memory usage and its effects on program performance. The author rightly takes into account that many C++ developers use a lot of memory, but he also teaches that using too much memory could be very bad for the performance of a program. Using templates for allocating data, rather than traditional function calls, is one technique that he advocates. He also touches on the issue of pointers and their use for data structures. The use of constraining types and templates for constraint checking are also discussed. This part of the book is important for beginners because they would need to know these details before they move on to more advanced topics.


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The book finally concludes with chapters dealing with error messages and common coding errors. It also lists the C++ programming languages and their requirements. The final chapter looks at performance testing and its importance in building a reliable and maintainable software.


Although the book is a practical text and therefore requires a working knowledge of C++, it is written in a very readable style. The authors describe most of the C++ functions in a very simple way so that even beginners can follow along. The book is also suitable for people who are new to programming since it contains clear writing style and code samples that make it easy to implement various C++ concepts. It is also very easy to read and is very portable, which makes it perfect for both professional and beginner coder.


However, this book is not just for coder novices. It is also very useful for experienced programmers who would find it easier to understand the book’s main topic and to implement the ideas learned. The book includes over 30 pages of case studies and real life projects that demonstrate the main point. There are also many short but clear chapters that explain each of the major data structures. In addition, there are many exercises scattered throughout the text and some additional screenshots illustrate the various demos that the book describes.

Although written in an accessible style, the book does have more complex topics and is often more advanced than other text books on data structures. If you are a C++ programmer who has just started learning to use C++ or if you already know a lot about this subject but would like to learn more, you will greatly benefit from reading this book. Even experienced C++ programmers will find this book very useful as it shows them more advanced ways to utilize the C++ programming language. Although the book is aimed at novice C++ programmers, it is also useful to those who have experience and are more advanced with C++.

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